Mountains of hope childrens ministries

Mission statement: To make a real lasting difference to the lives of children through provision of quality education and care. . Founding principles:To efficiently respond to the urgent needs of orphans and vulnerable children and the communities they live in through offering formal education to them by paying for them school fees, and provision of other scholastic materials like school uniforms, we believe that education is one of the fundamentals of success
Dec 4, 2014

A small beginning


Thank you once again for your continued support, you have proved to us that your commitment is to help improve the lives of the children and the surrounding community, thank you for this trust and continued help!

We have started the work, sofar with little pigs and a small shelter to begin with, with two pigs in the sty, these are expected to produce and reproduce, these are expected to multiply and thus next year by February, the project is expected to expand and become bigger and bigger as funds keep coming.

I know this is going to reduce overdependency on sponsorship money as we will be able to sell the pigs and get money and eat some at home for the kids to gain a high protein and some bit of fats.


Thank you once again

Nov 25, 2014

These innovative mothers


I knew you would like to hear of these great moms, this coming December, we are training these 50 mothers on best feeding practices to their malnourished children, Globalgiving donors have funded the training, thank you!

This very week, the 50 mothers have formed their village group, its intended to bring unity among them, they will be monitoring ech other, they have rented space in the near by market where they will be selling some of the vegetables, in their planning books, the money raised will enable them start up a small poultry project to enable them feed their children with eggs, some of the eggs will also be sold to earn them a little funds to buy other nutritious foods to their families, now to me I have never seen this kind of innovation, its a self led group, its self motivated.

Your recent donations will help start up the project, will you donate again to keep the mothers hopes going?

Am happy to inform you that we are looking up to you to enable these moms acomplish their self lead project

Nov 25, 2014

Am proud of you

Am grateful for the support you render to the kids and the Mountains of Hope family.

Your recent donations have enabled us keep up with the hopes that one day we will buy a van, right now we are also trying to sell beads (necklaces) locally made by the children we support, the savings are going to our treasury to top up on the big donations you make for the same cause.

I can assure you that I and the kids are so much positive towards this cause and believe that one day we shall have the vehicle to enable us reach out to the community and enable kids go to school, "last week it rained heavily and the water cut off the road from the home to school, children could not go to school", with our new van, this will not be any problem again.

Thank you once again for supporting this cause.

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