The Tibet Humanitarian Project

The Tibet Humanitarian Project supports projects to improve education, health and the environment in Kham, Tibet. THP works in partnership with communities to create an infrastructure for sustainable development.
Oct 18, 2013

Report From the Village as They Head Into Winter

Hello to all of our dear friends and supporters from GlobalGiving,

It is now fall and the villagers still talk about how wonderful it is to get clean water so easily. Their lives have improved in so many ways, enabling them to easily bathe and launder their clothes. This is especially true for the elderly, sick, and children, who needed to rely on others to carry water back before.

There are now hoses hooked up to the water system, making irrigation and construction more convenient. Two wash houses have been built, where people can bathe and take showers, this is wonderful! Some flush toilets have been installed as well, which work well. With improved hygiene, the health of the villagers has improved as well.

The funds pay off the loans taken for this work. Again, we all thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping the lives of so many in this very important way. 

Apr 30, 2013

Our First Winter With Running Water at the Village

Greetings to our friends from GlobalGiving! Winter is over,
and the pipeline has delivered water to several points in the village, saving
many from the daily hike over mountainous terrain to get their water. This has
been particularly helpful in the Winter, when the trek for water along narrow
paths is both exhausting and dangerous. The funds that have been raised have
gone towards paying off the loans. There is some maintenance work on the
pipeline that is needed and funds are going towards those repairs as well. As
we move into Spring we will extend the water piping to several additional
points within and around the village so that this great benefit can be
available to more of our brothers and sisters.

Again, from the hearts of the villagers to you, a hearty
thank you for caring about their lives.

Dec 26, 2012

Phase 1 Complete: Water Flows to the Village

Good news!  Pipeline has been laid down from the
reservoir pools to the water tanks and water now flows continuously to the
village. This has made a huge difference for the lives of the villagers and
people of the surrounding areas. They are able to have water for their daily
needs without spending an hour every day carrying heavy jugs of water down the
mountain.  Fortunately, the pipelineswere installed before the winter temperatures froze the ground, and the
pipelines were dug deep enough to prevent them from freezing in the harsh
Tibetan winter.

We needed to act quickly in order to ensure that the installation of the water pipeline would meet local
codes and withstand extreme climate conditions. As such, the villagers took out
a loan to finance the additional costs associated with the engineering and
construction of the project. The monies that have been donated from the project
so far have helped to buy materials and pay off some of the construction loan.

The next phase of the project will be construction of the wash rooms and toilet facilities. The
villagers have asked us to extend a heartfelt thank you….They continue to be
touched by the generosity of people from all over the world who have helped
them secure this great positive change in their lives. They thank especially the
donors that are providing continuing support.

With heartfelt warm wishes,

The Tibet Humanitarian Project

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