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To Mould the NeXt Generation, so they may have qualities of self-control, reverence and a sense of responsibility, ready for good works. We run activities that help children and youths attain physical, mental, spiritual and social maturity, giving positive teaching to the social evils facing youths today and encourage them to express what they learn through practical service to the communities. We empower the young to be purposeful and responsible for their own future and that of the environment
Feb 24, 2010

Samut Songkhram site visit

Praciting throw-ins (the kids much preferred practicing PKs)
Praciting throw-ins (the kids much preferred practicing PKs)

Bill Brower is a Field Program Officer with GlobalGiving who is visiting our projects throughout Southeast Asia. On February 6th he visited a Foundation for Life weekend session for Thai youths in Samut Songkhram.

As I discuss in a recent blog post (, Vena and Somkid of Foundation for Life have a tough task to attract donors to their project. The youths they work with aren’t necessarily orphans, sick or poor. They aren’t providing urgent care for the least advantaged. But their aim is no less noble: They seek to equip the next generation in Thailand with the leadership skills and commitment to service that are so important to a well functioning society. They do so through periodic camps, for which the teens themselves determine the activities, and youth centers throughout the country, which bring together talented individuals from across society.

It was to the weekend session of one of these centers, a couple hours outside Bangkok, that I recently visited with Vena and Somkid. The kids get lessons to supplement their schoolwork, and also in leadership, responsibility and other interesting skills. For attending they get vouchers toward future rewards. This particular weekend, a professional futsal player was scheduled to come to do some training with the kids. He had to cancel at the last moment, and the kids were stuck with a decidedly unprofessional American soccer player, yours truly, to run them through some drills. We capped it off with a fun scrimmage, during which I, of course, as keeper let in the only goal for the other team.

At the end of the activity time a few of the boys went to get drinks from a local vendor and were subsequently late coming back to the classroom. Somkid gave the class a lecture on responsibility and punctuality. The boys had to sing a song to apologize to the others. Finally, the group discussed whether they thought the boys should get their attendance vouchers for the day. They decided they shouldn’t since they were not in attendance the whole time. One could see how these lessons at a young age, along with the support of their peers and the Foundation, would set these young people up to be effective leaders tomorrow. Thanks for supporting this project!

Me with a few of the kids.
Me with a few of the kids.
Dec 7, 2009

Leadership in Practice

Only when a leader walks his talk, does anyone really benefit by his leadership. This update describe events that have been conducted so that the young have the occasion to live out the head knowledge learnt, training them to be doers in the real world.

The Foundation wishes to thank all supporters for their altruistic giving and any feedbacks that would help us improve our services to the next generation is most welcomed.

Aug 19, 2009

Instilling a Sense of Responsibility

While the world around demands for personal rights, individualism and caring for 'I-Me-Myself' only attitude, the Foundation strives to go against the grain to instill a sense of responsibility to the children and youths that what they do, will impact others, in both good and bad ways.

The attached update describes the activities done toward this end.

The Foundation wishes to thank all supporters for their altruistic giving and any feedbacks that would help us improve our services to the next generation.

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