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The organization seeks to improve the quality of life of women and their families living in the rural areas of Maharashtra & Karnataka. Our primary objective is to empower rural women and fight injustices based on gender, caste and class. Our programs are designed to improve our clients' quality of life by promoting education, health, property rights, leadership and technology.
Sep 3, 2013

Give a girl a bike : help her go to school

Rupali with her bike
Rupali with her bike

Dear Mann Deshi Supporters,

Rupali lives in Awarvadi village which is a drought prone area and since last three years there is no drop of water.  Her father is a goat and sheep rearer.   Her village was hurt by drought so her parents have to move to another village for 7 to 8 months. Rupali has two brothers and she stays at her home with her brothers.  Her big brother is in 10th and younger one is in 5th std.  As both mother and father are migrated full responsibility fall on Rupali.  She cooks for her brothers & then goes to the school.  Because of scarcity of money, her brother also goes to cut the wood.  After finishing this work they go to the school.  School is 4m away from home; it takes more than one hour to walk.  Though this is the age of playing-jumping this children’s are working so hard to help their family.

Rupali has to walk 4 kms to her school. She is currently in 6th standard. Mann Deshi has donated bicycle to Rupali and now she can continue her studies.  She owns a Mann Deshi bicycle, and now saves hours every school day in travel time; time which she spends focusing on her studies.

The bighearted donation by Mann Deshi partners enables young girls like Rupali to overcome the challenges & fulfill their dreams. 

Jun 5, 2013

A Hope in Drought : Mann Deshi Cattle Camp

construction of Nala Bandhara : Longterm solution
construction of Nala Bandhara : Longterm solution

Dear Mann Deshi Foundation Supporters,

One year is over around 1300 families have been residing at cattle camp, Mhaswad.  Mann Taluka is witnessing unprecedented drought.  Due to the non-availability of fodder and water, the number of animals dead is unprecedented and has to be sold cheaply to butchers. Now its 3rd year, there has been no rain in Mann Taluka.   Today, people are migrating from Mann Taluka, not in search of employment but in search of drinking water.

In order to help, Mann Deshi also felt the responsibility to serve the local community and started a Cattle camp - providing water and fodder to animals - in the Mhaswad village on 21st April, 2012.  The Mann Deshi Foundation cattle camp has supported +14,000 animals from 52 villages till October, 2012.   Mann Deshi has provided 400,000 liter water per day and paid around 900,000RS daily for fodder, cattle feed and water etc.  Currently, Mann Deshi cattle camp has 5000 animals with 1300 families and providing water & fodder to animals.   Government pays Rs.60 per animal for fodder but water cost is not covered by Government.

Nearly, one year is over around 1300 families have been residing at cattle camp, Mhaswad.  Farmers in Mann Taluka do not have any work for last one year no agriculture, no wages.  NREGA work has scattered which is started by government.  Payment of NREGA is not done for months so farmers do not want to go and work with NREGA.  Some of farmers have been able to get the job at Mann Deshi Nala Bandhara but most of them are jobless.   Also most of the farmers have migrated, only the families whose child goes to school are not migrated.    In such a worse condition it has been impossible to survive.  Mann Deshi has decided to provide food grains to farmers so that they can survive. 

Below is the minimal budget for foodgrains: 


Monthly Requirement of Foodgrains

No. of Families

Requirement of Rice (in Kg)

Rice per kg (Rs)

Requirement of Dal (in Kg)

Dal per kg (Rs)

Total Amt for Rice

Total Amt for Dal

Total Amount









The Mann Deshi Foundation asks you sincerely to support generously and help community in this severe situation.  Your support will give relief to drought affected people in Mann taluka.

construction of Nala Bandhara : Longterm solution
construction of Nala Bandhara : Longterm solution
Mann Deshi Cattle Camp
Mann Deshi Cattle Camp
Mann Deshi Cattle Camp
Mann Deshi Cattle Camp
Mann Deshi Farmer on cattle camp
Mann Deshi Farmer on cattle camp
Jun 5, 2013

business school for rural women in India

Mann Deshi Successful Role Modles (Entrepreneurs).
Mann Deshi Successful Role Modles (Entrepreneurs).

