Heroes of the Nation

Instead of merely feeding and clothing children, Heroes seeks to raise up the next generation of leaders. This is accomplished through instilling identity, creating self-sufficient communities, teaching social justice, and emphasizing an excellent education and leadership training for the hundreds of children on our campus.
Jul 10, 2013

Pursuing the Next Steps

Thank you for your investment into the youth of Kenya. We continue to see our graduates work hard to pursue their degrees: Education, Laboratory Science, Journalism, Business, Accounting, Agricultural Science... the list goes on and on.

We have a new class of graduates who are awaiting their college education. Many have taken their final exams and are waiting to be admitted to the college of their choice. Our other graduates continue to apply themselves in their fields of study.

Some of our graduates have finished their education and are now working. Purity completed a business management course and is now employed. Peter completed a driving course and is working. Kelvin, Michael and Peter are working hard to complete their degrees at Kenyatta University, the #2 university in Kenya.

It is encouraging to see the graduates apply themselves in order to accomplish their goals. Thank you for making this possible!

Mar 4, 2013

Update on the Graduates

Thank you so much for your support of the Graduate Project. We wanted to send you an update of what the graduates are doing after their high school studies. These graduates are studying hard and pursuing their dreams. It is only through YOUR support that this is possible. Thank you for investing in their futures! Below is a list of some of the graduates and their areas of study.

Cyrus, Zipporah, Agnes - Business Management

Jackson - Education

Nickson - IT

Joseph - Mass Communication

Elizabeth - Medical Pharmacy

Margaret, Millicent, Joseph - Teaching

Cecilia - Teaching and social work

Jemimah - Health

Lawrence - Lab Technician

Thank you for supporting the futures and dreams of these students!


Oct 26, 2012

Universities and Vocational Schools

Students at Heroes of the Nation work very hard to pursue their dreams after high school graduation. Our donors have sent underprivileged young people to college. Thank YOU for making this possible. Lasting change truly comes about when students are given a chance to learn and contribute to their communities. 

We recently received a report from Kenya: 7 students are currently enrolled in a university program, most of them are already halfway through their studies. There are 11 more students currently enrolled in a vocational school.
We also have 7 high school graduates who have been accepted into their program of choice, but are now waiting funds in order to begin their college education. 
We hope that you can grasp the lasting impact that these students will make: 18 young people who came from the streets and are now studying for life-long careers. 
Below is a letter from Michael, one of our students at a university. In his letter, he was excited to share that he is making A's in school and is working hard. Below is an excerpt written for those making his journey in school possible:
"I know we have not had a chance to meet but i really remember you every time i pray. I sincerely don't have enough words to express the happiness and the gratitude that i have for [you] sponsoring me in my education." - Michael, HTN Graduate
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