Chinseu Community Based Organisation

To improve the quality of life and advance the rights of children; To bring about change for good on behalf of children and families, and encourage them to participate in processes which enhance their equality, self-reliance and long term sustainable development; Wherever possible to provide practical support which allows children to grow up within their own families and communities
Apr 17, 2013


The OVC feeding and education support is still proving a challenge to the community of Chinseu- Malawi hence instead of the problem solvede another problem arise that hinders the community from participating the community contribution to the CBO activities. The same and more than the problems addressed to the comunity of OVC hunger and lack of school fees for Orphans in secondary schools now the community are facing the following challenges;


We are facing unstable prices of items in different selling points and the most expensive item is our stapple foodstuff. This affects people living in towns / cities and also people living in the rural / remote areas, in such away that people are failing to use their salaries to acccommodates the 30 days in a month, this has victimises the people living in the rural areas who ussually depend on getting piece works from people who are employed in companies in the towns / cities hence most people has stopped giving piece work to the people who stays in the villages.


Poverty and hunger in Malawi has gone to another bad extent, that only 5 % of the community are able to help vulnerable groups hence the situation has turn every Malawian, a vulnerable. Even though they (Malawian ) are working / not as salaries at work places are too minimal to accomodates high prices of human daily basic needs.


According to Chinseu CBO Survey (January 2013 community needs assessment.) it has shown that the community currently are struggling/failing to support even their families due to the floatation of our local currency Kwacha (MK)  now the prices of the commodities are not stable and anyone can not make a 14 days realistic budget that will at the end of the day purchases the commodities on the budget sheet.


             *     OVC  FEEDING;

Chinseu CBO is giving credits to all Donors, Well wishers that joined us on this hardful moments on making sure the Orphans are fed at our feeding centre. May you all be receiving  Blessings from our Blessious Lord our Jesus Christ.  Many thanks are going to Fiderity Charitable gift fund ( Jimmy and Janie) for fully understands the challenges and needs of Chinseu Orphanage being with the major reccurring Donor to the project.


           *    INVITATION;


Chinseu CBO is inviting all Donors community who previously donates to the projects (activities) chinseu undertakes to continue donating to the projects as it is an on-going  project that is needing your generous support for the best living of this Vulnerable group (Orphans).  Considering the challenges addressed above these Orphans are living at a high risk of living alone as the people who was considering their needs are suffering upon the economic hardships that the Nation is undergoing. 

               *      ENCOURAGEMENTS;

-Chinseu CBO is encouraging all our Donors to know that any amount they give to Chinseu CBO projects are going straight to the intended purposes and those donation everytime brings good changes to Chinseu CBO. Giving a charitable donation does not need you to a millionaire you can give a small amount you have and ask God to bless the amount you give so that it will help solve the problems our friends, sisters and brothers are experiencing right now.

NOTE TO OUR DONORS;  It has been proved that giving one timeto an ON-GOING projects  brings a short and small changes to these on going projects  So Chinseu is asking you our friends, well wishers, donors now  be giving even a small a mount for a long time ie one year, two years so on this brings along impact to the projects since every month the Organisation knows that they have funds to run the activities and any project risks like down fall of our local currency does not affects the buying of the foodstuffs for our Orphans.

Jan 28, 2013


In the year 2012 Chinseu CBO has seen and learn new things that negatively and others positively affects the Org. activities. We realise the following:


-  Affects the participation of the community, Volunteers and committee members.

-It slows / deteriorates the availability of foodstuffs for the OVC.


-Affects Org. buyers calendar as the commodity prices were not stable.

-Well wishers fails tp participate even though they wanted toparticipate.


-The Org. outputs always match with the dedication of the Org. Partners.

- One Time Donor brings small impacts to the Org. while recurring Donors are very important to Org. hence they always move with the Org. that is , these parties Recurring Donor and Org. always solve Org. problems together.


- Small amount of donation solve big problems arisen at the Org. realised during review meetings. Org. always had specific expenditure  log every month as the donation are available at the set time table.


- Almost 99% of the community stop contributing donations towards  Org. Day-Care and sister interventions due to Hunger that heavely hit the Malawi nation muchly the southern part of Malawi.

-One time donations; this slowers the long furtherance of the activities that were receiving donations.

The country economic crisis affects the planned Org. activities.


- There was no way community would be tied to a charity contribution loope while they are starving. The Org. uses paid up members, Board of Trustees and others  who sees they can contribute for the human social welfare of the Orphan and other Vulnerable Children cared at the Org.

-The Org. is asking our previous one time donor to change or turn to Recurring donors as they can set a side a small amount monthly but the donation brings big changes hence at every review meeting found are usually first problems to be solved using the monthly donations that Donors set aside in so doing the Org. Vision, Mission and Objectives are simply attained using recurring donations.

-The small amount found the Org. make sure children gets small shares of food to eat to making the day finished.


