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Calicanto is a community based organization dedicated to safeguarding the historic and human heritage of Panama City's inner city historic district through social, educational, cultural, and conservation programs and initiatives.
Jun 19, 2013

CAPTA Student Graduation Speech

Celica Williams
Celica Williams

"My name is Celica Williams and it is a great pleasure for me to speak on behalf of my colleagues.

I want to tell you a little about my story and how CAPTA changed my life. I come from Bocas del Toro (indigenous province in Panama about 8 hours away from the city). During a visit to my cousin Edefina who lives in the city and spoke to me about  a course that she was enrolling in and wanted me to join. I was afraid to join the course because I've never been away from my family for a long period of time.

My mother is a housewife and my dad is in a wheelchair due to a work accident he had a few years ago; we live off his pension. My seven year old daughter and my husband also live in the same house. I only completed sixth grade, my parents had no money to pay for school and it was also very far.

CAPTA was a challenge because I had to leave my daugher and husband in Bocas del Toro but I decided to leave and just asked God to take care of them.

I want to thank my cousin Edefina, who has given me strength. She encouraged me to take this opportunity for myself and my daughter. Edefina opened the doors to her home and has treated me very well. I sleep on the floor, because we live in a very small room, but I'm doing this for a better future.

Before coming to the course my dad told me, "Daughter take care of yourself, I never thought you would leave, I don’t understand why you are leaving but please be safe.” I told a neighbor about this program CAPTA and said, “don’t go, you are not prepared and will not make it through the program.” But guess what?

Now they know what I've accomplished, three women I know want to come to Panama City for this program. I am proud.

CAPTA changed me.  I used to be very nervous shy. I didn’t have any work experience and I never wore make-up. I am different now; and I have more confidence because of this course.

I want to thank everyone at Fundacion Calicanto, especially Dr. Celia because she taught me to value myself.

Fundacion Calicanto: thanks for the opportunity, I never thought I’d get an opportunity like this and now I feel like I can find employment and fulfill my goals.

Classmates: remember going forward with everything they have taught us, it was not an easy journey so you must do well and achieve your goals.

The guests and donors that support CAPTA, thank you because you give women the opportunity to be independent and empowerd.


Apr 29, 2013

Final Report

Worst Case Averted
Worst Case Averted

This is our wrap up report on the fight to save Casco Viejo from the Cinta Costera 3 highway, but, more than anything, it is a thank you to everyone who donated to protect a heritage site that cannot protect itself.   In the end, your generosity helped avert the worst case scenario, a massive landfill that would have made this World Heritage Site all but unrecognizable. Your donations made it possible to pay for protest materials, websites, lawyers to defend us when we were threatened and advertisements to get the word out.

The final highway is less than a year from being complete, and, though it is an aesthetic, economic, urbanistic and ecological disaster, it is better than the landfill the government of Panama and their contractor, Odebrecht, had originally intended for two reasons. First is that is on pilings two hundred meters from shore, so it allows the Casco to retain its historic fortifications and some of its relationship with the sea.  But, most importantly, it is far easier to remove than the landfill would have been, which gives us hope that at some point in the future it can be removed.

The status of Casco Viejo as a World Heritage Site is still not clear. In June of this year UNESCO will have its annual meeting and be faced with a dilemma of its own creation: allow Casco Viejo to remain as a World Heritage Site, thereby endorsing senseless interventions like CC3 at other Sites, or delisting Casco Viejo, which raises the question of why UNESCO's leadership did not use its powerful voice to publicly denounce CC3 when it had the chance.

While this chapter of the fight to save Casco Viejo from this highway is now closed, in the years to come we still have hope that ultimately any politicians who promoted this project for their personal gain will be brought to justice and that more enlightened leadership in the future will agree that it should be removed and replaced with any of the much better alternatives.


Project Advance as of March 2013
Project Advance as of March 2013
Apr 22, 2013

CONEXION's First Activity - Parent's Club

CAPTA women for English Class
CAPTA women for English Class

Hello dear friends,

As you well know, CONEXION is a project that Fundacion Calicanto created in order to follow up with our beneficiaries and provide additional training and tools for all members of the Calicanto community.

As I mentioned in the last report, we would be starting our first CONEXION program with the very first “Parent’s Club” in this community. The parent’s club will provide workshops for parents focusing on parental responsibility, self-esteem, a values-based education, and discipline, among other topics needed by this community. The training workshops for parents will be held monthly and our goal is to improve parent-child relationships and make parents aware of their children’s needs.

On May 8, we will also begin our usual English and Computer clubs, which target the CAPTA women who have graduated from our courses. They will receive as usual, basic English courses focused on hospitality terminology and basic computer use courses. 

I would also like to mention that Mother's day is around the corner, and you can help us raise more funds for this project or other Fundacion Calicanto projects (CAPTA, ENLACES or RESTAURA) by purchasing a tribute card for your mother and celebrating this joyous day with Fundacion Calicanto. 

Do something different this year, and show your mother just how much you love her with a tribute card.

Group picture of CAPTA girls
Group picture of CAPTA girls
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