Vusumnotfo - meaning "to restart the economy" - is a Swazi, Not-For-Profit, community training and support organization. Formed by eighteen chiefdoms in northern Swaziland, our vision is that communities are able and willing to improve their own social, economic, and environmental conditions. For this reason, Vusumnotfo carries out activities aimed at supporting communities' capacity to promote their children's growth. Vusumnotfo activities use sustainable methods to help communities help their children reach their full developmental potential.
May 30, 2014

#2/Swaziland Animal Welfare Society (SAWS)

Babe Mkhonta with a rescue kitty at SAWS
Babe Mkhonta with a rescue kitty at SAWS

On May 13, Vusumnotfo staff traveled to Mbabane to visit Swaziland Animal Welfare Society (SAWS). SAWS is one of the partners helping Vusumnotfo with this project, along with Swaziland Veterinary Association and Waterford Kamhlaba/Community Service AWARE.

This visit served the purpose of ensuring that Vusumnotfo staff are well versed in the common issues around animal care in Swaziland.

SAWS is a Swazi registered Not-For-Profit that was formed more than 50 years ago. We run 2 ‘open admission’ shelters – one in Mbabane the capital, and the other in Manzini the commercial hub.

In 2013, SAWS Mbabane shelter had a daily average of 30 welfare & stray dogs/cats and over 200 pets were adopted during that year.

In the course of our general work we assist the Government Vets with ‘man-power’ when they run a Rabies vaccination campaign and support the local Municipalities & Police when requested to do so.

This is the second Spay/Neuter Clinic we have run and our aim is to sterilize at least 50 dogs/cats on the day. We have the capacity to vaccinate, de-worm and treat a further 150. 15 of our local Vets have offered their time FREE of charge to help Mshingishingini community who have little or no access to veterinary care locally.

Combined with the clinic we hope to achieve some basic animal care education in the community to ensure that the work done at the clinic is sustained.

Please donate towards this project and help both the animals and their humans to achieve a better wellness status.

Vusumnotfo staff learning from Simon Mamba of SAWS
Vusumnotfo staff learning from Simon Mamba of SAWS
May 29, 2014

#1/Chiefdom Planning

Cattle on their way to the dip tank
Cattle on their way to the dip tank

Prior to posting this project on GlobalGiving, Vusumnotfo approached and received permission from Mshingishingini Chiefdom. This is a required first step for any community-based project in rural Swaziland.

The 350 Chiefdoms act on behalf of the King in the administration of demarcated areas of Swazi Nation Land, which makes up approximately 80% of the land in Swaziland. The responsibility for the use of national resources, including the allocation of Swazi Nation Land, trying of traditional cases, and the oversight of community development projects, through the formation of committees associated with for example water systems and schools, is vested at chiefdom level.

As part of this permission, the Chiefdom Council decided that Vusumnotfo would carry out planning with the leaders of each of the four dip tanks. In Swaziland, people are required to dip their cattle against tick borne diseases. Dipping is carried out in the very early hours of the morning. Depending upon the season, this takes place once a week or every second week.

Because it is usually men who take their cattle to the dip tank, this is a unique opportunity to raise awareness about "how mimicking behaviour can inadvertently contribute to domestic violence". 

The following dates have now been set -

May 26, 27, and 28 - Community training at the 4 dip tanks and 3 primary schools

June 21 - Veterinary Clinic

July 5  - with a follow up day to take out stitches and check up for every animal that will be operated on. 

So your "NOW NOW" action and timely support are highly appreciated. 

Dip Tank Committee members and Vusumnotfo staff
Dip Tank Committee members and Vusumnotfo staff
Dec 26, 2013

Your efforts are very much appreciated

Never too young to learn to love reading
Never too young to learn to love reading

Thanks to YOUR EFFORTS, this project has now been fully funded - just in time for Christmas!  

This means that we can finish the library construction activities by the end of January, in time for the restart of in-service training activities for the community preschool teachers.  The teachers will be able to make full use of all the library books in the upcoming school year (the school year starts end of January in Swaziland). 

We have been working hard to promote a love of reading among the teachers and students so everyone is very excited about having access to so many books!  Since starting the program teachers have begun reading to their children every day and actively teaching their children to care for books.  In Dumsile Simelane’s class (Ntsinini Preschool), the children literally make choruses of “oooooo” and “wow!” as pages are turned. The children carefully turn pages and return the books to the shelf when they are finished. They truly treasure the books as the precious resources they are. 

We will continue to post reports on this project, so that you can follow as construction activities are completed. These reports are automatically sent to any one who donated or signed up on Vusumnotfo's Global Giving project posting, and are available on the Global Giving site. 

By January 7th we will be posting another project that will build upon the good results of this project.

To everyone who donated, shared, supported, liked on Facebook and Twitter.... please know that your gift will "keep on giving" to a group of 50+ community preschool teachers who directly, positively, influence the education of 1,000+ children every year.

In the words of Nelson Mandela "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world". 

Many thanks and wishing you all the best in 2014. 

P.S.  Vusumnotfo would like to make special mention of Peace Corp Volunteers Krista Clark (who motivated this project), Stephanie Gossett (who has been doing a great job with the training aspects of this project) and Karine Muschinske (who is helping set up the library check out system). 



Inspiration for this project
Inspiration for this project
Stephanie Gossett, Peace Corp Volunteer, training
Stephanie Gossett, Peace Corp Volunteer, training
Training - everyone is welcome!
Training - everyone is welcome!
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