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Our mission is humanitarian assistance by promoting basic human needs of the people in developing countries and in disaster areas through our specialty of information and communication technology (ICT) e.g. assistance to medical facilities, emergency relief activities for disaster victims and training of young ICT leaders in developing countries.
Apr 8, 2013

Further Progress in the Broadcast Stations Program

CA System Controller
CA System Controller

1. City of Natori, Miyagi Prefecture

The city of Natori is planning to reshuffle all the community FM broadcast system and founded an NGO to operate the system.  Thus, BHN had been requested to prepare the studio designs and to assist the bidding procedure.  At the end of March the contract was awarded to a local contractor and the construction work is going to start soon.

BHN is further requested to supervise the construction works.

2. Town of Watari, Miyagi Prefecture

After resolving the hearing difficulty of the community radio waves in the town, BHN has been requested to furnish emergency broadcasting networks in the town to support people in case of emergency.  The followings were all completed by the end of last March.

(1)  As the town market located in the pier was washed away by the Tsunami of Mar. 2011, the town recently rebuilt the market as a complex of market & souvenir center for visitors. BHN installed a specific kind of Community Addressing system in the market to make announcements to the visitors, both inside the building and out on the pier.

(2)  For the purpose of public hearing of the community radio broadcast, special speaker systems were installed at the entrance of the railway station.  The community radio will make warning announcements to the commuters in case of emergency as well as disseminating normal programs during day time.

(3)  Many of public auditoriums and gyms of schools are assigned as emergency shelters and BHN installed 37 high receptivity radio receivers in those emergency shelters.

CA System installation in Watari
CA System installation in Watari
Dec 28, 2012

Workshop for Disaster Radio Broadcasting Stations

Lucture by Mr. Nomura of BHN Association
Lucture by Mr. Nomura of BHN Association

On Dec. 11, BHN Association, jointly with the other organizations, held a special workshop for the Disaster Radio Broadcasting Stations in Tohoku area that heavily suffered from the Tsunami of Mar.11, 2011.

The 11th day of each month is marked as the Memorial Day to remember the victims of Tsunami and the meeting started with a moment of silence.  

The venue of the workshop was chosen in the city of Minami-Souma, which suffered a serious effect from the atomic accident of Fukushima and 1/3 of the city is banned to live and many people are still evacuating from their homes.

In this workshop, more than 25 people joined, many of them are operators of the radio stations and lost their families and relatives by the Tsunami.

Almost all the staff members of these broadcasting stations are laymen in the job and they exchanged their experiences , good or bad, to improve their broadcasting programs.   Also, an engineer from BHN gave a lecture on the technical issues for maintenance & operation.

Quite a coincidence, a gigantic after-shock of the earthquake of last year  happened (Mag. 7.4, bigger than the earthquake in Haiti, 2010) a few days before the workshop and caused a minor Tsunami and the attendants were extremely serious in their discussions.

Oct 19, 2012

World Bank hailed the role of FM broadcasting

Broadcasting Sation in Minami-Souma
Broadcasting Sation in Minami-Souma

World Bank hailed the role of the FM radio broadcasting in the aftermath of Tsunami disaster

In October 2012, IMF/World Bank held their general assembly in Japan and, during the session, publicized a report on the “Learning from Megadisasters”.  In this publication it hailed the role of FM radio broadcasting as quoted below.

“Emergency FM radio also played a crucial role in the aftermath of the Great East Japan Earthquake.  When the emergency communication systems in many cities broke down,…community radio stations were able to get useful information out to residents….In the immediate aftermath of the disaster, these community radio stations began to provide information about the times and locations for the distribution of emergency food, water and goods In the following months they gradually shifted to providing other information to help victims in their daily lives to raise the spirits of people in local communities.”  (The Great East Japan Earthquake-Learning from Megadisasters.  Knowledge Note-Executive Summary)

Further development of FM Boadcasting Project in Tohoku

In the city of Minami-Souma, to improve the hearing difficulty of the radio wave, relocation work of the broadcasting antenna was completed in September 2012.  Along with this relocation of the antenna , the change of radio wave frequency was also enforced.   Now the radio wave is well received in all the area of the city including the area of Temporal Houses for refugees.

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