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The organization seeks to improve the quality of life of women and their families living in the rural areas of Maharashtra & Karnataka. Our primary objective is to empower rural women and fight injustices based on gender, caste and class. Our programs are designed to improve our clients' quality of life by promoting education, health, property rights, leadership and technology.
Nov 19, 2012

business school for rural women in India

Dear Mann Deshi Supporters & Donors,

Mann Deshi is grateful for its donors support.  B-school has been reached over 50,000 women entrepreneurs. Mann Deshi is in a continuous dialogue with its clients and conducts interviews on a regular basis. The following story is example of the impact Mann Deshi makes on the local community:

                                       Story of Financial Education based on ODL Structure thorough B-school

                                          I.            Sangita Rajmane: Save More, Spend Less

Sangita Rajmane, one of the beneficiaries of financial literacy course and agriculture workshop of Mobile B-school.  Sangita also have saving account in Mann Deshi Bank. 

She is owner of small readymade shop and runs tailoring business.  Sangita has participated in financial literacy program of Mann Deshi.  Sangita says, “After participating in financial literacy course I improved my knowledge about “wise use of money”.  Without delay I opened saving account in Mann Deshi Bank and started saving Rs.500 per month.  Financial literacy taught me, Save More & More and Spend Less.”

Sangita further added that in agriculture workshop she learned about how to grow drumstick tree, how to do marketing of drumsticks, how to earn profit.  Also got information about Nursery of plants and how to take care of drumstick plants. After taking the course Sangita started bowing drumstick plants near her house. Nearly 700 plants she grows and sold for Rs.10 each.  Sangita also understood that parts of Drumstick trees have medicinal value and she is using juice, paste, power of seeds, flowers and leaves as a medicine for different purposes.  Also spreading her knowledge of “use of medicine” within community.

After her connection with Mann Deshi through financial literacy and agriculture workshop Sangita aware about the other courses that Mann Deshi provides.  Immediately she joined basic and advance tailoring course in Mobile B-school.  And it’s amazing that Sangita’s monthly income has been increased by Rs.2000/-

Thank you very much for your support in creating women entrepreneurs like SANGITA.


Sep 13, 2012

A Hope in Drought : Mann Deshi Cattle Camp

Mann Deshi Foundation donated bicycle to ASHA
Mann Deshi Foundation donated bicycle to ASHA

                                                   A Hope in the time of Drought

                                                         Mann Deshi Cattle Camp

Though it is September, but still there is no rain and in future less hopes of rain this year. Mann Taluka is witnessing unprecedented drought.  On account of the non availability of fodder and water, the number of Animals dead and sold cheaply to butcher was recorded to be around 25000.  The taluka is facing an acute drought situation in more than 185 villages. Since last 22 months there is no rain.  Today, people are migrating from Mann Taluka, not in search of employment but in search of drinking water. In such a situation it is crucially needed to provide water to households by tankers and to arrange fodder and water in cattle camps in the areas.

 In order to help, Mann Deshi also felt the responsibility to serve the local community and started a Cattle camp - providing water and fodder to animals - in the Mhaswad village on 21st April, 2012.  Currently the Mann Deshi Foundation cattle camp supports +12,000 animals from 52 villages.   Mann Deshi provides 400,000 liter water per day and pays around 10,00,000 RS daily for fodder, cattle feed and water etc.  This is the BIGGEST CATTLE CAMP in india.

Mann Taluka is facing acute drinking water problem.  Everyday water required for Mann Deshi Cattle Camp is 4.50 lacs of liter.  I hereby appeals to you to contribute generously for the drought cause faced currently by the Mann taluka in Satara District.  

Mann Deshi runs rural women’s bank and B-school for rural women.  For more information about Mann Deshi Foundation please visit:

I would like to share with you some recent you tube links of Mann Deshi Cattle Camp.

Recent Articles:

Thank you in advance for your time.  The Mann Deshi Foundation asks you sincerely to support generously and help community in this severe situation.  Your support will give relief to drought affected people in Mann taluka. 

Most Sincerely,


Aug 23, 2012

Give a girl a bike: help her go to school

Asha with her bicycle
Asha with her bicycle

Asha´s story (Girl in Mann Deshi Cattle Camp)

One day I was wandering in our Mann Deshi Cattle Camp and saw a little girl with glasses caring for some animals. It was working all alone, cutting sugarcane to feed the cattle, cleaning cow dung away and giving water to the animals. I started wondering: “Why is she doing everything alone? She looks so fragile with her big glasses, so weak”.

I stopped there and started to ask her all questions that came in my mind. I was curious about her situation and wanted to know more.

She told me that her name is Asha. Eleven years old Asha lives in Bonewadi, a small town with her mother, two sisters, and one brother. One sister is married already and the other sister is going to marry tomorrow (28.06.2012). Because of this marriage, the mother is busy and Asha is left alone to care for the cattle. Her Father died some years ago already due to an illness. Asha is still in school, she attends 6 standards in a local village school in Diwad, 3km away from Bonewadi. She dreams of becoming a doctor after she finished her education.

Every day she has to walk the 3 km to school. After school, she has to feed the cattle and give them water in the Mann Deshi Cattle Camp, 7km away from where she lives. Sometimes one of her cousins drives her, sometimes she can pay a rikshaw but if she has no spare money she has to walk the 7km home. Then at home she has to help her mother in the household. This is her daily routine; every day she goes to school first, then cares for the cattle and then works at home. She starts her day at 7am, works during the day and studies until 10pm in the night.

 She wants to become a doctor but how can she do it? How will she have the money to go to university? She does not even have proper time for learning. Why does she have so many problems, why is her live so difficult?

Asha is born in a farmer’s family that own 11 acres of land. Normally from this land they could earn enough money to make a living, but because it did not rain last year and the drought is not new to Mann Taluka, the harvest failed and the family got no income. Her mother works as a wage laborer in Vasai, Thane, and now to earn at least some money for the family. Because both of her sisters are married (or will be tomorrow), young Asha is the only one left to take care of the cattle, the most valuable assets they have left. Asha´s glasses have a power of 8, leaving hear almost blind without them. Having this handicap makes it even harder for her to do all her tasks during the day. Her both sisters married very young; Asha does not like this. She wants to finish her education, become a doctor and only afterwards start a family.

It is a beautiful dream of such a determined young girl.

Looking at her I think:” will it be ever possible for her to become this doctor?”

Mann Deshi Foundation helped Asha by donating bicycle, so that at least she can continue her higher education.  We cannot do everything, but can do something with the help of our partners.

Please click below the links of Mann Deshi Cattle Camp:



Most Sincerely,

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