A Unique Model: India’s rural business school for women

 Mann Deshi declared Mann Deshi Udyojika award for rural women entrepreneurs of Maharashtra.  Sixteen successful entrepreneurs were received award at Vaduj, on 1st February.  The Chief Guest of the Event was Spruha Joshi, a very well known popular and award winning actress (Uncha Maza Zoka fame Ramabai Ranade).  Also respective MLA’s from Mann Taluka and Khatav Taluka grace the ceremony.

During the award ceremony, Mann Deshi UDYOJIKA graduates conferred with certificates, trophy & prize money. Spirit of award is to honor those deshi women entrepreneurs who have successfully taken their enterprise to next level despite odd and adversity.  Purpose of the award is to admire successful business women and to disseminate the encouragement to other to be entrepreneurs. 

Story of Udyojika Rukmini Ashok More: (Mann Deshi Udyojika Award Winner 2013)

Rukmini More is originally a resident of village of Nimsod, district Satara of Maharashtra State. Rukmini got married when she was in only eight standard. Rukmini wanted to pursue her education further. After only one year of marriage she gave birth to her son and he is her only one child. At this juncture she had to take the responsibility of her child and also to earn her livelihood as her husband left her. She had to migrate several times from one place to another to earn her livelihood.

Initially she got settled in Pune for some years and started working as home maid. Despite the responsibility of a small child, she continued her education and she completed second year of graduation. Responsibility kept on increasing on her shoulder and she couldn’t pursue her education further. From Pune she migrated to Karad there she worked as a hospital maid. Finally she came to Satara there too she initially worked as a hospital maid.

There was something within her which always encouraged her to do some business of her own. She purchased a hand cart in Rs.1650/-.She used to sell local biscuits and chocolate on this cart in front of a hostel. Later on she started selling Vada Pav and Bhajiya (both are local snacks).Finally she got settled at Pavai Naka at satara. She is paying now rent of Rs.10 per day for the shop place.

She got in touch with Maan Deshi 9 years before. There she has undergone several programs of Manndeshi B-school such as Mann Deshi Udyojika program, Financial Literacy and paper bag making. Udyojika program and exposure visit got in the program helped Rukmini in understanding her business in a better way. Now she started making paper bag for selling Vada Pav and Bhajiya. She started daily saving with Mann Deshi bank. Now she could plan future and business candidly.

She learned money management in the B-school, took first loan from Mann Deshi Bank of Rs.10000/- to repair her hand cart. Second loan of Rs. 25000/- she took from Mann Deshi bank to get her ornament released from a local money lender. She took third loan from Mann Deshi bank of Rs.35000/-to do some construction work at the place of her shop.

She got her son married to a girl from local orphanage. As her son couldn’t do much in his career, Rukmini has to take the responsibility of her two grandsons and daughter in law also.

On 1st February, 2013, Rukmini got an award from Mann Deshi Udyogini (B-School for Rural Women) for successfully participating in the Mann Deshi Udyojika Program.  “With the award money she got, she has dream to get her two grandsons admitted in English medium school. "Says Rukmini

She wanted to have her own house in Nimsod (her native place) and live her remaining life there with dignity.

Mann Deshi transforms women with little or no education into successful entrepreneurs through financial literacy, management education and business training, linked with access to finance via its cooperative bank run by and for women. And this would not be possible without the support of Mann Deshi Donors.

Through its business schools in Mhaswad, Satara, Dahiwadi, Lonand and Vaduj,  Mann Deshi has empowered over 71,000 women in rural Maharashtra, of which over 42,000 have established micro-enterprises to date.

By July, 2013, Mann Deshi will inaugurate its business school in Pune to better link women in remote rural Maharashtra to the city as well as work with marginalised women there.

Most Sincerely,

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