To mobilize churches to make a sustained positive contribution to the reduction of the number of new HIV infections, to drive education and care, and to support orphans, in partnership with others.
Dec 16, 2013

Jerry Giraffe child abuse training takes off

Fikelela designed a child abuse programme in partnership with Think Twice. This is a fun interactive way to learn about difficult issues.

The main character is Jerry the Giraffe who comes and tells the children stories. They learn about emotions, some feelings are 'star' feelings and some are 'stone' feelings

they also learn about good secrets and bad secrets. A good secret is like when it is Daddys birhtday and we mustnt tell him what we bought for his present. A good secret will be told one day and it will make people very happy.

a bad secret is something that must never be told and will make people cross or sad if they find out. Like Uncle John telling you to come into his house and he will give you sweets, but dont tell Mummy.


Thankyou Jerry for telling our children important things that can keep them safe!

Nov 18, 2013

Growing Champions

From popcorn trees, to bible stories, to sticky paint and parachute fun, in the last few months we have been blessed with the opportunity to expand what we offer children in our care and have started a morning and afternoon stimulation & development programme. This has been developed by a professional OT and educator who volunteered her time to construct a comprehensive programme specifically for the children in our care. This covers everything from motor development, language & writing skills, and social play, to rights & responsibilities, arts &crafts, and learning about who they are in God. It is such a joy to not only hear the children singing and laughing, but to see the joy on the carers faces as they see broken children grow and develop to their full potential. The children burst in from school eagar to start the program. We have seen this programme help children delayed, walk and improve their speech. Children who normally play alone are interacting with other children.

We believe that as this program develops we will see more children grow and develop, no longer struggling at school, delayed, or developmentally challenged, but full of hope, succeeding in school and reaching their full potential for a new start in life.  

Oct 22, 2013

Trees for Africa project comes to an end



Our Trees for Africa project comes to an end with a bang! the Anglican students planted trees during arbor week and have committed to doing so every year.

We have decided to terminate this project as many people prefer to buy trees themselves to offset their travel so that they can see them and water them. Therefore any remaining donations will be going to the Fikelela Childrens Centre of the anglican church for their greening/food garden project. 

This is aproject which supports orphans and vulnerable children, many of whom are living with HIV.

We would like to thank all our donors for your wonderful support!

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