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Apr 2, 2014

Final report on our Typhoon Haiyan project

Seeds distribution in Alangalang
Seeds distribution in Alangalang

As of March 31, 2014, we have ended our donation drive for the Typhoon Haiyan project. Since the typhoon struck on November 8, 2013, we immediately launched an online campaign to raise funds for our disaster response activities. We have received so much heartfelt support from all over the world and we would like to express our deep gratitude to everyone who donated to our cause.

Through your donations, in addition to providing emergency tents and food and non-food items during the emergency response phase, we have also been able to provide agricultural assistance to farming households affected by the typhoon. 

Distribution of 1-week supply of food and daily essentials

With the cooperation of our local partner Citizens' Disaster Response Center (CDRC) and its regional center Leyte Center for Development (LCDE), Civic Force distributed emergency relief packs containing 1 week's supply of food and daily necessities to 1,060 households. The distribution areas, isolated from the main urban distribution sites and with a mostly poor populace, were Alangalang and Albuera municipalities of Leyte province. Most of the residents in this area lost their belongings, their houses destroyed by the strong winds and floods.

We were able to provide goods essential for temporary refuge in the form of relief packs which contained the following:10 kilos of rice, 1 kilo of dried fish, 6 tins of sardines, 500ml of cooking oil, 1 bar of soap, 1 laundry soap, 5 meters of plastic sheet, 1 sleeping mat, 1 blanket, 3 toothbrushes, 1 tube of toothpaste, and 1 pack of sanitary napkins.

Provision of shelter 

Moreover, we shipped 960 emergency tents (for emergency evacuation use, approximately 16.5 square meters and can fit a family of about 6 people), which were previously stored in the facility owned by Fukuroi city, Shizuoka prefecture in Japan, with whom Civic Force has concluded a post-disaster emergency response pre-agreement. We distributed tents to 960 households in Tanauan, Leyte and Guiuan, Samar, where houses have been severely devastated by the typhoon.

Agricultural assistance to rebuild lives

Aside from these, we conducted a survey with our local partner NGO and consequently put our efforts towards helping restart the important farming industry from February. To reorganize farming households' livelihoods which were affected by the loss of crops pre-harvest as well as the destruction of farming tools, we decided to distribute agriculture seeds and farming tools in 3 barangays in Alangalang, Leyte: Tabangohay, Salvacion, and Langit.

To be specific, we distributed the following to a total of 806 households: 50 kilos of rice seeds and 10 kinds of vegetable seeds (tomato, eggplant, okra, cabbage, mustard, radish, spinach, bitter melon, string beans, pumpkin). We also delivered 1 set of farm tools (hoe, rake, sprayer, shovel, machete, plow) for every 10 households.

It is almost 5 months since the typhoon. As a member of the Asia Pacific Alliance for Disaster Management (APADM), Civic Force will continue to support its fellow member CDRC's activities.

Farm tools for distribution
Farm tools for distribution
Civic Force team in Barangay Salvacion
Civic Force team in Barangay Salvacion
Rice seeds for agricultural assistance
Rice seeds for agricultural assistance
Family receives emergency tent in Tanauan, Leyte
Family receives emergency tent in Tanauan, Leyte
Emergency relief packs distribution
Emergency relief packs distribution
Mar 10, 2014

Double your donations today to support Masayuki's health care delivery in Tohoku!

Masayuki, helping local health care from air
Masayuki, helping local health care from air

Today, we'd like to share a story out of many lives you have changed - through supporting our project.

Masayuki's Story

Masayuki Takahashi is a helicopter pilot. After Civic Force was established in 2009, it entered into pre-agreements and partnerships with potential collaborators in preparation for the next large scale disaster. Masayuki was one of the chosen partners Civic Force contacted, hoping to ensure transportation means for emergency relief delivery in case a large scale natural disaster strikes. After 11th March 2011, he engaged in volunteer work by utilizing his helicopter to provide relief supplies for the victims of the disaster with Civic Force. Afterwards he established an organization called All Round Helicopter aiming to support the local health-care system in the area. Local people have been worried about the lack of medical facilities since 2011, so Masayuki and his team decided to put all their efforts behind All Round Helicopter’s activities. Masayuki has received many messages of support and encouragement since establishing the organization.

Masayuki hopes that the survivors can also receive equal health-care service. He and his organization are thankful for any financial support that would contribute to the sustainability of his project.

Masayuki - "I am thankful for being given the chance to support the local health-care system in the affected areas"

In honor of the 3rd anniversary of East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami, GlobalGiving is hosting a matching campaign for projects that work for recovery in Tohoku area.  Starting today, your donations will be matched 100% by GlobalGiving until matchign funds last.  To donate, click on "give now" button below.  

Thank you for your support for this project, and thank you for supporting what Masayuki does where the help is needed!

Jan 23, 2014

Civic Force responds in the Philippines (digest)

Super Typhoon Haiyan pounded central Philippines,including Leyte and Samar provinces on November 8. The number of dead and missing has climbed to more than7,200 people. According to the Philippine government, Haiyan affected over 14 million people in one way oranother, which accounts for more than 10% of the total population. Although one month has passed since the powerful typhoon swept through the region, many peopleare still taking shelter in evacuation centers or devastatedareas near the ruins of their homes.

Typhoon Haiyan kept its intensity while approaching thePhilippines and registered a maximum wind velocity of 325kph. In addition to the strong winds and torrential rain, it also brought powerful storm surges resembling tsunami, which added to the damage. Moreover, many people in Leyte province have been living in poverty to begin with and the area had not been equipped with sufficient disaster management systems. Many of the residents of this province originally lived along the coast where the land is almost atsea level. But with the rapid development and economic growth of urban areas, the outflow of the poor spurred, resulting in more than half of the population living in crude housing--another factor that caused extensive damage.

Our aid activities went through difficulties due to disruptions in communication and transportation. We have faced many challenges: delays in shipping emergency relief goods from Manila to disaster-hit provinces; difficulties in obtaining transportation, such as ferries to the affected areas and trucks to deliver relief supplies; and deterioration in public security making it difficult for beneficiaries to reach distribution sites.Clara a 62 year-old native of Leyte province, said, “I have been making a living as a rice farmer. The typhoon took away all the harvested rice and seeds for the next season.What am I supposed to do?” Next was Romel, 42, who told us about his struggle to survive. “I live in an area far from the main road, so no relief deliveries had been made to my area. And on November 15, I finally received my first food ration dropped from a helicopter. It was the only emergency aid made available to me after the disaster.”

In order to aid those who are overcome by the dire situation, Civic Force set up a designated bank account for donations for those affected in the Philippines starting November 11. At the same time, we dispatched our staff members, includingthose who are originally from the Philippines and provided emergency supplies. In our report this month, we will introduce the relief activities we have been involved in fromthe day Haiyan hit the area until now.

For more of this report, please check the file below.

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