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Mar 7, 2014

Danish and the realization of his dreams

Danish is 13 years old from Misrishah, Lahore hailing from a family of four - his father, mother and a younger brother.

Danish’s father is not able to work because he has complicated diabetic retinopathy and retinal detachment leading to legal blindness. His mother who is a housewife makes ends meet by sewing clothes and earns around 10,000 Rupees which in today’s economic condition makes for a difficult life. His grandmother pitches in and pay for the rent of the house where the family lives in.

Not to give up on the hand that life has forced upon them the parents still sent the children to a local school where the fees is 400 Rupees each to ensure a better future for both the children.

Danish suffered from trauma in the left eye 2 ½ years ago which led to traumatic cataract. This further added to the problems already faced by the family but Fatima Memorial Hospital was able to treat his cataract with surgery. His vision has significantly improved and we hope he is able to pave his way through life and achieve all his dreams which include getting a solid education and one day supporting his family.

Fatima Memorial Hospital feels honoured to be able to change the lives of so many and will like to continue doing so through your help.

Mar 7, 2014

Almost that time of the year again

The Holy month of Ramadan this year will be with us at the end of June, a time to be thankful of the bounties bestowed upon us and be aware of the needs of the people that surround us.

It is the Islamic month of fasting where Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset and this year it is in the middle of the summer and can be as long as 15 hours.

As a not for profit hospital we serve patients from all walks of life for whom medical treatment is out of reach due to severe economic problems.

These patients are accompanied by their families who are not able to buy food to break their fast as funds are scarce and cannot be wasted even if it means not eating for the whole day.

To fix the heart wrenching realities of each patient might not be in our reach but during the holy month we ensure the patients and their families don’t have to worry about where their next meal in the month of Ramazan will come from.

We are thankful for the opportunity that we have to serve the less fortunate and we are even more thankful for your support for the month of Ramadan.

We have kept the tradition alive for more than three decades but with the devaluing currency, inflation and economic conditions it is becoming harder and harder with each passing year.

With your help we hope to continue like we always had.

Please donate generously for this cause as everyone deserves a meal after he or she breaks his or her fast.

Feb 19, 2014

Another Success Story

It is no easy task to pursue education in a country like Pakistan where education is considered a luxury for all children, but even more so for girls. The high costs associated with sending a child to school is one of the major barriers that stand in the way of a girl receiving education. Sadiqa is one such girl who had the mis-fortune to discontinue her studies and take care of her siblings when her father lost his job. She had to stay at home for almost half a year while her brother continued to go to school.

The Fatima Memorial Hospital team met with Sadiqa and inquired about her situation she said that when her father was able to find another job, she had expressed her desire to go back to school but her father wouldn’t let her go back because he said he couldn’t afford the educational costs of sending two children to school. The Fatima Memorial Hospital team requested Sadiqa’s parents to let her return to school, but her family especially her father relented. He said that as much as he would like to send her to school, it will be too much for his family to bear the cost of her uniform, textbooks, and bus fare. When the Fatima Memorial Hospital System team offered to take care of her finances and pay for the basic materials she would need to back to school, her family readily agreed to let her go back to school. Sadiqa said, “I can’t believe someone is willing to pay for my pens and books. I am very happy and feel like a free bird.”

Almost 5 months have passed and Sadiqa is regularly going to school. She wants to become a teacher when she grows up and teach other girls. She is a strong supporter of female education. Her class teacher, Uzma Naheed says that her academic performance is improving with each day.

Due to support of her teachers, Fatima Memorial Hospital and donors like you, we have been able to free this little bird and let her resume her flight.

Please join hands with us and give wings to many other birds like Sadiqa, who want to fly.

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