Vijana Amani Pamoja (VAP)

To integrate social and economic values through football/soccer by creating a proactive health environment.
Mar 27, 2010



For the third time in a row, world football governing body FIFA through its Corporate Social Responsibility granted Vijana Amani Pamoja, (VAP) with funds to boost its HIV/AIDS intervention project that creates awareness of HIV/AIDS through a soccer themed curriculum. The FIFA funding to VAP came via a strategic alliance geared towards the Millennium Development Goals between streetfooballworld; and FIFA.The two have been using football as an instrument for social development for many years in a variety of ways. “We as VAP feel very much honoured and privileged to secure FIFA funds again for the second year running. Through the second funding we were able to reach out to our goals and graduated the targeted number of 3,700 students who were equipped with HIV/AIDS information and were certified as HIV ambassadors. This funding creates more trust and believe from FIFA and other donors whom we appreciate a lot for their continued support. We also believe the power of opinions, suggestions and questions in order to move forward and I take this opportunity to welcome feedback from our extinguished donors.”Said, Nancy Waweru, program officer.


The Streetfootballworld Network was set up in 2002 with the common vision to bring about social and human development through the use of football. Increased recognition of common work-that of all Network members and the team at the streetfootballworld in Berlin –has led to tremendous developments over the last years. Streetfootballworld acts as an interface between the streetfootballworld Network members and companies and institutions that are interested in investing in and cooperating with the field of Development through Football. By offering investment opportunities (projects) and developing corporate Citizenship (CC) strategies with these interested institutions, Streetfootballworld aims at establishing a support structure for the streetfootballworld Network that enables it to expand its activities and its goals.

FOOTBALL FOR HOPE The Football for Hope Movement is the key element of the strategic alliance between FIFA and streetfootballworld. It was created to enhance dialogue and collaboration between locally active organizations advancing social development and football associations, committed clubs and players, professional leagues as well as involved commercial partners. The Movement aims to utilize the role of football in the society in order to contribute to the achievement of the UN Millennium Development Goals. THE 2010 FUNDING The one year funding will be used to scale up VAP’s HIV/AIDS G-pange skillz activities in 5 schools and 6 community centres by targeting 6,800 students by March 2011.With the already set 2012 initiative, VAP is optimistic that with the financial support they are appealing for-they will reach 6,800 students by the close of March 2011.

Feb 10, 2010



For the last couple of weeks, Vijana Amani Pamoja, VAP has graduated over 2,100 students from; Uhuru primary school, Jericho primary school, Baraka primary school, Jacaranda special school, Uhuru High school, and Chai community centre, Umoja and Feda community centres. Various through its interventions. All the participants went through the entire Skillz curriculum that was delivered as an after school program by VAP’s peer educators.Skillz curriculum is a newly revised version that entails 10 sessions that has a series of activities that include critical thinking,communication,self-esteem and decision making, among others. It requires active participation and creates a safe, team-based environment in which participants can comfortably share their feelings, beliefs, and ideas about HIV/AIDS. All the graduates were empowered with certificates that deemed them to become HIV/AIDS ambassadors and experts in their respective communities. “After having gone through the Skillz HIV/AIDS intervention, am now fully aware of the dangers that HIV/AIDS posses. I can now teach my peers and my family on how they can be pro-active against HIV/AIDS. “Said Sam Njuri, 13 years old graduate of Uhuru primary school. These graduates are expected to conduct peer education activities within their communities, reaching out to thousands more through formal and informal educational sessions.


Graduates from Jacaranda Special School.

For the very time in the history of Vijana Amani Pamoja, VAP also involved and graduated students with intellectual disability from Jacaranda special school. It has been to the discover of VAP that people with intellectual disability are the most undervalued population and are mostly forgotten and ignored by the mainstream society to empower them as well with critical healthy information that render them to become more vulnerable to HIV/AIDS.A total of 450 students with intellectual disability were graduated from the Skillz HIV/AIDS intervention.’’ Iam truly amazed and thankful to Vijana Amani Pamoja for reaching out to people with intellectual disability whom very so often are down looked and have been mocked for so many years. With the trend that VAP is setting, the general society should also consider and include people with disability in awareness activities and messages.” Said Mrs. Jane Wafula, the school principal of Jacaranda special school.


Local graduation soccer tournament

Vijana Amani Pamoja,through its strategic theme,(The drive towards world cup) is looking forward to graduating 3000 more students before the commencement of the first world cup game in African soil.VAP will vigorously be using the power and popularity of the game and its impact for being hosted in Africa to achieve its goals.


VAP would like to thank all the partners and well wishers who have been donating towards its movement through Global Giving and NOT forgetting to thank Streetfootballworld and FIFA through its strategic alliance,(Football For Hope) grants that have been of great impact and value. We would still be requesting for more donations for us to achieve our mission.

Dec 14, 2009


On the 1st of December VAP - along with a select few Kenya based charities - will teamed up with the World Health Organisation to host a football themed HIV/AIDS and Tuberculosis event. The event coincided with World AIDS day.

The aim of the event is to raise awareness of the TB/HIV co-epidemic through football and through the image of Stop TB Ambassador Luis Figo who's very keen on empowering children and adolescents through sports.

Background -

Luìs Figo became a Stop TB Ambassador in 2008. Mr Figo, a decorated professional Portuguese footballer, was the 2000 European Footballer of the Year, the 2001 FIFA World Player of the Year and was named among the FIFA 100 greatest players of all time. Luis Figo's worldwide appeal and popularity will make a major contribution in the fight against tuberculosis.

Football is one of the most compelling and widely followed - and played - sports in the world. Mr Figo is keen to use his skills and popularity to raise global awareness and counter the stigma of tuberculosis to help reduce the many needless deaths that result from this preventable and treatable disease.

Figo's Educational Comic Book on Tuberculosis -

The Stop TB Partnership has produced an educational comic book delivering key information on tuberculosis. The comic book features Mr. Figo as the main character and targets children and young adults. The aim is for them to learn more on tuberculosis. Key messages embedded in the story focus on prevention and treatment of the disease, on the determinants of tuberculosis - malnutrition, living conditions - and on tuberculosis and HIV co-infection. Tuberculosis is a leading killer of people living with HIV.

Event Plan (Proposed Scenario) -

The main objective of the event was to offer children and adolescents an opportunity to increase their knowledge about tuberculosis and HIV through football. The proposal was to have a workshop on tuberculosis and HIV, followed by a tournament and street match.


It was organized one-two weeks in advance of major event. At the beginning of the workshop, students filled out a questionnaire to assess their knowledge about tuberculosis and HIV (only students that belonged to same age-group). They then participated in a class activity on the subject – it included reading the comic book and/or watching the cartoon with presentation and discussion on key TB/HIV messages tailored to the age group involved. As activity, students were asked to create a drawing with slogan to be used for increasing knowledge of tuberculosis and HIV. A post-test to test acquired information on TB/HIV followed the event (only for those students that belonged to same age-group)

Tournament - Street Match

Boys and girls were divided into several mixed teams and played in a short tournament. The two finalist teams played on 1 December. The winning team was awarded a Stop Tuberculosis Cup signed by Luis Figo. The Stop Tuberculosis Cup was awarded by: 1. UN Secretary-General's Special Envoy to Stop Tuberculosis and former President of the Portuguese Republic, Dr Jorge Sampaio. 2. UN Secretary-General's Special Adviser on Sports, Development, and Peace, Mr Wilfried Lemke

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