Merlin USA

Merlin specializes in health, saving lives in times of crisis and helping to rebuild shattered health systems worldwide. We do whatever it takes and we stay for as long as it takes. Merlin works within existing health systems to realize everyone's right to accessible, appropriate, affordable health care. We are specialists in rapid medical response and rebuilding health systems, effectively taking countries from emergency to recovery.
Bokoro - a main town within the Hadjer-Lamis region
Bokoro, Chad
(12.37618, 17.05876)
Bokoro - within the Hadjer-Lamis district where Merlin works
Bokoro, Chad
(12.37710, 17.05928)
Cagayan de Oro, Mindanao, Philippines
J.R. Borja St, Cagayan de Oro, Philippines
(8.47733, 124.64700)
Chad - one of six countries in the Sahel Region, where an MERF team set up a food program
Baguirmi, Chad
(11.43178, 15.94676)
Chad - part of the Sahel Region that crosses six countries in west Africa
Borkou, Chad
(15.49652, 18.60037)
Commune of Croix-des-Bouquets, the area where ORPs and CTUs will be located
Croix-des-Bouquets, Haiti
(18.57701, -72.22789)
East Africa Food Crisis, 2011 - Ethiopia
Korahe, Ethiopia
(6.72564, 43.65079)
East Africa Food Crisis, 2011 - Kenya
Turkana, Kenya
(2.67621, 36.15848)
East Africa Food Crisis, 2011 - Somalia
Taleex, Somalia
(9.07599, 49.01212)
East Africa food crisis in Somalia, Kenya and Ethiopia
Baar-Dheere, Somalia
(2.54133, 42.46426)
Emergency Response for Displaced People by conflict, Sudan-South Sudan Border
Koch, South Sudan
(8.58102, 29.79492)
Emergency Response to the Monsoon Flooding, Philippines
Quezon Ave, Kalibo, Philippines
(11.69527, 122.43164)
Emergency nutrition in Chad, Sahel region of west Africa
Bahr El Gazel, Chad
(15.66161, 16.62283)
Emergency response due to tropical storms and flooding
San Fernando South Rd, Batuan, Philippines
(12.40376, 123.79550)
Emergency surgeries after conflict in Libya
Murzuq, Libya
(26.07303, 16.00760)
Emergency treatment of refugees fleeing from fighting in Cote D'Ivoire
Buu-Yao, Liberia
(7.00524, -8.44073)
4, Ethiopia
(8.82122, 39.45652)
Families in this area go to Zafaya Health Clinic for care
Barh Signaka, Chad
(11.54899, 17.88846)
Gagayan de Oro, Mindanao, Philippines
Mayon Rd, Iligan City, Philippines
(8.19268, 124.23700)
Goma, DR Congo
N2, Goma, Democratic Republic of the Congo
(-1.66111, 29.21848)
Grand Gedeh County
Glio-Twarbo, Liberia
(5.57788, -7.78734)
Hadjer Lamis Region, Chad
Dababa, Chad
From report: One Year On
(12.58673, 16.07849)
Haiti Earthquake, 2010
Rue Carbone, Port-au-Prince, Haiti
(18.54122, -72.34465)
Iligan City, Mindanao, Philippines
Molave Rd, Iligan City, Philippines
(8.13949, 124.24461)
JJ Dossen Hospital, Harper, Maryland County
Harper, Liberia
(4.38604, -7.71227)
Thika Rd, Kenya
(.59167, 37.75238)
Kindu in the state of Maniema, Democratic Republic of Congo
N31, Democratic Republic of the Congo
(-3.24861, 26.15125)
Kisii, Kenya
Sotik-Bomet Rd, Kisii, Kenya
(-.67049, 34.76950)
Kisii, Kenya is the center of Merlin's work again malaria
B 3, Kisii, Kenya
(-.67865, 34.77325)
Kisii, the center of Merlin's work against malaria and the location of Merlin's sub office
B 3, Kisii, Kenya
(-.67748, 34.77334)
Konoo area in Kenya - where Agnes teaches local mothers about health care
Lten-Kessup Rd, Kenya
(.68487, 35.64174)
Lodwar, the center of Merlin's activities in Turkana district
Kapenguria - Lodwar Rd, Lodwar, Kenya
(3.11766, 35.60000)
Luzon island, Manila is located in the south of Luzon.
