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May 11, 2012

Mother's Day in Mozambique

Lurdes, a mother in Cuarenta village, Mozambique
Lurdes, a mother in Cuarenta village, Mozambique

On Mother’s Day, give your mom a unique gift by helping mothers around the world.

Lurdes Macheque is a young woman and mother living in Cuarenta, a small village in the Gaza Province of Mozambique. Cuarenta is located in one of Mozambique’s most heavily-mined areas, and Lurdes has lived nearly her entire life in fear of landmines.

Before the land near Cuarenta was cleared, parents in the village worried about the safety of their families. “We knew we could not leave our children,” explained villager Ramon Chivaze. “If your children went to play, you never felt safe. You worried that they would step on a mine.”

But thanks to landmine clearance in the Gaza Province, the lives of families in Cuarenta have already changed for the better. Villagers walk freely on cleared land, and mothers like Lurdes can let their children play without fear.

Help us make more moms smile: donate your Mother's Day gift to support APOPO's mine clearance work in Mozambique. 

May 8, 2012

HeroRAT Newsletter - April 2012

Mine Detection Rats & handlers, Mozambique
Mine Detection Rats & handlers, Mozambique

Help us build a TB Detection Clinic in Mozambique!

In October 2011, APOPO was awarded a grant by the Flemish Government to expand our Tuberculosis Detection Program into Mozambique – a country with an extremely high incidence of TB, with an estimated 431 cases per 100,000 people. 

APOPO’s team has been working hard in Mozambique’s capital city of Maputo to establish partnerships, meet with stakeholders and set up operations, and are committed to moving forward by beginning construction on a brand-new Tuberculosis Detection Facility.  

The plan is estimated to come at a cost between the range of $50,000 - $60,000, and APOPO is asking our generous supporters to help us build! Your contribution will help provide inhabitants of Maputo with an accurate diagnosis, which will enable them to begin their life-saving treatment – and bring us one step closer to ridding the entire world of Tuberculosis.

Help us build our TB Detection clinic today, right here on GlobalGiving!


APOPO provides training in Mine Action

APOPO's Mozambique Program Manager, Tesfazghi Tewelde, was invited by Mozambique’s National Institute of Demining (IND) to provide training in "Land Release and Operational Quality Management" to IND operational staff. In total, 24 demining supervisors and staff from around the country participated in the training.

With the key objective of reinforcing IND staff’s knowledge and capacity, the agenda of the training covered Land Release strategies, clearance strategy and methodology, quality management, and participant evaluation through both practical and theory tests.

The training demonstrated APOPO’s national capacity-building initiative, and strengthened the existing cooperation between APOPO the IND.

APOPO began a Mine Action Program in Mozambique in 2006, and in 2008 was tasked as the sole demining operator for Mozambique’s Gaza Province.  So far, APOPO has returned 4,282,359 square meters of land to the population in the region through a combination of clearance and survey methods.


APOPO team welcomes TeKimiti Gilbert as Head of Mine Action

APOPO is pleased to announce that we have welcomed a new Head of Mine Action to our team. TeKimiti Gilbert comes to APOPO with a long and successful career in demining behind him, having held senior operational positions in Mine Action programs within the United Nations.

TeKimiti graduated from l’Institut Européen de Genève with a Master of Advanced Studies in International Security and is a graduate of the Geneva Centre for Security Policy, International Training Course. In addition to these credentials, TeKimiti brings extensive practical experience implementing the clearance of landmine and explosive remnants of war contamination throughout the world.

Says TeKimiti, “I’m extremely pleased to be a part of the APOPO team and I look forward to working together to continue the tremendous efforts achieved by all.”



Thanks for your support of APOPO and the HeroRATs!

Best wishes from Tanzania, Mozambique and Thailand,

The APOPO team

Apr 4, 2012

International Day for Mine Awareness

Handler Usseni Ussi, with rat Garvey
Handler Usseni Ussi, with rat Garvey

April 4th marks International Day for Mine Awareness, and APOPO remains dedicated to our mission of seeing a mine-free world.

In 2011, APOPO’s Mozambique Mine Action team found and destroyed 792 landmines, 227 Explosive Remnants of War, 2,683 Small Arms and Ammunition, and released 2,632,608  of land in the Gaza Province.

But our work in Mozambique goes beyond these numbers. It is defined by our most valuable asset: the people who make up our incredible team.

Usseni Ussi, an inhabitant of Gaza, knows what it is like to live in fear of the explosive remnants of war that lie hidden in the earth.

“During the time I grew up, there was no demining activity at all. No one could use our land. We could not even walk freely. And the community was very static as a result. There was no growth,” he recalls. 

In 2006, Ussi heard about APOPO’s demining work on the radio. When APOPO arrived in Gaza he went to the camp to see the rats he had heard about, and found employment with APOPO’s Mine Detection Rat team.
“I knew that the work would involve taking out landmines," he says. "And that was important to me.”

Now in his fifth year as a Mine Detection Rat handler, Ussi is proud of his work, proud of the rats, and proud of his place on APOPO’s team. “I believe in this approach because I can see it,” he says. “We can already see the benefits. Now, we have access to things we didn’t have access to. We can build. We can grow.”

On International Day for Mine Awareness, help us see a world free of mines.

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