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Our core belief is that disaster response begins with preparedness, and that both disaster preparedness and response should integrate the efforts of governments, militaries, NGOs and the private sector. By strengthening disaster preparedness and response in the Asia Pacific, PWA seeks to reduce the high human, political and economic costs of natural disasters in the Pacific Rim.
Mar 13, 2014

PWA Expands Fishing Sheds Program

Constructing a new shed
Constructing a new shed

With Need Still High, A Focus on Providing Additional Sheds

With every completed district, Peace Winds America has surveyed the results of the fishing sheds program. How have these sheds affected the lives of the recipients? What difference are we making restoring livelihoods of displaced residents? What do the district leaders say about the program? 

We are pleased to report that demand for the sheds remains high - a clear sign of the value of this program. PWA has begun planning our next expansion of the fishing sheds program.  Three districts are being considered: Fujihama, Nagashizu, and Terahama. These are all located in the Togura area of Minamisanriku. Our partners on the ground report that all have residents who meet our criteria for selection: they are active fishermen in the cooperatives who lost their home in the tsunami. 

With your help we will be able to take advantage of the coming spring. As the snow melts and the ground in Tohoku thaws, the time is ripe for new construction. Once we have completed our assessment and selected recipients we can begin constructing these critical buildings. With over 267,000 Tohoku residents still in temporary housing, these economic revitalization projects do make a difference!

A Matching Opportunity From Global Giving

Beginning March 10th, GlobalGiving is supporting Tohoku recovery programs with a 100% match. Projects helping Tohoku are eligible, so this is an ideal opportunity to give us the momentum to keep the successful sheds project going. Your contribution will go twice as far today and may be the key to PWA providing one more family with a needed shed. Thank you for your generous support - we look forward to updating you soon with the results of our program expansion. 

Mar 13, 2014

On Tohoku Match Day, Opportunities for Recovery

In Minamisanriku, Signs of Progress and Issues for the Future

It is still winter in Tohoku, but spring is fast approaching! On the third anniversary of the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami there is still much work to be done. According to the Government of Japan there are still 267,000 displaced residents living in temporary housing.  These residents will continue to need much support - community programs, livelihood assistance, and assistance transitioning to permanent housing. Peace Winds America has committed to undertaking programs that focus on these vulnerable residents still living in temporary houses. Because so many of these residents were in the fishing industry, support for this program will have a significant impact on this community.

Program Past and Future

With your support we have partnered with critical fishing cooperatives to provide equipment for members (rods, nets, hooks, paddles, and other specialized equipment). We have supported the cooperatives themselves, ensuring they remain vital to help their members.  Together we have provided work and storage space for displaced fishing families in the form of sheds. Last update we touched on the completed oyster shield, which remains critical, and a projected LED lighting project which continues to move forward. We will continue to work with the fishing cooperatives and fishing families in the future, with an emphasis on helping Tohoku residents in temporary housing. We will complete the lighting program, making the port that much effective. And we will remain in contact with you, our donors.

Your Match Makes a Difference!

In honor of the 3rd anniversary of East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami, GlobalGiving is hosting a matching campaign for projects that work for recovery in Tohoku area.  Today, your donations will be matched 100% by GlobalGiving until matchign funds last.  To donate, click on "give now" button below.  

GlobalGiving's 100% match is an exciting opportunity to renew our commitment to Tohoku. Together we can ensure that our long-term recovery programs remain in operation, helping the neediest. As always, thank you for your support and your generosity. 

Feb 21, 2014

Critical Relief Continues in the Western Visayas

Relief Distribution on Busuanga
Relief Distribution on Busuanga

Relief on Busuanga Island: Updated Information on Typhoon Damage and Relief Activities

It is now over three months since Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) struck the Philippines.  After the initial rush of relief died down Peace Winds America has been able to work with its partners on the ground to gain a clearer picture of damages as well as relief activities.  Presently our relief remains centered on Busuanga Island (Palawan Region), a rural community in the Western Visayas far from the media spotlight still centered on Samar and Leyte.

Busuanga Island – A Picture of the Damage

Ongoing situation reports and needs assessments have brought the effects of Haiyan into sharper focus.  Through the efforts of local governments, the Citizens’ Disaster Response Center (CDRC) and the Southern Tagalog Peoples’ Resource Center (STPRC), multiple Damage, Needs, and Capabilities Assessments (DNCAs) have been carried out. The picture they paint is stark.  All 14 barangays on the island were damaged, affecting 28,640 people and rendering 4,405 families homeless. Significant damage was done to rice paddies and fishing boats as well as tourist sites (primarily scuba diving).  In the targeted communities of Salvacion, Cheey, and Buluang alone there are nearly 10,000 affected people.  Between crop damage, loss of housing, loss of major buildings (e.g., schools) and destruction of stored goods, these communities were selected for intensive relief efforts.

Disaster Relief – A National and Community Effort

PWA knows from experience that disaster relief works best when local expertise guides the procurement and provision of needed items.  In Busuanga local organizations, volunteers, businesses, and support groups helped generate the needs assessments and direct relief.  This enabled CDRC and STPRC to procure goods in Manila (they were unavailable locally), ship them via Coron, and repack and distribute them upon arrival in Busuanga.

Thanks to CDRC and STPRC efforts to obtain discounts, PWA’s relief funding provided for 1,050 families, 50 above the targeted number. In total PWA provided:

  •          210 cavans of rice (approximately 23,100 lbs.)
  •          1,015 kg of dried fish
  •          63 boxes  sardines
  •          2,100 packs cooking oil (200 ml each)
  •          1050 sleeping mat kits
  •          1050 blankets
  •          1000 sets kitchen utensils (1,000 kettles and 6,000 plates)

These goods were packed into kits and distributed by CDRC/STPRC staff as well as members of the local government and volunteers. Prior to each distribution the relief recipients were given a brief training session on emergency response and preparedness for future disasters.

Looking Ahead – Toward Recovery

The damage and needs assessments painted a picture of acute and long-term need in these communities on Busuanga.  Moving forward, there will be serious efforts in the areas of shelter and livelihoods.  Peace Winds America has committed to providing support for these recovery efforts.  Together with our partners on the ground we will explore housing repair and rebuilding, fishing boat repair, and support for rice farmers whose fields, tools, and seed stock were damaged in the Typhoon.

We thank all of our donors for their generosity.  Together we have been able to provide desperately needed relief.  Together we will continue to help these communities as they recover.

Distribution of cooking kits
Distribution of cooking kits
Disaster preparedness education
Disaster preparedness education
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