(17.04546, 122.62494)
Luzon island, flooding in the central and northern regions
Pan-Philippine Hwy, Claveria, Philippines
(18.66035, 121.13080)
Malaria Epidemic, Saramabila, the Democratic Republic of Congo
R806, Democratic Republic of the Congo
(-3.68885, 24.08203)
Manila - capital of the Philippines and a city that has seen some of the worst flooding
Muelle de San Francisco, Manila, Philippines
(14.58955, 120.96122)
Manila, Philippines
Basan, Manila, Philippines
(14.59553, 120.98319)
Manila, Philippines - where we are helping young women have more opportunities
Quezon Blvd, Manila, Philippines
(14.59453, 120.97942)
Manila, capital of the Philippines
Muelle Dela Quinta, Manila, Philippines
(14.59579, 120.98422)
Maryland County
Karluway #2, Liberia
(4.69157, -7.67198)
Massaguet - where Merlin has set up a Stabilization Unit, within Massaguet Hospital
Massaguet, Chad
(12.48221, 15.44278)
Massaguet - where Merlin have established a stabilization unit at the District Hospital
Massaguet, Chad
(12.47670, 15.44040)
Massaguet - where Merlin have set up a stabilization unit within the District Hospital
Massaguet, Chad
(12.47819, 15.44552)
Massaguet District, Chad
Massaguet, Chad
(12.47387, 15.44377)
Massaguet, Chad - Merlin has set up a feeding center at Massaguet Hospital
Massaguet, Chad
(12.48087, 15.44278)
Massakory - one of the main towns within the Hadjer-Lamis region and central to Merlin's activities
Massakory, Chad
(12.99749, 15.73265)
Massakory - within the Hadjer-Lamis district where Merlin works
Massakory, Chad
(12.99665, 15.74226)
Merlin has set up health and nutrition teams in Chad, as part of the Sahel Region food crisis response
Borkou, Chad
From report: Our Man in Chad
(15.87729, 18.82010)
Merlin responded to an emergency - a malaria outbreak, most fatal amongst children under 5 yrs old
Rue de Yongo, Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo
(-4.33778, 15.30026)
Merlin work in three of Turkana's districts, offering vital health care
Turkana, Kenya
(3.90637, 35.66175)
Merlin worked on the Tunisian, Libya borders throughout the Libyan conflict, 2011
Nalut, Libya
(31.56199, 10.74640)
Mindanao, Philippines - Storm Washi hit the island in Dec. 2011
National Highway Dipolog-Pagadian, Dipolog City, Philippines
(8.51954, 123.35605)
N'Djamena, Chad
Rue du Cherif, N'Djamena, Chad
(12.09975, 15.03960)
North Kivu, DR Congo
North Kivu, Democratic Republic of the Congo
(.43945, 28.34473)
Pakistan Floods 2010, Sindh Province Floods 2011
Canal Rd, Pakistan
(25.83499, 68.54668)
Port-au-Prince, Haiti's capital
Rue Alerte, Port-au-Prince, Haiti
(18.53328, -72.34396)
Port-au-Prince, Haiti's capital. Criox-des-Bouquets is a suburb of PaPrince
Rue Alerte, Port-au-Prince, Haiti
(18.53341, -72.34808)
Rizal Province, Philippines
Maria Clara, Taytay, Philippines
(14.56479, 121.12907)
Sahel Food Crisis, Chad
Batha-Ouest, Chad
(15.28419, 19.16016)
Jawhar, Somalia
(2.79072, 45.47703)
Stabilization Center at Massaguet District Hospital, Chad
Massaguet, Chad
(12.47827, 15.44209)
Talim Island, Philippines
Rodriguez, Binangonan, Philippines
(14.35858, 121.22955)
The Turkana region, Kenya
Turkana, Kenya
(4.04710, 34.98294)
The remote Turkana region, northwest Kenya
A1, Kenya
(3.49524, 35.42005)
Turkana Central, Turkana South and Loima districts of Turkana region
C47, Kenya
(3.85156, 35.42554)
Turkana Region, Kenya
C47, Kenya
From report: Reaching the Remote
(3.68885, 35.50781)
Turkana, Kenya
Turkana, Kenya
(3.67616, 35.61231)
Turkana. Kenya
Kerio Rd, Kenya
(3.10761, 35.62866)
Zafaya Health Center, Chad
Barh Signaka, Chad
(11.49545, 17.88592)
Zleh Town, Grand Gedeh County
Zleh Town, Liberia
(6.22490, -8.43421)
Zwedru Hospital, Grand Gedeh County
Zwedru, Liberia
(6.06189, -8.13642)