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Jul 3, 2014

How your gift changed the course of a child's life

Your gift helps hearing impaired students learn.
Your gift helps hearing impaired students learn.

Your gifts have made such a difference in the lives of hearing impaired children in Bangladesh. Without support from donors like you, 105 children would not have learned to communicate with their families and at school.

Each one the 105 students who were enrolled in World Concern’s Hear School this year received specialized training and attention aimed at helping them communicate and transition into public schools.

Young Jaman could not make any verbal sounds before coming to the Hear School. But after receiving patient, compassionate care from the trained teachers, he started pronouncing words within a very short time.

Jaman’s mom followed the advice she received at the parent classes and very quickly began communicating with her son. With support at school, home, and with the help of hearing aids, Jaman was speaking in sentences in no time. Even neighbors have stopped by their home, astonished and thrilled to hear Jaman speak.

More than two million people in Bangladesh suffer from hearing impairment. But only 2,500 spots are available in specialized schools, leaving most deaf children little chance to learn to communicate. You’re helping change that.

New students are being enrolled each year. Our audiology centers in Mymensingh, Barisal, and Bhairab provided diagnostic tests to 1,532 children and adults last year, with your help!

And it’s not just the Hear School students who are being helped. Entire families are being transformed. This school year, 1,393 parents attended weekly parent classes to learn how to communicate with their hearing impaired children and how to support them in school.

Your gift lasts well into the future, changing the course of a child’s life forever. Mohammad Billah, a former student at the Mymensingh Hear School, was recently admitted to university to study fine arts. This would not have been possible without the specialized training and caring support he received from the Hear School.

Your gift is opening up a world of hearing to children in Bangladesh. Thank you for helping transform lives!

You're helping kids like these learn to speak.
Jul 2, 2014

The Gift of Two Goats Helps an Entire Family

Mr. Amazan and his youngest daughter, Rose.
Mr. Amazan and his youngest daughter, Rose.

Written on the side of the house belonging to Mr. and Mrs. Nocolas Amazan are the words, “God is leading my house.”  This family continues to rely on God for their strength and hope, but the gift of a goat helped them meet some important physical needs. 

Your gift of a goat is impacting lives just like this family.

The Amazan family lives in a tiny village in southern Haiti called Morency.  They have three daughters—Francise, Nehemie and Rose.  In 2006, Francise, who is the oldest daughter, received a goat from World Concern.  The following year Nehemie also received a goat.  In addition to the gift of a goat, the girls were given training on how to manage and care for their goat.

In rural Haiti a goat is an important source of income.  Baby goats can be easily sold in local markets.  By giving girls a goat and training, they have the opportunity to earn an income which can be used to pay for school and potentially much more, as you will see in the Amazan family.

“The goat program is a blessing coming directly from God,” said Mr. Amazan.  “The goats were the most important revenue for my family.”

Mr. Amazan shared that once his daughter’s goats gave offspring, some were sold to pay for Francise and Nehemie’s high school education in Les Cayes, a city nearby, where they are currently studying.

Sometimes the income earned from a goat can also encourage other economic opportunities within the family.  The Amazan family decided to use some of the income they earned from selling the offspring to build a stove so they could bake bread and sell it to the community.  The stove is still functioning and providing the Amazan family with yet another source of income. 

The gift of a goat and training can equip a girl with the resources and knowledge needed to succeed educationally and personally.  And in some families, like the Amazans, the impact often goes beyond the girl herself and also helps her whole family. 

Thank you for making a difference in the life of a girl—and her family—with the gift of a goat!

The Amazan family
The Amazan family's stove where they bake bread
Jun 5, 2014

You, and a good friend, helped keep Khantin safe

Your gift helped keep Khantin safe with job skills
Your gift helped keep Khantin safe with job skills

Your gifts continue to equip young girls near the Thai border in Laos with valuable job skills, keeping them safe at home, and safe from traffickers. With these new skills, they are able to earn income close to home and have alternatives to crossing the border into Thailand in search of work. Because of you, they’re also learning about the danger on the other side of the border, and telling their friends about it too.

One of those you’re helping protect is 18-year-old Khantin. She has become very active in World Concern’s program in her village where she met her best friend, Duangmany. The friendship turned out to be a vital part of keeping Khantin safe. After hearing about her friend’s experience in Thailand, she vowed never to go there herself. Duangmany, had had been offered a job serving beer to men in a restaurant… but it likely involved much more. She was forced to work such long hours, she eventually returned home, empty-handed and traumatized. She still won’t talk about what happened to her in Thailand.

Thankfully, she made it home. Many other young girls from their village never return.

Khantin learned from the World Concern staff about the danger across the border, and how to keep herself safe. She’s also learning profitable job skills, like making brooms and selling them at local markets. She has learned to sew clothing and to style hair – her favorite skill so far!

“I want to open a salon in the future because there’s no salon yet in our village,” said an enthusiastic Khantin. “But first, I want my community to notice that my skill in hair cutting and styling is getting better and better until they will believe in me, and then I will have more customers.”

Khantin is grateful for the opportunity to earn income close to home. She doesn’t want to be away from her family, because she now knows it’s safer to stay close to home. She’s also grateful for the many new friends she has made through her involvement with World Concern’s project, especially Duangmany. The two friends have a much brighter future to look forward to, thanks to you.

Khantin's friend Duangmany warned her about danger
Khantin and Duangmany earn income selling brooms.
Khantin and Duangmany earn income selling brooms.
Khantin hopes to open a hair salon one day.
Khantin hopes to open a hair salon one day.
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