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MISSION: ' Our mission is to create equal opportunities for the underprivileged sections of society for their all round development.'. We believe that along with equal opportunities, people from socio-economically weaker sections of the society need guidance and support to utilize these opportunities effectively. VISION ' IDEA's vision is a just society where individuals have access to equal opportunity' Our ultimate GOAL is poverty eradication.
Oct 15, 2013


Fun games organized by IDEA
Fun games organized by IDEA's youth groups

Dear friends and donors,

This time of the year is a time of festivals and celebrations in India so we thought of combining learning with some fun activities for all our children.

TALENT EXCHANGE: A visit was arranged for young girls sponsored by IDEA to a Home for visually challenged girls. The aim of this visit was to sensitize the girls to the problems of less fortunate girls of their age. IDEA girls taught them the art of paper quelling and both groups made beautiful greeting cards together. Both groups enjoyed the interaction and we hope that this interaction has enriched them.

FUN GAMES: Innovative and enjoyable games were organized for little children by IDEA’s youth groups (older children who have been sponsored by IDEA for many years). This was a unique child to child interaction which gave an opportunity to the youth groups to show their leadership and event management qualities with the added pleasure of showing their little friends a fun time.  Such one to one interaction is important as it builds interpersonal and leadership skills in children.

MUSEUM VISIT: A visit to a local museum was arranged for high school students to familiarize them with India’s cultural heritage. It was learning plus picnic that the children enjoyed thoroughly.

After all these enjoyable activities it was time to acknowledge the efforts of some deserving students who have, by their sheer grit and determination achieved outstanding success in their 10th standard board exams.

SOMNATH-Our rising star

It is always a pleasure to see your efforts bear fruit and it was indeed a joyous moment to felicitate IDEA foundation’s shinning stars- our achievers for this year. Many children from slums and tribal areas living in squalor and sometimes hostile living conditions have fought many odds stacked against them and have passed their exams with flying colours. Friends, it gives us much joy to introduce one such bright young star- SOMNATH.

Somnath, a poor slum boy lost his father in his early childhood and his mother supports the family by working as a domestic help. Her meager salary could not even provide the family with two square meals let alone books, tuitions and extra classes. He used to work at a bakery to support his mother along with his schooling till he met us, post which he was immediately enrolled at our study centre. Quick learner that he was, he showed promise from the beginning by coming to the study centre regularly, studying hard and participating in all other activities like English enhancing sessions, exposure visits and career guidance workshops. He was also fortunate to get the support of his study centre teachers who personally guided him and continuously motivated him. Their efforts paid off and Somnath scored 83% in his 10th board exams which is an excellent score by any standards. Now Somnath is pursuing Commerce in a good city college and has even bigger dreams for himself and his family.

Thank you dear friends it’s because of well wishers like you, children living a hopeless life can now dream and hope again.

Please take a look at our Annual report:

Visit to a museum-a learning experience
Visit to a museum-a learning experience
Somnath- an inspiration for all
Somnath- an inspiration for all
Aug 29, 2013

Co-curricular activities for children

A Child appreciating her Clay model
A Child appreciating her Clay model

Dear friends and donors !


We take pleasure to update you with a few  activities held in the field . The two volunteers of Global Giving from U.K Hannah Sainsbury and Dan visited IDEA twice to study the Girl Effect project and the Holistic Development project. They understood the program in details by  visiting  the field activities to understand the program and the approach. They were happy with the progress of the project.   IDEA has provided the sponsored and the study center children with the necessary school kit like school bag, notebooks and stationary in the beginning of the academic year in June 13.

Creative Learning in  study centers

IDEA runs 23 learning centers in 14 slums from Pune city and Bhor taluka, Pune district to support the academic as well as overall development of the child. These classes are held daily two hours catering 3 to 14 years of age. The focus is to help children to have a strong foundation  in Marathi (local language), Maths and English. We have introduced ongoing Science activity twice in a month for children from grade 5 to 7 and Art activities are held once in a week to retain the interest of the students in the class. We are presenting a brief report on the activities:

  1. 1.       Science –a creative and fun activity!

   Usually children find it difficult to remember the science terms. The concepts are not clear. So we took up an innovative way to teach science. They are taught to make games, toys and then the scientific principle behind it is explained to them.  In the last few sessions we have taught the children to make a simple bottle rocket using the principle of Air pressure, a game based on the friction, a polythene parachute applying the gravitational force and a rattle using the magnet. The children were so excited .  

We got a wonderful feed back from a few children that they teach the same to their siblings or peers. Teaching makes them more perfect. A science competition based on their learning is planned in February2014. Children will receive exciting prizes!         

  1. 2.       Clay Art-Exploring creativity

IDEA planned the theme of CLAY ART in the month of August.  Each study center has chosen one theme like fruits/vegetables/animals/toys etc.  


  1. 1.       To explore the art.
  2. 2.       To develop concentration
  3. 3.       To develop motor skills
  4. 4.       To vent out the emotions
  5. 5.       Team building.  

