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The mission of Uplift a Child International is to identify the poor and needy children, place them in a school, and support them through 10 -12 years of schooling through the high school. This will keep the children off the streets, provide them with the basic skills to develop, and give them an opportunity to emerge as self-reliant and productive members of the society. By the time the children completes high school, they will have the necessary social skills to move on in life with respect.
Jul 31, 2013

2013 Children's Results

Dear Friends, Sponsors and Well-wishers of Uplift a Child International,

We would like to share with you that 37 of our children wrote the 10th public exams in India and 34 of them passed with good grades. All of those who have passed moved to Intermediate (+2) education locally. We also have 6 children who are currently in +2 programs. We could not add the surnames becuase of the policy of GlobalGiving Foundation.

Below are the names of the 10th grade children with their GPA (out of 10)

Diwakar 8.2
Sai Kumar  8.3
Praveen Babu  5.5
Ramana    8.2
Deepthi   6.3
Ismail   6.8
Solmon   8
Padma Priya  8.3
Manoj   4.8
Geetha  8
Divya   6.2
Ajay Kumar  5.3
Vara Lakshmi  8.2
Sandhya 8
Venkatesh  Failed
Sunil Kumar  6.3
Dinesh  7.3
Jessy Priya  6.2
Srikanth Varma  8.5
Krishnaveni  5.8
Phanendra Kumar  5.5
Lokesh   8.3
Akhila    9.2
Meghna C1  9.5
Meghna C2 9.5
Prasanna Kumar  6
Bhavani Shankar  6.8
Mahesh Failed
Vardhan  4
Pratyusha 4.8
Sajani   7.2
Hari Madavi 5.5
Chandra Shekar  Failed
Geetha   8.2
Pravallika Devi  8.8
Kishore  8.2
Balu  (TBA)

Below are the names of the 12th grade children (Grades in % for 100)

Revanth Kumar  93%
Naveen  94%
Lavanya   90%
Sairavi Krishna  97%
Hari Krishna  85%
Lakshmi 60%

Thanks and have a nice day


Mar 1, 2013

Sam Vonumu's Mission trip to India/Nepal/Ukraine

Dear Sponsors, Friends and Well Wishers,

I have returned back from my annual visit to India to meet our children. I am always thankful to my employer, Discovery Communications LLC (The popular Discovery TV Channel) and my management, for allowing me to take a long vacation to participate in our mission trip. With my team (Sudhakar Kaligithi, Dr. Satya Jnaneshwari, Roy Prakash Thanukula, Sonia Cherukuri, Melissa Stonehill, Kalpana Dharani, Swaroop Naidu and with many
volunteers), we were able to visit approximately 85% of our sponsored children. I could not visit the remaining 15% due to the time factor.

With the help of our friends and local Directors in India, we conducted Annual Awards & Rewards ceremonies to our children for their performance at school. These are public meetings attended by the school staff, sponsors, children, their parents, local government executives, social workers, friends and well-wishers. The largest public meeting was conducted at the MVP SDA school grounds in Visakhapatnam, AP, India on January 13th with over 1,200 people. Yandamoori Veerendranth (the famous writer and novelist in Andhra Pradesh, India) was our chief guest. He
inspired our children and for those that secured ranks he awarded them with certificates and cash awards. These types of events have proven to be very successful. Many of our sponsored children are inspired and motivated to do well and to receive these awards. Each year these programs are eagerly received and celebrated by our children and families.

The parents of our sponsored children thanked every sponsor for their support and requested me to convey
their regards. This year we have identified an additional 500 children who are eligible and cannot go to school without our help. We welcome anyone who would like to become a part of this effort and help make these children a part of your family. It costs only $125 to $175 per year to support a child. (Children waiting for help can be found on the webpage - http://upliftachild.org/children.asp)


Dec 12, 2012

2012 Uplift a Child Annual Report

Dear Friends, Sponsors & Well wishers,

Uplift a Child International celebrated its 12th year of service to less fortunate children in 2012.  During this time 1,500 children have benefited for school education. This was possible only with the help of our 410 dedicated sponsors from around the world (USA, UK, Ukraine, UAE, India, Oman, Singapore, Malaysia, Germany, Switzerland and Saudi Arabia), 70 Volunteers from east to west, and friends from all over along with the help of our Administrative teams and Board of Directors from USA & India.

Each year has been a great year for all of us where we could make a difference with our team work and individual contributions. As the saying goes, “Hard work always pays off at the end” and that is what we are seeing each year with exceptional success. Our time and efforts were never wasted; all we see are great results and that really makes all of us proud!  Along with our success, we do have a few failures.  Approximately 0.05% of our children are not doing that well in their studies; the same ratio of failure last year. These children are dropping from schools due to family problems. Most of the drop-outs are generally from small towns as the parents are agricultural laborers and they move from place to place if they find a better job. That is impacting our children’s education and future. We do have a lot of plans on how to bring them back but we need more money and time which we don’t have right now. It is our goal to resolve this in the days to come with everyone’s help.

Once again, we left NO child behind for education in 2012. We have a great hope in our future. The moment someone hears about us, they follow us and become a part of us to lead this noble mission. So far we have done well and continue to do so. Our work has been appreciated by thousands all over. In 2013, we will be starting to help children in NEPAL. Thanks to Lok Tiwari of Nepal who observed us and joined our team to coordinate our help to the underprivileged in NEPAL.

A simple thank you is not enough for those who are associated with us and working hard with their time and contribution. Your help is priceless and we cannot measure your love for the little children who cannot help themselves. A smile on their face with gratitude in their eyes is what we see personally. We represent all of you and we carry that message to others on what we believe, and to make a difference while we still have life.

Merry Christmas for those who celebrate and Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year 2013

Thank you


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