Orphan and Vulnerable Children feeding program does not stop, although there is 98% hunger victims among the community.

- 100% Org. Members and Board of Trustees commitments has been reaveled during Nov. - Dec. 2012 and is still continuing in the month of January 2013.

- Collection of Orphan and Vulnerable Children 2013 Data.

- Data count of Households,affected by last four days continuance rainfall and the heavy wind that blown in the third day of the raining that made alot of peoples houses, toilets and other facilities falls down, Tumbling.


- Chinseu CBO has learn and seen alot of things happening that we were not expecting to occur in our Nation Malawi.

* Chinseu CBO has summarised the year 2012 as:

* The year of Rulers:

- We have seen our different leaders, Political, social, economic, Religious quarelling each other giving different oppinions accusing the Government side, that they are abusing their powers by bringing bad Bills at the August House and at the end there are the ones that are enjoying and collecting more money for their welfare.

* The Year of Solo:

-  We have seen  manjor country donors withdrawing their Aid due to bad Government policies that were put in place.

- We have seen the sudden death of our late President Bingu.

- We have seen more NGO`s, Companies closing their doors due to lack of funds to run the institutions.

- We have seen the un  availability of foregn currencies especially the manjor currency UD$.

* The year of Change:

- We have seen sudden change of Government, the party on the ruling benchies changes being Opposition Party.

- We have seen the first Woman Country President.

- We have seen Donors coming back after the new Government banned bad policies put by the previous Government.


It is glad that GG always does not approve Org. depending on Political grounds and the policies put in place by the government of different countries the Org. are coming from. This is making GG an ever shining star hence the year 2012 many government/ countries politics were sour but GG was still going there funding different Charities that are not going for politics.

- Chinseu CBO is proud of the roles GG is playing upon helping the needy.


Chinseu CBO would like to express its heart felt gratitudes to the following ;  All field workers for chinseu, Chinseu CBO Finance Officer,  for all the work well done in the 2012 and thank the big cooperation shown by all members of CHINSEU during the 2012.

Again Chinseu CBO would like to thank the GG staff Members for the big job they are doing for us.

To our Dear DONORS chinseu is giving all respects to you hence you made difficulty work smoothly done with your enerous donations.

Nov 27, 2012


Chinseu CBO currently a local charity in TA Kuntaja, Blantyre District, source its funds from membership fee, Community contribution, Well Wishers, Donors and Parter. Donors and parters are mostly communicate to Chinseu CBO through GlobalGiving US, an Online fundraisisng webpage.

Currently Chinseu CBO is asking all potential Donors, Partners, and Charity Well Wishers to visit the below globalgiving platform. http//


  • To promote the best start and early stimulation in life for all children.
  • Enhance the provision of psychosocial care for holistic development of the children.
  • Expand high quality early primary and Secondary learning and stimulation services for young children, youth in Malawi.
  • Promote  the protection of children and youth against any forms of abuse and discrimination.


  • Orphan and Vulnerable Children Feeding.
  • Orphan and Vulnerable Children school Bursary in Government Secondary schools.


  1. Chinseu CBO is meeting with short falls of funds in both feeding and Education against planned budgets.
  2. Tough/ poor national economic status always affects our organisation planned activities  examples - Well Wishers are not able to give charities, Prices of the commodities at the markets are very high.
  3. HUNGER IN MALAWI-Orphans and Vulnerable children are the most highly affected, second are Elders, Chronically ill people in the villages and lastly are Widows.


Following the above challenges Chinseu CBO has put in place the following strategies;

  • Community mobilisation campaigns towards these cause- Hunger that muchly affects Orphans in Orphan Headed house hold and the  Vulnerablr communities in Malawi.

Chinseu CBO is untirelessly giving these campaigns to the community inoder to impart them of the hardship the Orphans are facing.

  • Partner, Donor, Co oporates - Mobilisation to help Chinseu CBOOrphanage by giving their Donations at an Online GGF US platform - http//


  1. The daily OVC feeding planned is achieved even though the diet planned on the budget is not fully achieved due to the challenges already mentioneed above.
  2. The Secondary school OVC bursary is one tenth achieved due to challenges already mentioned.


  • It is not a story to hide that our country Malawi is hit by HUNGER there is need for us who are bleesed to have something to do at this time To help these victims of HUNGER IN MALAWI.
  • Lets help a child who lost both parents.


Chinseu CBO has realise the need to extend its heart felt gratitudes to the following; Frank George who done the research, Bernad Nyambi,Syrinia Chingwalu who voluntarily and untirelessly gather the information from the field/out-reach, Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund US for moving all along with Chinseu CBO on different aspects. You deserve Charity shield Honour. Chinseu CBO - community express its thank you to all GG Donors that are found on GG - Chinseu cbo/ online fundraising webpage. It could be un human if Chinseu forget to mention the people on the steering - GG staff members, chinseu is proud of you.

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