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Calicanto is a community based organization dedicated to safeguarding the historic and human heritage of Panama City's inner city historic district through social, educational, cultural, and conservation programs and initiatives.
Dec 26, 2012

Enlaces Students Debut at Theatre Guild of Ancon

Kids say "Gracias!"
Kids say "Gracias!"

On December 4th, the Theatre Guild of Ancon, a historic community theatre established in 1950, was the perfect stage for the kids of the Enlaces Program of Fundación Calicanto to make their debut. The end of the year show was called “Un Pequeño Gran Equipo”, The Great Small Ensemble, name chosen by these little artists to portray how much greatness they can give to the artistic world, even though they are young and beginning their paths as performers. This was their very first exclusive performance, where some kids had never even been inside a theatre nor performed in front of an audience. Backstage they were uneasy, excited by their costumes, the theatre lights and the whispering of the audience coming in.

The show was a brief manifestation of this restless creative energy that Calicanto wants the community to know and promote. It was a collective work between the students and their teachers and within themselves. The movements and concepts were proposed by the kids, organized in five acts of contemporary dance, silent theatre and experimental performance (one solo and four group pieces).

We end the year with this wonderful performance and wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Group dance
Group dance
Joameth solo performance
Joameth solo performance
Table and chair show
Table and chair show
Dec 13, 2012

Do You Remember Carmela?

Carmela outside her home with her children
Carmela outside her home with her children

If you don't know Carmela, she graduated back in July and I promised to update you on her progress.

A few weeks after Carmela graduated from the CAPTA program, she worked for one month in "Las Clementinas," a Casco Antiguo hotel. For one month, she developed excellent relationships with her co-workers, superiors, as well as the hotel's frequent clients. Unfortunately, after just one month, Carmela had to quit her job.

Carmela tells us that the reason she had to leave was because she was thrown out of the place where she lived. In urban cities it is very common for gang members to take over abandoned buildings but other people such as Carmela, who have no training, employment and 4 children to look after also live in these buildings and daily take on the risk of living among gang members.  Due to escalating conflicts related to the gang members who occupied the building, Carmela was faced with the decision to leave her home to better safeguard herself and her children.

Soon after she made the decision to leave, she found another abandoned building where she could live with her children; but just two weeks after, the building collapsed and she was forced once again to go back to the building she left filled with gang members.

Carmela is now looking for employment, she has applied to several places and is waiting for one to call back. "Life continues to put obstacles in my way; the difference now is that I've been through CAPTA and I know how to make better decisions." "I have learned to think first and not do the crazy things I used to do."

Even though she isn’t working, Carmela thinks about projects that she could do in her community. For example, she sought out our dance instructor for the ENLACES program which teaches at risk children modern dance and suggested a dancing project in her community with the children that live in her building. She hopes that this initiative will bring positive new activities to her community.

During December you can help Carmela by making a recurring donation to this program or to our CONEXION program. A recurring donation of only $20 will be matched by a Global Giving secret donor and you can secure Carmela the constant follow up visits she needs to succeed. We will continue to visit Carmela and help her as much as we can, but we need your continued support for this to happen.

From Fundacion Calicanto: Happy Holidays and thank you for all the support you have already given!!

Carmela during the CAPTA course
Carmela during the CAPTA course
Carmela's children
Nov 27, 2012

ENLACES and Panama's Contemporary Dance Festival

Jordano practices contemporary dance
Jordano practices contemporary dance

The PRISMA Contemporary Dance Festival was heartfelt in Casco Viejo, Panama City and in ENLACES.

The kids had the opportunity to receive a class from Michael Foley (USA) and Omar Carrum (Mexico) from the Delfos Dance Company, whose energy was so contagious that our beloved Fernando Robles who is only 10 years old, made a special trip to see them perform at a local theater.

On October 27th, four ENLACES children participated in the International Contemporary Dance Seminar, taught by Aaron Burr of the John Jasperse Company (USA) in the Xielo studio by Gramo Dance. That same night, ENLACES students Reyes Gallardo and Jose Garrido, along with their grandmother, enjoyed performances in Panama's National Theater, put on by three different groups whose members came from Finland, Britain, Spain
and Mexico.  When we asked Reyes what he thought about the performance, he responded with just one word:

This festival was a great opportunity to bring culture into the lives of children from San Felipe and surrounding neighborhoods. We work to motivate the kids to participate in cultural activities outside of what is provided by ENLACES; in this case they were able to receive classes from the artists who participated in the PRISMA Festival. Our goal is that these cultural activities captivate the children's interests and opens the doors of possibilities; we want them to dream with a future different than what they wrongfully think they deserve.


Fernando's night out

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