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Our mission is humanitarian assistance by promoting basic human needs of the people in developing countries and in disaster areas through our specialty of information and communication technology (ICT) e.g. assistance to medical facilities, emergency relief activities for disaster victims and training of young ICT leaders in developing countries.
Oct 11, 2013

Another Non-Stop Power Circuit was Installed

Preparing for the installation
Preparing for the installation

The town of Ohtsuchi, which suffered heavy damage by the Tsunami, is a typical hilly coastal town in Iwate Prefecture and many of the temporal houses for the Tsunami victims were built and scattered in the valleys.

BHN built the broadcasting antenna on the highest peak in the town, however, the broadcasting radio wave could not reach well to many of such scattered temporal houses.

Under such circumstances, BHN is now discussing with the town to establish a fundamental solution and, as its 1st step, installed non-stop power circuits in the Ohtsuchi Broadcasting Station at the end of September.

Soon after this, BHN will build a new broadcasting branch studio on a hill to work as an alternative station to replace the main station at a time of emergency and could continue the broadcasting works.

Climbing the steep ladder with a heavy equipment
Climbing the steep ladder with a heavy equipment
Jul 5, 2013

Installation of Non-Stop radio operation system

Watari temporal radio station
Watari temporal radio station

By the end of last June, BHN Association installed a non-stop power system for the broadcasting station in the Town of Watari.

Until then, once the commercial power supply is suspended, it was always necessary to manually start again which needed some person to rush to the radio station at night.

The system is composed of 6 high-capacity batteries in total for the radio emitter & antenna, automatic power chargers and other equipment.  To minimize the cost to install the system BHN has hand-fabricated the non-stop power circuits(which cost around $10,000 in the market).

With the installation of this non-stop operation system, they are now able to continue broadcasting over 8 hours at the time of blackouts.   This work has been realized with the funds from Global Giving .

Almost the entire radio system in Watari broadcasting station was built by BHN and they are planning to transform from a “temporal radio station” to a normal “community radio station” next year.

BHN is now consulting with Ohtuchi broadcasting station(in Iwate Prefecture) to improve the listening difficulties in the mountain areas and, after fixing the listening problem, we also intend to install the same non-stop power system there.

Non-stop power system
Non-stop power system
Apr 8, 2013

Further Progress in the Broadcast Stations Program

CA System Controller
CA System Controller

1. City of Natori, Miyagi Prefecture

The city of Natori is planning to reshuffle all the community FM broadcast system and founded an NGO to operate the system.  Thus, BHN had been requested to prepare the studio designs and to assist the bidding procedure.  At the end of March the contract was awarded to a local contractor and the construction work is going to start soon.

BHN is further requested to supervise the construction works.

2. Town of Watari, Miyagi Prefecture

After resolving the hearing difficulty of the community radio waves in the town, BHN has been requested to furnish emergency broadcasting networks in the town to support people in case of emergency.  The followings were all completed by the end of last March.

(1)  As the town market located in the pier was washed away by the Tsunami of Mar. 2011, the town recently rebuilt the market as a complex of market & souvenir center for visitors. BHN installed a specific kind of Community Addressing system in the market to make announcements to the visitors, both inside the building and out on the pier.

(2)  For the purpose of public hearing of the community radio broadcast, special speaker systems were installed at the entrance of the railway station.  The community radio will make warning announcements to the commuters in case of emergency as well as disseminating normal programs during day time.

(3)  Many of public auditoriums and gyms of schools are assigned as emergency shelters and BHN installed 37 high receptivity radio receivers in those emergency shelters.

CA System installation in Watari
CA System installation in Watari
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