Association of African Entrepreneurs

To introduce innovative attitudes and to reform structures that mitigate entrepreneurship by enabling a participatory process that involves and includes entrepreneurs. To make regional advocacy campaign contributions that can support and encourage entrepreneurship To work in close consultation with the various government institutions for the promotion of entrepreneurship and innovation. To establish, organize and support or implement development programs aimed at promoting and nurturing the entrepreneurial spirit
Apr 8, 2014

Location of the project

Benin is a small, West-African country, with a predominately French-speaking population and a major energy resource problem. In Benin, coal and wood comprise 90% of the country's energy consumption. Due to a lack of alternative fuels, Benin has struggled with deforestation, desertification and proliferation of greenhouse gases.

This project will fund the development of a Green Coal plant which will manufacture renewable energy from biomass resources such as agricultural residue and yard wastes. To fight against this phenomenon, one solution is to use an alternative source of energy than wood and less expensive. - The project is to make biochar (green coal) from agricultural residues or renewable biomass through a process called pyrolysis, a fuel technology for ecological production Benin in particular and Africa in general.

This domestic fuel used in place of charcoal can reduce deforestation and greenhouse gas emissions. In view of the limited resources and pilot, the project will be located in the town of in central Benin, a region where the production and use of charcoal are particularly high.

Apr 4, 2014

Hopes and Mirages

Each year a global team of around 50 to 100 volunteers spend time undertaking research on the entrepreneurial environment in each country in Africa, and exploring arising threats and opportunities. The materials are published on the African entrepreneurs' association website and e-book, under a project titled "Hopes and Mirages", intended to serve as a guide for anyone who wish to embark on a business enterprise in the region.

The collaboration of the volunteers is a unique challenge. They work tirelessly in recording and verifying information, and then putting it across to readers in a way that would be both interesting and utility-oriented, and also add to the aesthetic values to the same. Not a mean task requiring, also, a daily supply of internet access and equipment at coordinating points.

Through awareness, this team has offered promise through entrepreneurship to combat poverty, through information to create universal education, and through business and entrepreneurship to create a global partnership.

The project is an outstanding example of the impact citizens can have on peace and sustainable development through volunteering their skills and time over the Internet.

Feb 11, 2014

Unemployment is...

Unemployment is one of the most serious problems facing the African continent, affecting especially the youth who cover close to between 60% and 70% of the continents population. The response of the Association of African Entrepreneurs is to educate and provide a range of services to enrich the lives of young Africans.

Young African entrepreneurs CAN be an essential component of Africa's wealth creation. They could help grow prosperity in African communities. They CAN be part of the solution to alleviating poverty. They are a vital piece of a puzzle that cannot be completed by government and international NGOs alone.

However, for young entrepreneurs to achieve this success it is necessary to foster a productive space: one in which information is freely available and cooperation is widespread and encouraged.

AAE is partnering all territorial actors in designing new and durable solutions to the youth employment challenge by offering local support and E-Coaching Programs. Current partners include the Youth Employment Network (YEN), Zidisha Microfinance, UN Online Volunteering Program amongst others. The YEN program matches internationally experienced mentors to young entrepreneurs (YEs). Zidisha offers offer microlending to young entrepreneurs to start or expand a business.

These variety of support and co-operation activities could help businesses grow, compete, and internationalize : empowering young entrepreneurs to contribute to Africa's social and economic development on a long-term basis. Get involved.

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