Cambodian Children's House of Peace

To provide a safe, peaceful and nurturing environment for the care and education of poor rural Cambodian children, exhibiting the core values of compassion, integrity, accountability and respect, to support their growth in body, mind, spirit and community. To provide a home for poor children with good food, shelter, clothing; and educational, recreational and social resources, including moral and spiritual development; in preparation for productive lives as citizens of Cambodia
Jul 1, 2014

Progress Report on "Help Cambodia's Children Escape Poverty and Abuse"

Cambodian Children’s House of Peace

March – May 2014


In March our children took the state tests, the purpose of these tests is to measure the children’s abilities. Although we don’t have the results yet, we are hoping that like the previous tests where all the children passed and many received good grades, is repeated again.
On the campus we continue to provide additional classes in English, math’s, physics and Kymer literature, which the children enjoy.


In March the Home was extremely pleased to be visited by a youth group from Singapore. A group of 22 children from Singapore, led by 2 teachers came to visit the home for 4 days, from the Friday 14th – Monday 17th. The purpose of their visit was to brighten up the home by cleaning the walls and paining cheerful images on the wall. While they were here they also spent time speaking English and teaching the children chemistry and math’s.

The group also taught the children how to grow plants in a plastic bottle, which will help with the propagation of the seedlings ready for the boxes as part of the growing box initiative. An advantage off this method is you will be able to see the roots grow and therefore know when the plants will be ready to be replanted in the growing boxes to provide successful harvests of vegetables for the home.

In the evening of the last day of their visit, the group invited all the children and staff to a buffet restaurant for a meal, to say thank you. The group also provided a generous donation to help the home expand the current spaces for living at the home. We would like to say a huge thank you to them for their support. 


The Cambodia New Year takes place on the 13th April, which is the end of the harvesting season, when farmers enjoy the fruits of their labour before the raining season begins.
The Cambodian New Year, Chaul Chnam Thmey in Khmer means “Enter New Year” and the children will return to their families to celebrate the new year. The New Year is also a time of refection for the home, to celebrate the support of the previous year and set our aspirations for the New Year ahead.

One of the greatest challenges for us is sustainability, we are fortunate to have many people support us, with their time, volunteering here and financial support. But often this is in one off support and what we really need is continuous financial support so we as an organisation can plan ahead and support our children in the future.


Sara and Mariane from Capturing Neverland came to visit our school and taught 12 of the children photography, the children were given their own camera and visited a local village to take pictures. These pictures were then exhibited at the Le Meridian Hotel in Siem Reap and the children had new clothes to wear at the exhibition and looked so smart.

We are hoping to be able to publish the children’s photographs from the exhibition on our website for guests to purchase or buy at the home after the Sunday night dance.

Once again, thank you very much for your donations – friends like you make our project possible!


Jun 10, 2014

Progress Report on Empower Child Labourers in Need through Education Project

March – May 2014

Striving for survival

The province of Siem Reap is one of the many provinces in Cambodia that has child labourers. Today, many people do not know that child labourers are very shocking. Children from well-off families have food, a nice place to stay, toys, and lots of love, while children come from very poor families have to work endless hours and are treated poorly. These children are underprivileged of getting an education and of developing well mentally and physically.

Brick factories in the rural areas are one of the places that children work at and some of these children live in the brick factories with their families as they do not have their own house – poverty makes them sell their home. Conditions in the brick factories meet the criteria of the International Labour Organization (ILO) for the “Worst Forms of Child Labour.” Working in hidden and unregulated industries, like brick factories, makes them more vulnerable to exploitation and abuse, including working prolonged hours and undertaking risky jobs.

You might wonder why parents let their children work and the vast majority of the parents let their children work for the family's survival. Some parents who live in the factories say that their children want to work and so they let them. Parents who do not reside in the factories let their children work as they need help because they are either sick or too old to work or in debt to the bank or the Microfinance Institution.

The Project “Empower Child Labourers in Need through Education” of the Cambodian Children’s House of Peace is designed for its staff not only to provide school supplies, uniforms, and other things that the children need for their education but also to work with the poorest and most vulnerable families to empower them through provision of counseling and information. Counseling discussions covered issues relating to social inclusion, health, education and livelihoods as well as a range of social/emotional problems or disputes facing the family and their children. We have tried to educate the parents about the importance of education and making sure that their children access to education like other children in the community.  


Jun 9, 2014

Progress Report on Help our Disadvantaged Youths

Progress Report on “Help our Disadvantaged Youths Project”

of the Cambodian Children’s House of Peace

March – May 2014


Education Bringing Opportunities

Education or a lack of it has a very strong impact on future employment of young people. Unemployment; youth total (% of total labor force ages 15-24) in Cambodia was reported at 3.40 in 2008, according to the World Bank. A large amount of people are working for wages below poverty line – USD$ 1,25. In Cambodia less educated young people, who cannot afford to wait for the right kind of job, are at greatest risk of being in low paid work.

At the Cambodian Children’s House of Peace we are aware of the challenges facing our youths, especially those from rural areas, in making sure that they have access to education and placing them in either employment opportunities or taking part in entrepreneurship.

We have 10 youths (5 females) – 3 of them have just completed their internship in hospitality and are now in the process of applying for a job. One of the youths is working as trainer for motor mechanics repair at a local NGO. The other youths are in high school and will be graduated very soon – they all have their own future plans.

Once again, thank you very much for your contribution and commitment to support the “Help our Disadvantaged Youths Project”. Your supports enable us to make sure that they all achieve their life plans.


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