Vijana Amani Pamoja (VAP)

To integrate social and economic values through football/soccer by creating a proactive health environment.
Jan 27, 2014

Double Club back in Schools

Introduction of Double Club in Kiragu Waichahi and Gituamba secondary school at the begining of school year in January 2014,was a real boost to these schools given the fact that they are located in slum areas and they’re both informal schools.Additionally,the schools lack enough qualified teachers due to finacial constraints that would allow them to pay teachers good salaries.

Teachings from Double Club booklets provide them with an additional lessons of learning english literacy as well as football skills.The Double Club teachers/coaches play a double role of being english teachers and football coaches which is an added advantage to these schools.”We are so excited of the Double Club program because it suppliments English lessons and football coaching.For our school to have these services,we would be required to hire people and pay them alot of money,so having Double Club program is a great gift.”Said Mr. John Arama,principal of Gituamba High School.


“My English literacy is improving in an environment that is full of fun,i like Double Club because it also provides me with football skills and the teachers are great.”Said Stephen Mwema a student from Kiragu Waichahi primary school.

Jan 9, 2014

Meet Silvia, Victoria, Benta and Achieng!

They share things in common: They double up as Mrembo graduates and Mrembo Salon vocational Skills Graduates and they are all great footballers


Victoria- Got a job at her Aunt’s salon in kawangware.”Am proud to do what am doing and I can now buy things for my own.”


Achieng- Currently undergoing further trainings in pursue of a Diploma in hairdressing.” Am hoping to look for a job after my Diploma and if need be, open my own Salon.”


Benta- After graduating from Mrembo Salon, she was employed at the salon.” Am happy to have been employed here at Mrembo Salon and also happy to have been trained as a peer educator. Am supporting my family now out of my earnings.


Sylvia- Got a job in a beauty Shop, where she is a specialist in manicure and pedicure.”Am fully independent and am supporting my younger siblings.”

Dec 30, 2013


On 30th November, VAP conducted a graduation ceremony of 216 Anti-Corruption graduates from Kiragu Waichahi primary school. All the graduating participants had gone through the Kick-Out corruption program and the certification was to certify them as agents of Anti-Corruption campaign. During the graduation time, all participants participated in the “Prosecution game” activity in which they were led by VAP’s Anti Corruption Crusaders (ACC). The aim of the activity was to discuss about the dangers of corruption and what would happen if the perpetrators were left to go scot free. It really generated a lot of discussion amongst the youth and how important it is to stop corruption right from the youth since the youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow. The key message of the game was to let the youth learn that whenever one is caught up into corruption deals and is proved to be guilty, he/she should be prosecuted so as to stop the vice and act as a lesson to others who are practicing the vice.

“Corruption has been a big problem in our country and if we can stop it, then Kenya would be more developed and everybody would enjoy leaving in this country as the standards of leaving would also be friendly to the poor.”Said Francis Njenge, a class 6 student from Kiragu Waichahi primary school.

“As VAP we are very much confident that we are building a future generation that would be in a position to reduce and eradicate corruption as we are sure that their leadership and integrity skills will be more vibrant.”This program has been made possible by the generous donations from various individuals who have been donating through Global Giving and on behalf of VAP, I would like to express my utmost THANKS to them and would also urge them to continue donating.” Said Enouce Ndeche, Director of VAP.

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