Embrace's mission is to advance maternal and child health by delivering innovative solutions to the world's most vulnerable populations. We catalyze the creation of new products with strong potential to improve health outcomes in developing countries, distribute those products directly to the people who need them most, and integrate them into public health programs to have a deeper and more lasting impact on the communities we serve. Our primary goal is to help save the lives of low birth weight and premature infants by distributing an inexpensive and effective infant warmer in conjunction with education programs that address the root causes of neonatal hypothermia. We believe that every wom...
Preventing Newborn Hypothermia in Afghanistan
by Embrace
The "Preventing Newborn Hypothermia in Afghanistan" project will partner with four hospitals in Kabul, Afghanistan, to provide much needed thermal support to premature and low birth weight babies born in these clinics that have no access to incubators or radiant warmers. We will also provide education and raise awareness about the devastating impact of hypothermia. We plan to impact the lives of approximately 2000 babies and their mothers. project reportread updates from the field