Mickaboo Companion Bird Rescue

To provide protection for those who, by no fault or choice of their own, cannot help themselves, and depend on humans for their care. To ensure the highest quality of life for our companion birds. To educate the bird owning public on the most current diet, health and general care information.
Aug 27, 2014

Vote to help Fletcher

Fletcher at the hospital
Fletcher at the hospital

We asked you earlier to help Mickaboo win $1000 in GlobalGiving's online photo contest. This is an update - and a plea.

After holding first place for much of last week, we fell to fourth place on Monday, Aug 25.  Not good!  We need YOUR help to get back to first and stay there! 

  • If you have not already voted - help us? Voting is free and fast here
  • If you HAVE already voted - THANK YOU - and please ask a friend who might appreciate what Mickaboo does to vote with you

The prize money would help birds like Fletcher. Fletcher is a Nanday Conure who was recently hospitalized for what may have been a seizure. Here is a video of him while hospitalized; Fletcher has trouble holding his head in its normal position and is abnormally quiet.

In contrast, here is Fletcher's video after he recovered and returned to his foster home.  We see a more normal body position, and he's talking up a storm! Midway through the video, his foster parent translates his chatter, thanking all those voting on his behalf in this GlobalGiving Photo Contest. 

Thank you for helping by voting - and for spreading the word to your fellow bird-loving friends!

Photo Contest entry
Photo Contest entry


Aug 20, 2014

THANK YOU - One More Favor, Please?

Cappi and his foster parent
Cappi and his foster parent

Many thanks to those of you who recently donated to Mickaboo through GlobalGiving! Because of your and others' generosity, AND the matching gift funds, Mickaboo collected enough for about a month's worth of veterinary bills! 

That said, the vet bills keep coming (and coming and coming...), so we are asking you to help Mickaboo win $1000 in GlobalGiving's Photo Contest. It's easy, costs nothing, and takes just a few seconds:

  • VOTE for Mickaboo at this link (one vote per person for the entire contest)
  • CONFIRM your vote via the email you’ll receive – otherwise your vote won’t count!
  • SHARE this voting request via email / Facebook / Twitter / your other social networks, and ask your friends to vote and to share too!  Email pr@mickaboo.org if you would like suggested wording.

If we win (we were second last year!), Mickaboo will get $1000 and much-needed publicity about the existence of bird rescue and Mickaboo.  (Did you know Mickaboo has over 400 birds in foster care?)

This year's photo features Cappi, a 45-ish year old, Yellow-Naped Amazon who is one of our more special foster birds. He has airsaculitis, a rare chronic condition where air enters and becomes trapped in the air sacs.  He became a Mickaboo foster bird when his former owner became overwhelmed with Cappi's vet bills; Cappi needed "deflating" every few weeks to release the air trapped within him.  Recently, Cappi underwent surgery to have a stent installed, creating a release valve for the trapped air.  Cappi now visits the vet much less often, to have the stent cleaned out.

Cappi is a talented vocalist who delights crowds wherever he goes with his hi's and hello's and other phrases. At 45, he has many years ahead of him. We're sure there is a wonderful home waiting for him somewhere - perhaps yours?

Cappi and the many other birds in Mickaboo's foster flock will appreciate your taking a few seconds to vote to help Mickaboo win $1000 - and for your past generosity.


Jul 16, 2014

Give Now to Help Hector Heal!

Hector's Surgical Incision Site

Dear Mickaboo Friends,

Our work to improve the welfare of companion birds is never-ending. Read the Summer edition of Mickaboo's newsletter for some great articles about the work YOU enable us to do.

The veterinary assistance our birds need is by no means free - and we have a rare 50% matching gift opportunity we hope you will use. On Wednesday July 16, from 6 am PT - 9 pm PT, GlobalGiving will match your online gifts at 50%, up to $1,000 per donor per project, until GlobalGiving has given away $130,000 of matching funds for all of its projects. Go to Mickaboo's GlobalGiving page *now* to take advantage of this opportunity.

Your donations help birds like Hector (pictured). Hector is a male half-English budgie, which means he's a bit bigger and fluffier than most budgies. He and his friend Andi were found abandoned in a foreclosed home. Hector has fought hard to overcome health problems resulting from an all-seed diet, small cage, and dowel perches. He has a narrowed breathing passage which makes him susceptible to respiratory infections, he was very overweight and had poor muscle tone, and has some damage to the bottoms of his feet. After lots of care - including antibiotics, a healthy diet, a big flight cage with plenty of exercise, and soft rope perches and platforms for his feet - he is now able to climb, fly, sing, and enjoy life again!

He was recently found to have a malignant tumor on his right side, and just had an operation (costing ~$1100) to remove it. Although he has an excellent chance of full recovery, he needs help to cover the costs of all that expert veterinary care, and of any future respiratory problems.

     * * *

Please take advantage of this matching gift opportunity to help pay the vet bills for Hector and his feathered friends. They will ALL appreciate it!

Hector, recovering with his partner Andi
Hector, recovering with his partner Andi


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