Foundation for Initiatives in Development and Education for All ( IDEA)

MISSION: ' Our mission is to create equal opportunities for the underprivileged sections of society for their all round development.'. We believe that along with equal opportunities, people from socio-economically weaker sections of the society need guidance and support to utilize these opportunities effectively. VISION ' IDEA's vision is a just society where individuals have access to equal opportunity' Our ultimate GOAL is poverty eradication.
Dec 23, 2013

Our fight against child abuse

Children listening intently to the child counselor
Children listening intently to the child counselor

Dear Donor,

Greetings from IDEA!

Our children are not safe, it’s sad but true. There are so many predators lurking around seemingly harmless but with a sinister motive of robbing a child’s innocence.  It is becoming harder and harder for parents and teachers to protect children all the time so it is important to educate the kids especially girls about the possible dangers they may fall prey to and to teach them to protect themselves. Keeping this in mind we conducted a life skill session on Child Abuse for 25 children in the age group of 12 to 15 years.

 Life Skill Session 1 – Preventing Child Abuse:

An expert child counselor conducted the session. She began with ice-breaker activities through which she could know more about the group. They were asked to list out what they think is dangerous according to them, they reported use of mobile while crossing the road, bursting crackers while still in hand and girls going out alone in the night. Then they were asked to list down incidents which have caused them anger, guilt, jealousy and embarrassment and with whom they share when they go through these negative feelings. They were told how to practically deal with these emotions. Then the counselor came to the most important part- Different types of touch like- a hand shake, pat on the back, touching the nose, shoulder or privates. Who can touch them and who can’t. What is good touch and bad touch. The children were told to be careful and observant about who touches them, when, where and how. They were told that as soon as they feel uncomfortable they should tell their parents or teachers but should never keep quiet and if at all something goes wrong they should immediately raise their voice without feeling embarrassed, scared or guilty because nobody has the right to touch them or talk to them if they don’t find it comfortable. Lastly a National child helpline no. open 24/7 was given to them so that they can call the experts if they want some more information, emotional guidance or when they or their friends are in trouble. This knowledge will empower the children to fight back predators in the future.

Life Skill Session 2 – Love and Friendship:

The session began with a discussion on behavioral changes adolescents go through.  The children reported disagreements with parents at home, frequent mood swings and peer pressure as the changes that they observe in themselves. The counselor then told them that all teens go through these emotions and changes and how they can deal with them without hurting their parents, friends or themselves.

They were explained that these emotional changes are also because of the physical and hormonal changes that their body is going through. One of these changes is the changing attitude of adolescents on friendship and love.  It is very easy to confuse the two but both relations are different and each relationship comes with different responsibilities which the people involved must keep in mind.

This was a conversation starter and we plan to have more sessions on these topics in the coming weeks. Thanks for contributing to this project, these discussions will sensitize them and enrich their minds. 

A handshake is a "good touch"
A handshake is a "good touch"
Touching the nose, may or may not be a "bad touch"
Touching the nose, may or may not be a "bad touch"
Child help line- India
Child help line- India
Dec 13, 2013


Taking a first look
Taking a first look

Dear Donors,

Greetings from IDEA!

It gives us great pleasure to bring to you the first report of our Computer Literacy Class which is especially designed for young girls from rural areas of Pune-India, aimed at enhancing their employability in the near future.  Before starting with computer training, we decided to finish with basic English language course because knowledge of basic English makes computer training a little easier.

The first batch of 10 girls completed their English course in 6 weeks. The course covered the following topics which were found relevant:


  1. Lexical categories (parts of speech): an introduction.
  2. Basic word order and types of sentences.
  3. Tenses: Formations and a brief introduction.



  1. Introducing self and others
  2. Education & Career
  3. General interests and Hobbies
  4. How to plan daily routine
  5. Body parts and Health
  6. Shopping  and Telephonic conversations
  7. Email and Letter writing
  8. House and Furniture

   Along with theory they were taught through group activities and role playing games. Their interest and enthusiasm was carried forward in the computer class which so far has completed two sessions. In these sessions the girls were only introduced to computers as most of them have never operated computers before. We have a lot of ground to be covered in these coming weeks and right now we are working with only 2 computers but slowly with your support we will have a flourishing computer training centre for many more girls. Thank you for being the first donors of this project. We really appreciate your contribution.

Learning a new language
Learning a new language
How to carry a telephonic conversation.
How to carry a telephonic conversation.
Nov 7, 2013



Dear Donors,

Warm Greetings from IDEA!

Another wonderful year is coming to an end, this year we took our project “HOLISTIC DEVELOPMENT FOR POOR KIDS” to another level. Our holistic approach towards minimizing school drop-out amongst the marginalized children is appreciated by many sponsors and supporters like you including international & national foundations and Corporates. Due to this support, IDEA could expand its programmes and activities to many villages and Govt schools in Pune district.  

Many volunteers from the corporate field joined us this year and made our events even more successful. Many donors personally visited IDEA’s study centres and were left impressed. Two volunteers from Global Giving U.K, Hannah Sainsbury and Dan also visited IDEA.  It is indeed a satisfying feeling to have more people support our cause.

This year we reached out to 450 little kids through Play and Learn centres, 240 out of school children through our 15 study centres and 710 adolescents through our sponsorship programme.



Play & Learn centres and study centres are running smoothly 6 days a week where we focus on improving basic learning skills (Reading, Writing, English, Marathi and Math) of primary and secondary school children. They are taught in various creative ways to make subjects like Science and Math fun and easy. Regular tests and surprise tests are conducted to check the achievement level. Supporting activities like Science exhibitions, Science Exploratory visits and storytelling sessions were undertaken.


Many activities were carried out this year where children could explore their hidden talents and hobbies. Drawing competitions and Sports competitions were held at all centres. Sessions on paper quelling and clay exploration were carried out for all children. Puppet shows and Educational films were shown which the children enjoyed thoroughly.


Many fun activities were carried out this year like Museum visits and summer camp. A talent exchange programmme was held and FUN GAMES were organized by IDEA’s youth groups. Sessions on Health, Hygiene and Nutrition were held for adolescent kids. Guidance sessions for parents are organized regularly by IDEA’s teachers.

It all because of your contribution friends that we are making many dreams come true. Please continue supporting us.

Our children want to say a big THANK YOU so please watch this video:


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