African community health intiative

ACHI aims to promote healthy communities by providing health screenings, health education, health maintenance, and professional consultation necessary to improve the quality of life for villagers. Project Goal: To bring health screenings, health education, maintenance of chronic health conditions, treatment and prevention of endemic disease conditions (like Malaria and intestinal parasites) to those living in rural villages in Nigeria and Namibia without access to health care.
Jan 10, 2013

Update on the Resource Center Building

As we continue to assist the under served, and underprivileged in the rural areas of Africa to a path of better health and understanding of chronic diseases and self management. Our goal of getting a centrally located Resource Center that will aid these individuals in reaching their goal to better health, through continued reinforcement of chronic disease management by scheduling classes, making access to needed supplies easier and readily available, and the sustainability of the treatment plan through the maintenance program which is already in progress. We have made progress. The roofing of the buildings that has six rooms and an office have been completed and we are moving to the next phase which is ceiling and electrical work. After which we do the doors and the windows. Funding for these phases is what we are working on. We now have six people on insulin that will need constant monitoring and supply of testing materials and medication

Oct 3, 2012

2012 Medical Outreach Report

Since ACHI began conducting medical outreach’s in 2006, we have been able to:

-Increase the number of villages they reach every year.

-Introduce a mobile laboratory.

-Build a team of medical staff that can screen about 400 people in a day.

      -Introduce a maintenance program for year round treatment of those diagnosed with diabetes and   hypertension.

     This year with the support of organizations like Hope for the City who donated wheel chairs, walkers,
clutches, canes etc. ACHI was able to put smiles on the faces of those who
benefited from them. We gave wheelchair to a man that attends our program every
year, but due to arthritis he was unable to come this year on his own and we
sent someone with a wheelchair to go and bring him to the venue. He was happy
to see us and the wheelchair was left with him to assist him in moving around.
Also a woman who had stroke 15 years ago and is dependent on her husband and
children for all her activities of daily living, was given a walker which made
a huge difference in her dependency. She was able to ambulate with the walker without
support. Many were given four point canes for better support in place of sticks
they were using.

Thanks to Lions club Eyeglasses program for making it possible for many in the villages to enjoy reading their
bibles and other materials again. We also received donations of children’s
vitamins from Americare, and toothpaste and brushes from Patterson Dental this

ACHI medical team went to seven communities this year. Due to the need, the
co-sponsors of three communities requested that ACHI conduct outreach in their
community for two days. A total of about 3461 patients were screened.

There were two outstanding cases we could not turn our
backs on but to help find a solution to their problem. There was a widow with
five children whose husband died two years ago, she brought three of her
children to the center at Mbano (Umugolo village) in Imo State. During
assessment, we discovered that her 15 and 12 year old daughters have type (1) diabetes
with 450 and 290 blood sugars, and she confirmed that she is aware of the
diagnosis. Due to poverty and ignorance, she resorted to treating them with “BITTER
LEAF and UTAZI” (  native vegetables that
are very bitter).  ACHI decided to keep
them for three days, teaching about diabetes, diet, insulin therapy and blood
glucose monitoring. Their blood glucose is currently averaging at 120 and 170
respectively. The second case is a man from Umuihi in Ihitte/Uboma local
government of Imo State whose average blood glucose was 500, he was also
started on insulin, supplied with testing equipment, Insulin syringe and both
long acting and short acting insulin. He is also doing well and feeling better.
These families will continue to need our support in sustaining their treatment
and enjoy a better life. There are more people out there looking for help and
support in managing their diabetes. We have limited resources for so many



Sep 24, 2012

Resource Center Project

ACHI continues to promote health in rural areas of Africa. At the end of our 2012 annual outreach in 7 villages in Nigeria, we decided to start work on the building that we acquired for the Resource Center. There is a great need for ACHI to have a centrally located building that will house our medical supplies, serve as education site to reinforce what is taught during outreach. And to make available resources for diabetic patients and wound care supplies for those with ulcers. We made the move after we came across a widow whose 15 and 12yr olds have type 1 diabetes and needed to be on insulin which we initiated. They are faced with the challenge of preserving the insulin in a cool place because they do not have fridge. They will also continue to need support with supplies like test strips and insulin needles. We also started another patient whose blood sugars continued to read high even with the oral agents, on insulin. He also faces the same problem. All three are responding to the treatment and feeling better. We have removed the old rotten roofs and woods, have started replacing the roofs with new ones with the little money we have. We still have to put doors and windows before we can furnish the rooms with the needed equipment. We continue to need help to make the dream of these individuals come through. The world needs help, third world needs more help and these individuals need bigger help.     

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