SOS Children's Villages Morocco (SOS Villages d'Enfants Maroc)

We are an independent, non-confessional and apolitical non governmental organization in the field of social development. We build families for children in need, we help them to shape their own future and we take part in the development of their communities.
Jun 17, 2014

January to March 2014 Report

Computer lessons thanks to the Caravan AJI
Computer lessons thanks to the Caravan AJI

The last trimester was focused on the school follow-up of the children and youths towards the end of the academic year and the exams:

  • Our program coordinator visited all the schools in order to meet the teachers to establish a common strategy for an appropriate school support. Two teachers have been trained in order to take in charge the school support of the children. The youths in secondary school benefited from school support through the association of previous pupils of Imzouren high school.
  • The youths who need to choose this year an orientation participated in an orientation workshop in Imzouren with a team of professionals specialized in school orientation advice. The youths in vocational training have been doing some internships according to the field they study.
  • Thanks to our long-time partner Dell, the Caravan AJI, which aims to give access to technology to disadvantaged youths, visited us in Imzouren beginning of June. During 1 week, 12 youths benefited from computer lessons and 10 of them received a certificate from Dell at the end of the session!
  • Regarding sports, the association JSI keeps on supporting us with football and basketball activities for the children between 8 and 12 years old. To illustrate the partnership, an agreement was recently signed by both our National Director and the Director of JSI association.

As far as the preparation of the families to become autonomous is concerned, our program coordinator kept on establishing and following-up the Family Development Plans which aim to work towards the objective of autonomy. In that objective, the mothers have been participating, with the local authorities, to the General Meeting in order to create officially the 2 co-ops of soap manufacturing and cooking/baking,

The health of the mothers and their children is for us very important and the families benefited again from various checks-up thanks to the medical caravan organized by Sajid association. On that occasion, a solidarity campaign took place with the help of the children from Herman Gmeiner school and their parents.

Regarding the entertainment program this trimester, the children and their mothers supported by our family strengthening program have been celebrating the Family Day at the SOS Children’s Village in Imzouren together with the SOS families: cultural, artistic and sport activities, and also a tombola!

Once again, we would like to thank all of you for your continuous support to the children!

Certificate issued by DELL  given to the youths
Certificate issued by DELL given to the youths
Certificate issued by Dell to the youths
Certificate issued by Dell to the youths
Mar 19, 2014

January to March 2014 Report

Taikwando activity
Taikwando activity

January to March 2014 Report – Keep 100 Moroccan Children away from abandonment.

During the last trimester, our new program coordinator has been visiting the families to know them better, understand their needs and establish the Family Development Plan. Different activities have been carried out:

  • The youths had the chance to travel to Casablanca for the Youths Carrier Forum organized by SOS Children’s Villages. During two days, they attending conferences about carrier orientation, difficulties when looking for a job. They participated in the Jobs Forum where 14 of our corporate and associative partners welcomed them on their booth to give them some information about their company, the carriers available and the challenges in finding a job.
  • School support is the main focus during this period of the year. A diagnosis has been established by two teachers specialized in school support, especially for Arabic, French and mathematics. A workshop with the children and one with the mothers allowed them to realize the importance of a good school support for the future of the children and youths. The mothers understood that they needed to help their children and ensure their attendance to the school support workshops that will be planned during the rest of the year. Then the teachers engaged themselves in supporting the children and youths from our programs, especially with planned school support workshops during school vacation in February.
  • An orientation workshop took place in the Children’s Village to help the youths that in orientation level, along with a visit of Miramar in Al Hoceima in order to increase their knowing of professional environment.
  • Health: a medical caravan visited the mothers to check their eyes and twelve of them got some glasses.
  • The mothers got a training regarding family planning and importance of hygiene and of a good nutrition.

On the occasion of the New Year Amazigh, a solidarity campaign has been organized by the children of Herman Gmeiner school to the benefit of the mothers and the children of our program. They collected lots of toys and school supplies that have been distributed to the families.

Many thanks to all of you helping us continuously in bringing hope to these families!

Health caravan
Health caravan
Youths carrier Forum
Youths carrier Forum
Dec 18, 2013

October to December 2013 Report

Protection of children awareness workshop
Protection of children awareness workshop

October to December
2013 Report – Keep 100 Moroccan Children away from abandonment.

During the last trimester, the children and
youths from our Family Strengthening program in Imzouren started the new
academic year and some of them, who were in strategic orientation school years,
participated in November to the 1st orientation workshop in order to
help them choose their future studies and carriers. They participated also in
building the strategy of school support with the Children’s Village.

The last months, we have been working with the
45 families and 103 children and youths that we are currently supporting on
bringing awareness about the protection of children against violence. Together
with a specialized organization, the mothers from single families have been
trained in order to understand the preventive program that would be done with
their children so that they can realize the importance of this program, the
profile of the abusive persons and the negative effects of such behaviour on
children. Then they have been introduced to the importance of the mother’s role
in the prevention of children towards abusive behaviour. After these workshops
with the mothers, we started the workshops with the children so that they get
awareness about their rights and the importance of being respected. They have
been trained on how to recognize abusive behaviour, how to prevent themselves
from being in such situations and how to react in such situations.

Regarding the training of the mothers, they subscribed
to different trainings according to their choices (sewing, cooking and baking
and traditional soap manufacturing). Training started and everything is going
well so far.
Several celebrations took place this trimester,
being the occasion to give moments of joy to the children and their mothers. On
the occasion of Aïd celebration, a food basket has been distributed to the
families allowing them to prepare the traditional meals. For the new year’s
celebration, the children from Hermann Gmeiner school and kindergarten have
been participating to a party with different activities, and especially henna workshop!
Achoura was also a nice occasion to celebrate altogether and a big solidarity campaign
was organized while the children from the school were collecting clothes for
children in needs.

We thank all of you so much for helping us
continuously in bringing these families to autonomy so that the children can stay
with their mothers!

Henna during Achoura celebration
Henna during Achoura celebration
Achoura celebration
Achoura celebration
Distribution of food basket for Aid celebration
Distribution of food basket for Aid celebration
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