Waste Ventures Charities

Waste Ventures changes the paradigm of 'collect and dump' garbage practices in emerging market cities into a commercially competitive model of environmental solid waste management owned by waste pickers. In doing so, Waste Ventures, over the next 10 years, will create a sector that will alleviate poverty for 20 million people and annually eliminate 350 million tons of garbage from developing city dumps.
Take 100 Waste Pickers in India Out of Poverty
Waste Ventures aims to permanently raise 100 waste picker families out of poverty in the next year by providing them with a blueprint for environmentally processing garbage, to increase incomes 3x and to put their children back into school. project reportread updates from the field
Help restore 500 waste pickers' burnt down homes
Early in the morning about a week ago a fire broke out in the waste picker slum called Ghazipur Dairy. Here hundreds of families live in plastic and bamboo shacks, meaning that the fire spread quickly. In only a couple of hours more than 350 families had lost their homes and all their belongings. This, during the coldest season of the year. Please help us support these families to rebuild their homes and protect them against the cold. project reportread updates from the field