Seva Mandir

Seva Mandir's mission is to make real the idea of society consisting of free and equal citizens who are able to come together and solve the problems that affect them in their particular contexts. The commitment is to work for a paradigm of development and governance that is democratic and polyarchic. Seva Mandir seeks to institutionalise the idea that development and governance is not only to be left to the State and its formal bodies like the legislature and the bureaucracy, but that citizens and their associations should engage separately and jointly with the State. The mission briefly, is to construct the conditions in which citizens of plural backgrounds and perspectives can come togethe...
Jun 23, 2008

Plantation and Fruit trees...

Plantation: With rains approaching our area, it is time to plant new trees and grass on the lands in which afforestation is being undertaken. Last year (April 07 to March 08), various physical works such as site survey, land demarcation, boundary wall construction, soil- water conservation and pit digging were completed on 258 ha common and private lands. After first rains, around 1.29 lacs new plants will be planted in June and July months on these lands. Hoping to receive good rainfall this year, in 4 months, these areas will have a nice green cover.

Agriculture After experiencing the scorching heat on summer months, people have moving towards their fields and started preparing for monsoon crops. This year, we received a number of proposals from the farmers to obtain improved quality seeds. In response, we have provided 4,021 kg seeds of maize, 1,002 kg seeds of pulses (tuvar and udad dal) and 59 kg oilseeds to these farmers. Receiving sufficient rainfall and proper care, we expect the farmers to get higher yields of good quality grains in comparison to the local seeds used by the farmers since long time.

Fruit Plantation Along with, we have also received proposals from farmers to plant fruit plants during this monsoon. A total 64 farmers from 24 villages will be given around 3,800 plants of mango, 1,500 plants of amla, 1,400 plants of lemon and 1,400 plants of guava. These plants will be planted around and within the farms, as well some farmers intend to develop mini orchards on their lands which is not being used for agriculture.

Jun 9, 2008

Nomination for Fellowship Program

Currently the Seva Mandir team at the Head Quarters is expecting to receive all the nominations/applications by 15th June 2008. Then a committee will be scrutinizing the selection of applications and at least of 20 fellows will be selected by the end of June 2008 for this year’s target.

Jun 9, 2008

Women in leadership roles...

Bhuri is an active member of Gram Vikas Committee (Village Development Committee) of village Dholi Ghati. Close to her village the highway road was being under construction. The contractor of the road-construction project needed water for it and he requested the village. In a Village Meeting it was decided that the contractor could use the water from their wells and that he would have to make payments for the water and the money will go into the Village Development Fund. The contractor agreed on this.

The contractor started using the water from their wells. However, he did not pay any money for using the water. And so, Bhuri went and asked the contractor to pay for the water. He simply denied and said he will keep using the water but would not pay for any costs.

Bhuri spoke to the In Charge that had appointed the contractor for the road-construction of that area. Other people from the village also joined Bhuri and requested him to look into the matter. The In Charge asked the contractor to pay for the water he has used for construction. As a result, the contractor deposited Rs. 4500 into the Village Development Fund as the payment towards the water he had used forms their wells.

The village was very happy and they all appreciated Bhuri’s courageous efforts and her concern for the welfare for her community.

“There are a total of 552 Village Development Funds (GVK) with a total of Rs. 27260386/- ($681509.65).

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