Health and Water Foundation

HWF's mission is to promote and provide school sanitation, water and better health to the rural poor. The overreaching goal of the HWF's programs in health, education, water and sanitation is to promote gender equality and empower women through the elimination of gender disparity in primary education so that children, especially the girls can grow healthy, get educated and equally contribute to Kenya's development.
Nov 29, 2010

Training on improved hygiene practices

Hello, once again we would like to thank you all for your continued support on our project that is really building up the girls in our community and the community as a whole.The past month (September and October, 2010) we were able to conduct training on improved hygiene practices especially to girls in primary schools, the beneficiaries were 80 adolescent girls from Nyambaso and Kiangoso Primary schools.This was made possible by the disbursement that we received on September towards this project. " baada ya kupata mafundisho haya nitaweza kuwa msafi kama vile wanawake wanapaswa kuwa na pia nitaweza kuwafundisha familia yangu usafi huo," (after getting this training i am now able to keep better hygiene practices as women should and i am also able to help my family to keep the same hygiene conditions) " Stella Nyakongi a pupil at Nyambaso Primary school. The training was carried out well with our staffs with the help of the teachers (female teachers).It was a success and many pupils recommended we do the training also to the women in the community so that the overall hygiene condition of the Nyambaso and Kiangoso community can be improved. We thank you all for the support given toward this project.Merry Christmas all "Give and it will be given unto you" Bible

Sep 10, 2010

Sanitary towels and uniforms distribution

Distributing sanitary towels
Distributing sanitary towels

The distribution of sanitary towels and uniforms to the disadvantaged girl students of Bitundugusu primary school in Manga District was done on 6th September, 2010 which was on the opening school day of the term.The school committee through the Headteacher welcomed the initiative.The Health and Water Foundation staffs with The Project Officer Ms. Grace Wacharo capacity build and sensitized the girls on the importance of cleanliness and the proper use of the sanitary towels.This was done in collaboration with the female teachers of Bitundugusu primary school.

We provided new school uniforms to 5 girls and 2 boys who lacked the school uniforms and used to wear casually to school. The 7 students who received the uniforms were very grateful

The beneficiary of sanitary towels were 67 girls of age between 10 to 14 who are adolescence.The students were happy to receive the sanitary towels and they thanked the donors for their contribution and the Health and Water Foundation for their good work.

" Asante sana kwa kutupa pads hizi ambazo ni muhimu kwetu kwa kuwa zitaimarisha usafi wetu na kutufanya tuzingatie masomo" (Thank you so much for the provision of pads for our cleanliness which will ensure our comfortability and continuity of our education) - Mary Kemunto a std 7 pupil in Bitundugusu primary school.

"We thank you for your continuous contribution toward this girls in Bitundugusu primary school in Manga District,Nyanza Province, Kenya."

Health and Water Foundation through your contributions and donations is set to improve water and sanitation to enure girls learn in Manga District for the current period.

Thank you
Thank you
New school uniforms.
New school uniforms.
Jun 1, 2010

Distribution of Sanitation facilities to the girl child

Bitundugusu primary students adviced on sanitary
Bitundugusu primary students adviced on sanitary

We HWF with beneficiaries from the primary schools in Kenya (Nyanza Province Girls) thank you for your continuing support that has ensured that a majority percentage of girls are being enrolled in schools thanks to the support gained from GLOBAL GIVING.

During the past 5 months HWF has embarked on activities aimed at ensuring that the girl child is kept at school.One of the major steps taken to ensure the continuity of girls in school was the distribution of Sanitary towels in 2 schools in Manga District, Nyanza Province in Kenya.The lack of proper sanitation for the girls pupils in primary schools acts as a reason for lower enrolment of girls students in schools with some of them absconding classes due to lack of sanitary towels.

The sanitary towels was distributed to 3 Primary schools to children aged 13 onwards and these were of standard 7 and 8 ( Kenya Curricular of classes in Primary education) .The schools that benefited from these towels were as follows:-

1. Rianyabwanga Primary school - 168 girls benefited 2. Kiangoso Primary School - 72 girls benefited 3.Bitundugusu Primary School - 80 girls benefited

Due to the large number of girls in school in the regions, it was not possible to supply the sanitary towels to 9 other schools in the region that had students who lack the basic sanitary needs.HWF assured their school heads that through donor community and GLOBAL GIVING initiative , more students in the remaining 9 schools will be provided with sanitary towels and training facilities to ensure that more than 2000 Kenyan girls learn comfortably and competitively.

With the continuing support from Globalgiving and wellwishers,HWF plans to provide sanitary needs to female students who have reached menses in 12 Primary schools in Manga District, Nyanza District,Kenya.This will inturn keep the girl child in school and further their learning environment.

What do you think on this progress of keeping Kenyan girls in school?

sanitary towel beneficiary - Bitundugusu primary
sanitary towel beneficiary - Bitundugusu primary
Rianyabwanga primary students - sanitary towels
Rianyabwanga primary students - sanitary towels
sanitary towels  beneficiary - Rianyabwanga school
sanitary towels beneficiary - Rianyabwanga school
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