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The mission of LDC-Nepal is to improve the socio-economic situation of Nepal's language communities by implementing language-based development programs in partnership with civic, government and non-government agencies. LDC-Nepal is a non-profit social service organization. The vision of LDC-Nepal is that language communities in Nepal are empowered to use their own languages, with Nepali, for their educational, social, political, economic, and cultural development.
Oct 25, 2011

Women Led Community Support Group Training Report

Making notes on group discussion in training
Making notes on group discussion in training

On 12-13th Oct 2010 we were able train 56 Tharu women from two women led community support groups. Our focus for this training was to strengthen their office skills, review issues that affect each community and enable them to make stronger links with other organizations. Help Society Nepal members Mrs. Saraswati GC and Mr. Bhauna Chaudhary facilitated the training.

Each group now has constructed their own building in the community, close to their homes and one group is able to rent out one of the rooms to a local businessman that provides income to cover the group’s overhead costs.

At the end of the training each group made a six month plan that included working with us to implement the Get-One-Give-One" female goat gift program.

The topics covered in these trainings included:

 Group Management: 

  • Effective planning for their groups and their own communities.
  • How to keep good minutes of meetings and basic filing systems

Saving and Credit:

  • Maintaining records of personal and group saving accounts
  • Small loan management for their saving and credit groups and interest calculations.
  • Accountability


  • Improved farming for increased productions and livelihoods
  • The importance of good nutrition for their families
  • Taking care of the local environment
  • Managing the Get-one-give-one Goat program
  • Effective ways to care and for each member of the community
  • Women and girls and family issues
  • Looking at our values


  • Writing to local government service organisations
  • How to write a small proposal and progress reports


Looking forward

Exposure Visits:

We would like to take each of these groups to visit outside of Dang district as their request to visit established community groups, so they can see what they did and how they tackled community issues.  Meeting with other groups is important as it creates a space to share their success stories and concerns.


Funding  ($125 per month) for one dedicated community support staff member would enable us to provide in depth support to each community support group the project works with.

Please do continue to check our website. for updates on our progress, and share the link with friends and family who you think might be interested. Thank you again for your continued support to the women in Nepal.

Making village map for community development
Making village map for community development
Oct 12, 2011

Progress Report: Limbu Women Gorup September 2011

Sharing about the project objectives
Sharing about the project objectives

All of us here at Language Development Center Nepal are very pleased with the progress we have achieved with your support. Here is an update from the work taking place in Panchthar District, with the Limbu community.

Community meeting:

We had very productive conversations and meetings with three different Limbu communities to select working areas and to introduce the project to the community. Communities agreed to form 3 women's groups and identify literacy class facilitators within August 2011. Project staff will be in touch with local communities to encourage them to continue group activities. We anticipate about 130 -150 women will be actively involve in this program. The number will increase if we able to provide more support on income generation activities.

Here it is still monsoon, which means there are heavy rains and travel is difficult, so the community decided to begins the functional literacy class from second week of September 2011. Before that facilitators are will be trained how to develop teaching learning materials and use to it literacy classes.

Literacy classes and community groups are already running successfully in Dang District, in the Tharu community, where the first distribution of baby goats has already taken place. Look for an update about that work shortly.

Please continue to check our website, for updates on our progress, and share the link with friends and family who might be interested. Thank you for your continued support of the work we do and the communities we work with.

Aug 30, 2011

Progress Report: LDC Nepal for LL for 300 Women

Goat Gift: Get One Give One Program
Goat Gift: Get One Give One Program

All of us here at Language Development Center Nepal are very pleased with the progress we have achieved with your support. Here is an update from the work taking place in Dang District, with the Tharu community.


Community Groups: 5 Women's groups

Number of group members: 175 women

Each group meets once a month. Project staff is regularly providing support to develop their capacity through training, one-to-one coach and group discussion.


Literacy: 5 literacy classes

Number of participants: 143 (all women, 118 are group members)

Local facilitators, supported by supervisors, are leading classes six days a week to achieve goals of teaching women to read, write, and do basic math.


Words from the participant:

Sugani Chaudhary, Age 25, Lalpur, Manpur

“This program is helping me understand the importance of local skills, knowledge, product and market for sustainable economic development. I am very happy with this program and started family based income generation activities. We had literacy classes on goat keeping course and vegetable farming. This helped us to start vegetable production for sale and Goat keeping.”


Get One Give One gift program.

Project provide 36 goats to as a gift to 36 poor families selected by our community groups. Each group manages these activities. There is an agreement with group and members that within the next 18 months they will provide baby goats to another 36 families.


Words from the participant:

Chunki Chaudhary, Age 32, Karmatia, Dhikpur

Chunki Chaudhary got one goat as a gift from the project. She is very happy. She said, “I am using the skills and knowledge which I got from the literacy course about goat keeping. I am willing to support my other neighbors to start family based small IG activities. As our agreement with group members I am happy to pass gift as a baby goat to another member with in 18 months. “

Livelihoods: Goat Keeping
Livelihoods: Goat Keeping
Literacy Class Participants
Literacy Class Participants
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