Cambodian Children's House of Peace

To provide a safe, peaceful and nurturing environment for the care and education of poor rural Cambodian children, exhibiting the core values of compassion, integrity, accountability and respect, to support their growth in body, mind, spirit and community. To provide a home for poor children with good food, shelter, clothing; and educational, recreational and social resources, including moral and spiritual development; in preparation for productive lives as citizens of Cambodia
Mar 25, 2014

Update on progress of the CCHP's Project

Progress Report on “Help Cambodia's Children Escape Poverty and Abuse”  of the Cambodian Children’s House of Peace

December 2013 – February 2014



We always find that the calendar new year is a time for reflections, looking back at all the support we have received over the past 12 months and how grateful the organization and children are.



The New Leaf Café in the town centre invited the children to come and have food and watch a film. The children arrived at 6.30 and were treated to a meal and were then asked to pick which film they would like to see. Our children chose “Land of the Gods”, which tells the ancient history of Cambodia. Returning to the home around 9pm the children had a fantastic night and talked about if for several weeks later.



We are always so grateful for the volunteers we have here at the home who come and provide important and useful skills to our children. One of our volunteers David, who was here for a month, gave classes on both carpentry and electricity. Explaining how to safety use the tools and how to saw, measure, use a plane and drill, all under his supervision. The children enjoyed the lessons with David and believe these are useful skills that will benefit them in work and life.



Our children at the primary school have already finished taking their exams for the first semester, our grade seven to eleven students also had their exams in January and they have all been revising very hard to ensure they get the best grades they can, we are really proud of the effort they have all put in.

The Home recognized the link between poor education and poverty, which is why we encourage and support our children to empower themselves and create better futures.



In February, with the help and support of some of our volunteers we had a field trip to West Baray, we took food with us to enjoy and all the children had fun swimming and playing games and sports. It was a welcome treat after the children had worked so hard on their exams.



The home recognizes that many of our children are now growing up and will soon need to make it on their own to live independently. Our intention is to provide the will the skills and support needed to do this. One of our boys is already becoming skilled as a mechanic and he is now a trainer at a local organization called KKO. In addition three of our young ladies are receiving vocational training in baking and patisserie. To provide additional support and skills on a Saturday and Sunday the also train at the New Leaf Book Café, gaining vital experience which will lead to employment.

Many of our children want to finish their high school and continue their education at a university and as an origination we are so grateful for the support we receive to enable us to help them achieve their goals.


Mar 10, 2014

Update on progress of the Project "Help our Disadvantaged Youths"

Update on Progress of the Cambodian Children’s House of Peace Project “Help our Disadvantaged Youths”

December 2013 – February 2014

Young people ages 15 to 24 represent 22% of the total population of Cambodia or 3 million people nationally[1]. Rural areas have a younger demographic with this age group representing 25% of the population, with roughly equal numbers of young men and women.

Our target groups and beneficiaries of the project “Help our Disadvantaged Youths” of the Cambodia Children’s House of Peace are young people from Siem Reap province. Siem Reap town, with its proximity to the Angkor Wat complex, has developed into one of the major tourist towns in South East Asia. The tourism businesses and industries generate employment opportunities for young people not just in hospitality sector but also in maintenance technologies, construction, finance and transport support services thus professionally-trained skilled workers are in great demand.

Our primary goal is to get our youths in to work and live independently when they turned 18 and leave the Cambodian Children’s House of Peace with professional skills. As young people transition through various stages of education into the workforce, they face increasing hurdles to secure gainful employment and career opportunities. Today, the Cambodian Children’s House of Peace has 7 youths; one of our boys has just finished his vocational training in motor mechanics and now becomes one of the trainers at KKO, a local organization in Siem Reap. One of our girls is now a first-year student in a well-known university and majored in English. Other three girls are in vocational training in bakery and pastry and will complete their courses in the next few months. On Saturdays and Sundays, they are placed in practical training at the New Leaf Book Café, one of our partners, to gain more practical experiences in the skills of bakery and pastry. The other girls and boys are still in high school and will be completing their studies in the next couple of years. They have planned to pursue a higher education for a brighter future.


[1] Cambodia Population Census 2008.


Mar 10, 2014

Update on Progress of the Empower Child Labourers in Need through Education Project

Progress Report on "Empower Child Labourers in Need through Education Project" of the Cambodian Children’s House of Peace - CCHP

December 2013 – February 2014

On behalf of the child laborers, we would like to say thank you very much for all your support in helping the Cambodian Children’s House of Peace provide basic supports for the child laborers in Siem Reap, Cambodia so that they can access to education.

It is a very immensely satisfying support that since the project launched in June 2013, we have been able to keep more and more child laborers in school. This is a reflection of both a decrease in the number of child laborers and dropouts.

One of the key principles of the provision of the school supplies is to make sure that these marginalized children that we are supporting have access to equal and quality education like others in the community. We are committed to achieving the goal of “Education for All”. Besides the provision of basic school supplies we also work with their parents to provide some basic counseling services so that they fully understand the importance of education and provide support to their children’s learning and school. The children and their families in the community are very happy with the supplies they have received and determined that they will encourage their children to pursue a higher education for the sake of themselves, their families and the society.

Recently, we have organized a meeting with the teachers and the school support committee to discuss future collaboration between the children’s home and the school and also to find way to allow both the children at the Children’s Home and the children in community to encourage interaction.

Thanks again for your contribution and commitment to support the “Empower Child Laborers in Need through Education Project” through the Cambodian Children’s House of Peace. Every donation you have made helps ensure that we can continue helping our beneficiaries. We look forward to keeping you updated on the progress of the project in the months ahead.


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