Project FOCUS

Project FOCUS is a grass-roots initiative of diverse individuals bound by a common purpose: to educate, inspire, and empower local communities in Southwestern Uganda and the United States. Through creative collaboration, personal narratives and exhibition, we hope to support sustainable community initiatives, actively combat social apathy, and reveal the common humanity between two seemingly different worlds.
Feb 26, 2009

PF - 2008 Review

2008 was filled with exciting new developments which has given us momentum as we move into the new year. We'd like to take this opportunity to update you on our progress, upcoming work, and most importantly, thank you for your continued support...

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Cheers, Daniel

Aug 14, 2008

Project FOCUS plans to send a Long-Term Volunteer to Uganda

International development work requires trust and strong relationships with local partners. These relationship take time and effort to develop and cultivate. Before we rush into a new development project in Lyantonde, Uganda, important questions remain unanswered:

1) What are the objectives of the development project? 2) Who are the local partners that will help us implement the project? 3) What is the budget of the project? 4) How is the project sustainable? 5) What role is the community playing in designing the project? 6) How does the project address the needs and draw upon the assets of the community?

At Project FOCUS, we decided that the best way to answer these questions honestly and completely was to to send a long term volunteer back to Uganda for at least one year. This volunteer, in collaboration with community members of Lyantonde, will create the plans for a sustainable development project that will be implemented in the near future.

The primary goals of the volunteer are to identify community-development projects; nurture pre-existing relationships with organizations and visionaries in Lyantonde and the capital city of Kampala; cultivate new relationships; and establish a continual and active presence in the community.

The volunteer traveling to Uganda in September 2008, is Grant Buhr, a sound engineer and artist with 7 months of experience working with Project FOCUS in Uganda.

The estimated 1 year budget to support the volunteer totals $9,758. Costs include health, transportation, communication, living, meeting expenses, and emergency. Estimates have been derived from travel expenses incurred during Project FOCUS' trip to Uganda in 2007 where detailed financial statements were maintained. A more complete breakdown of the budget is available on the attached pdf document.

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Nov 19, 2007

Project Update

In response to the early findings of the community assessment, a group of seven Project FOCUS members currently living in Lyantonde Uganda have begun a series of 4 art therapy projects with the purpose of educating, inspiring, and empowering local communities both in Uganda and the United States. A short description of the projects and their budgets can be found in the attached documents entitled, "Short AT Proposals" and "Total AT Project Budget." If you have any comments or questions, or for more information, please contact us at or visit our recently updated website Thank you for your support!