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Global Grassroots is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Our mission is to catalyze women and girls as leaders of conscious social change in their communities. Global Grassroots' work is guided by four core values that form our theory of change: 1. Deepening personal consciousness and contributing towards the common good are both essential to social change. 2. One of the most effective levers of social change is a woman with the capability, resources, power, courage and inner commitment to initiate positive change for herself and others. 3. Sustaining and accelerating conscious social change requires investment in supporting, civil society architecture. 4. Mind-body trauma healing plus t...
Jan 1, 2014

Young Women Change Agents Take Action

The girls working on their venture plans
The girls working on their venture plans

Since the fall, our six teams of girls  who took the course "Girls Academy for Conscious Change"  are engaged in fully operational ventures.  They include teenage mothers, girls who are HIV+ and those who are the heads of their child-headed households.  For these girls, their education is critical.  The further they advance in their academics and training the more likely they are to improve their health, their sense of self-worth and their ability to contribute significantly to their communities.

Here are short summaries of the ventures they created and the progress they are making:

Brave People is working to reduce the number of street children, ages 8-14, by educating them in performances using songs, plays and poems. Their goal is to mobilize these children to leave their street life, and bring them back to school and to their families.  To date, this team of 18 high school girls has independently reintegrated seven children back into their original families and helped three children find families to adopt them. They are working to ensure all children are reenrolled in school.

Invincible is working to reduce hunger by increasing farm yields using fertilizers, anti-erosion techniques and smart water usage. With a team of 5 members, Invincible was able to approach local leaders who agreed to partner with them, purchased four pigs to give to families and has worked to train the families on using fertilizer from the pigs to benefit the crops.

New Life is working to fight overpopulation by providing 400 people with trainings on family planning, performing educational plays, songs and poems that show the public the “bad effects” of overpopulation and mobilizing people to use family planning.  New Life’s team of 17 girls has created strategic partnerships with nurses from the local health center who helped them provide comprehensive family planning training to local women. 

Hard Workers has pledged to reduce poverty among women and girls by fighting their lack of self-confidence and teaching them marketable skills.  They began by organizing basket-weaving classes that take place under a tree. Women gather in the shade to weave, while hearing these seven girls talk about self-confidence and how to value the skills that they have.

Step Forward is working to reduce domestic violence faced by children, ages 7-20, by conducting trainings among 300 parents to reduce the ignorance of child rights.   They also aim to help children return to school and acquire health insurance.  This small team of nine has taken initial steps towards implementing their vision.  Step Forward facilitated conversations between parents and children at a local municipal office. They discussed children’s rights, how parents can help children achieve a bright future and worked to develop a “culture of conversation” between parents and children. They also gave school materials such as notebooks, pens, school bags and soap to 10 of the most vulnerable children.

Withstand is working solve a lack of day care centers  (preventing children under the age of 7 from playing in the streets and getting into accidents) by training parents and local leaders about the importance of these centers, and to build and register pre-school aged children in those centers.  Recognizing that their vision requires significant funding and local partnership, they approached local leaders who agreed to raise this issue at community meetings and help mobilize the population to build nursery schools. They also led two public discussions about the importance of day care to more than 100 people. 

The Girls Academy for Conscious Change provides the resources necessary for girls to advance the wellbeing of their communities - and to claim the same for themselves.

Thank you so much for your part in helping support this special group of girls at this critical juncture of their lives. As we head into 2014 we will see how their ventures continue to take shape and we look forward to keeping you informed.


Oct 23, 2013

The third term started on Monday October 7, 2013

Dear Sir/Madam,

Thank you for your great support for helping women from our community to study how to read, write and calculate.

We are very happy to inform you that our third term academic year 2013 has started on September 9, 2013

As usually, in the beginning of term, the students have to pass evaluation test in order to know those who follow the course very good and to identify who needs a close follow up to help all of them be on the same level.

In the previous report our students was about to finish the second term and now all the women successfully finished the program of the second term, now students are capable to construct a sentence. The impressing thing is that all 20 students attend the class every day.

The following activities are we had planned to work on during this third term:

• Teaching women’s rights.

• Teaching business skills

• Teaching women writing and reading passage

So far, now the women can found their way around, because they can read signs and public communication themselves.

Six students have already opened their own bank account which will help them to save money, feed their families and run their small projects.

These women are joining different self-reliant groups which help them to develop their families and learn from others.

In our class seven women had already registered to the local government for legal married. This is an amazing achievement that is beneficial as it gives a woman full rights to access her family’s property.

One part of our operating cost is covered by the raised money from Global Giving donations as well as different fundraising activities including the performance of the dance troop know as ELEPHANT

The following are the challenges that we have:

• We are still unable to regularly pay the teachers' salaries.

• We are still having shortfalls in our monthly operating costs such as buying chalks, books, etc

• We are still renting some of the costumes of the dancing troop that helps us in fund raising.

• Teaching materials.

Our target in this term:

• Teaching the women about their rights.

• Encouraging the women to send their daughters to school, open their own bank account in order to be able to save money for their families.

• To train them so that they can have self esteem and participate in the decision making committees in the community.

• To encourage them to have legal marriage, so that a child and the mother can have right to access the family property.

• Teaching them about different topics for personal development, and teach them business skills which will help them to raise income in their families.

• Mobilize the women to join cooperatives which will help them to combine their efforts with others and have sustainable development.

• Encourage the young students in our program to join public school, so that they can be able to continue their studies up to secondary school as soon as they graduate from our program.

As we conclude we can ask ourselves the following questions. What are the disadvantages of having illiterate woman in society? In which way the women can contribute economically in their family?

It is always promising to see how the life of our graduates improves day by day. Thank you once again for your partnership, and it will always be our pleasure to share with you our progress. Any support from you is warmly welcome.

Please remember to visit our project and show it to your friends.

We wish to stay in touch with you.

Thank you very much!

Oct 3, 2013

The Path of Peace AntiViolence Club Now On its Own

This Venture has graduated into a self-sustained training module that addresses issues of violence relating to property rights.  Working in the rural community of Mutara District, community stakeholders recently formed an “anti-violence” club, The Path of Peace, which will continue to educate people, including children, about women’s rights.  The club is now sending team members out to people’s homes to help educate them so that entire families including children can learn about equality and rights. In the past 7 months, the group reports that two theater events took place addressing the issue of family violence.  Each theater production drew large audiences of 250 people.

Thank you for your support which has made this work possible.  We look forward to continuing to update you in the coming months. 


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