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Mission: A Muslim organization that works with partner organizations for the attainment of peaceful, self-reliant, multicultural and well developed communities through advocacy and volunteering. Organizational goals: Foster a better understanding and mutual respect between and amongst various cultures and faiths Mobilize skilled Muslims to promote effectively volunteering for peace and development in service of Muslim and non-Muslim communities
Nov 21, 2011

Project Update November 2011

Dear Friends and Supporters

Be proud of yourselves!

KI is happy to announce, due in no small part to your kindness and generosity, that we are able to start recruiting our 7th batch of volunteers.  We have started the recruitment process now and will begin selection and training in January 2012. We aim to have 10 volunteers in their placements, working for peace by March 2012.

KI has also secured partial support for the project from the Australian Government through the Regional Communities Outreach Program of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. However, this only covers part of our costs and your donations are vital to the continuation of the project. We run a streamlined organization, keeping our operating costs to a bare minimum, so that we can train as many volunteers as possible.

Thank you again for your support


Focus on Fatima

We are very proud of Ms. Fatima Bantao who has been selected as a Global Xchange volunteer. She is the first KI volunteer and first Maranao woman to qualify for the GX program.

Fatima finished her placement as one of our 6th batch of volunteers in August 2011. She is spending 3 months in Bohol, Philippines and then 3 months in Bradford, UK with a group of British and Filipino youth working on community projects. You can find out more about Global Xchange and the progress of Fatima at



Sep 1, 2011

A young woman helping to achieve peace

Rohanifah interviewing a tribal leader
Rohanifah interviewing a tribal leader

Dear Friends and Supporters,

KI 6th Batch of 12 volunteers will soon be finishing their year of volunteering. Many of them will continue to use their newly gained skills and knowledge as they will be absorbed by their placement organizations. We are currently seeking support for our next batch of volunteers, so please keep spreading the word about our work.

An example of how your donations are working to empower our young volunteers

KI Volunteer, Ms. Rohanifah Atar is placed as a legal assistant at Mindanao Peoples Caucus (MPC), a grassroots network of Indigenous Peoples, Muslim and Christian communities and leaders who have common vision for peace in Mindanao.

Rohanifah recently led the information gathering and research for a series of dialogues involving the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) Peace Panel in different areas in Mindanao. The program aims to increase awareness of different ethno-religious groups and communities comprising the Lumads (Indigenous people), Christians, and Muslims and different sectors, such as Local Government and Civil Society Organizations, on the current issues of the peace talks between the MILF and the Philippines Government.

Rohanifah organized series of dialogues, media orientations, and meetings for MPC as part of the program activities. During each of these events Rohanifah also acted as a support staff, member of the secretariat, documentor, and finance assistant.

According to Rohanifah, volunteering at MPC helped her understand more and be immersed on the realities of the conflict situation and the centuries-long Bangsamoro struggle in Mindanao. She also noted that her volunteering experience has contributed a lot to her growth as a young Muslim woman leader.

Jun 8, 2011

"You Can Help a Child to Learn, Smile and be Fed"

One wet Saturday last March, Resque Abra, was one of a group of fifteen young people made up of KI 6th Batch volunteers and some members of an Interfaith volunteering group LYPAD-Min who journeyed to Barangay Putadon, a small remote community of the municipality of Nunungan, Lanao del Norte, to conduct their outreach program targeting less fortunate children. The program aimed to reach out to more than 300 deprived children with a feeding program and to teach them and their parents about personal hygiene and environmental sanitation. Barangay Putadon was chosen as it is a very remote place, journeys are by truck and are only three times a week.

Resque, a graduate in International Relations, began his placement with the Municipality of Nunungan in September 2010. In his role as a project assistant, he helps the local Government in developing Nunungan as a model municipality. This involves projects on Bio- Energy, Alternative Livelihood, Good Governance and Eco-Tourism. Resque liaised with the Mayor and his co-volunteers, making most of the arrangements for this activity; the events program, transportation, accommodation and food.

The travel to Putadon was very challenging. After a three and a half hour journey to the municipality of Lala, it took another three hours via a one-way rocky and bumpy mountain road in a 6x6 army truck. On the way, the truck got a flat tire and the heavy rain made the road nearly impassable. Finally they reached there after 6 and a half hours. The group then stayed overnight in Putadon, in order to prepare for the activity the next day.

The community was so accommodating and they voluntarily helped in preparing the whole event. The first activities with the children were lots of group games including a spelling contest. Then there was singing and dancing in connection to theme of hygiene awareness e.g. “sampong mga karapatan” which is a song that talks about the ten rights of a child. The highlight of the program was the distribution of personal hygiene kits for over 300 children. This brought big smiles to the children and their parents since it was their first time to experience such an activity due to the difficulty in access to the community. Resque commented “Its only the KI volunteers who dare to take hold of the challenge to reach the place. The children were really blissful and feel some specialty that day because of making them feed, play and imparted knowledge they can use on their daily lives”.

Everybody also enjoyed the feeding activity (a salo-salo, ‘eating together’) which was held in a ‘boodle fight’ style lunch (a military style of eating where foods are on top of the banana leaves lined on a long mat) . The Mayor, Hon. Atty. Abdul Malik Manamparan remarked “thank you KI volunteers for reaching my place, to conduct your program here, you are all very much welcome, it will be a big help to a lot of children here in Nunungan. We are happy to see youths like you who are concerned about the children”

After the program, Resque reflected “through my volunteering, I have learned that the achievements of an organization are the results of the combined effort of each individual. You can help a child to learn, smile and be fed”.

The activity was held with the support of Kapamagogopa Incorporated and Australian Government through Australian Embassy, and in coordination with LGU-Nunungan and Mindanao State University-Iligan Institute of Technology: Department of Extension

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