The children learnt right from the mixing of the clay, giving shapes, finishing and coloring the model. The joy has no bounds after making a model on their own.  A few elder children are taught the art. They will be the trainers for other centers.     

  1. 3.       Guidance to Parents on Adolescent issues.  

Our team of social workers is regularly in contact with children and their parents. They identified the need to guide the parents of the adolescents. A counselor cum psychologist held a session for the parents on understanding the changes in this stage and the communication of the parents with them. The session started with introduction and the most common dialogues between the parents and the child. The counselor quoted a  few examples of such dialogues seen in the families. This made mothers feel comfortable & relate the problem as in their family. The mistakes made by parents sometimes lead to so called “Problems” of the child. The most common problem is “Children watch TV for long time and do not study”. The mother has inculcated this habit unknowingly. The child when young is told to watch TV so that he /she are not a hurdle to her while working. The same child gets habituated to TV and watches it for long hours in his teenage and then this becomes a problem.  

The parents slowly opened up and asked questions to the counselor on the current problems they are facing.  The social workers were facilitating the group. The questions raised by parents were about the dressing style, spending too much time with friends, talking arrogantly to parents, overreacting etc. The parents felt a great support as they got guidance to their problems.  Mrs. Asha mother of three children said, she will definitely give an ear and try to be a friend of her children. Mrs. Dhanashree who used to be worried on the increased irritability observed in her daughter, was confused how to deal with it and often had clashes with her. She said,”My tension has reduced. I was scared to share my problem with others from the community. I am happy to get Guidance from right person “   

Thank you note from IDEA :-

On behalf of the children and their parents we are very thankful to you for your donation and looking for your continued support!

Hannah & Dan with children
Hannah & Dan with children
Guidance for parents
Guidance for parents
Dan from the UK observing a  science class
Dan from the UK observing a science class
Aug 19, 2013

Information, sensitisation and debates -a report

Sensitising young on declining sex ratio
Sensitising young on declining sex ratio

Dear Donors & Supporters,

We are happy to post another report . Though we are unable to conduct all the project activities under the project due to shortage of funds ,. In this month we were also delighted to receive our friends - Hannah and Dan from the UK. They paid a visit to IDEA’s project areas, interacted with the staff and children.

We are happy to share a report on a few activities held in July & August 2013.

 One of the major activity held recently was a Sensitizing program for the young boys and girls on the Declining Sex Ratio in Maharashtra state and India.

50 children in the age group 15 to 16 (Boys-23 and Girls 27) attended the program.

 IDEA is conducting a series of Life skill sessions with the high school students. One of the topics is Gender sensitization. Two sessions were held with 10th Grade students on the above topic. The resource person oriented them with the declining facts and figures in Maharashtra State and India. The students opened up with the socio-cultural reasons in decreasing sex ratio. Some of the main reasons are Patriarchal system- girl after marriage stays with husband and his family, dowry system; son continues the family name , son is considered as a support in old age, security of girls etc. The boys took an oath that they will not take dowry and girls took an oath that they will not agree to give dowry at their marriage time.

Some young minds said they won’t allow sex determination and will protest if they come across any one or take help of the adults or inform the police.

Be the Change, See the Change

Various Sessions on Gender equality targeting different group’s   in community are been held. After few sessions a debate was held between 20 students of 15-18years old.   

The earlier sessions held included present scenario of the expectations and attitudes of people in respect to social, mental, physical and psychological aspects of both the sex.

The students debated on the points like education, politics, social security, secondary status in the family, wages, etc. Many boys said they wish girls should get equal opportunity in everything like education, sports, entertainment etc. Others agreed to it. Girls also expressed their deep feelings against the inequality.  

 The girls felt a need that they should fight for their rights, learn self defense, educate themselves and become economic independent.    

We hope the boys and girls will surely think over it and such sessions and debates will  bring change in their attitudes and practice.

Role of Adolescents and relationship with the Family.

Adolescent stage is a very crucial age with lots of changes taking place. It is very important for the adolescents to get guidance and support to get adjusted within their eco system.  A few sessions were held on the role of adolescents and their relationship with other members in the family . The sessions included the roles and responsibilities of adolescents at home, at colleges, with friends and society as a whole. Through role play technique, the participants showcased their relationship and communication with their parents.  The participants presented the most’ un- liked’ thing of their parents and the most ‘liked’ thing of their friend. In a Tree chart, they presented their strengths, important persons in their life and rewards which they are getting.

50% participants share their feelings like happiness, sadness with mothers only and 50% with both parents. 79% participants do not share anything related to their friends and in school with their fathers. Where as 21% prefer to share with mothers and friends. It was an eye opener for the participants themselves to know that communication gap leads to frictions at home.

Dear supporters we do want to include many activities and facilities like ‘self defense lessons’ , support for girls for higher education etc for girls . We request for your support so that we can overcome shortage of funding to implement  ALL  the proposed activities .   


Role play- Family relationship
Role play- Family relationship
Sharing views on Gender & equality
Sharing views on Gender & equality
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