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Mission: A Muslim organization that works with partner organizations for the attainment of peaceful, self-reliant, multicultural and well developed communities through advocacy and volunteering. Organizational goals: Foster a better understanding and mutual respect between and amongst various cultures and faiths Mobilize skilled Muslims to promote effectively volunteering for peace and development in service of Muslim and non-Muslim communities
Nov 1, 2012

Spotlight on Nohman, KI Volunteer

Working at Davao Peace Fair 1
Working at Davao Peace Fair 1

The year is coming to an end so fast and it is hard to believe that our current volunteers are nearly at the end of their placements.  We are all very excited with the historic news that a “Framework Agreement”  has been signed between the Philippines Government and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front, however there is still much work to been done to ‘win’ the peace.

Our current batch of volunteers are coming to the end of their placements and we took the opportunity to ask one of them about their work when they visited the KI office recently.

Nohman Khalil, 22, was the first KI volunteer to be placed at an International NGO.  He is working with Forum ZFD (Civil Peace Service), a German NGO that works on the development of methods and tools for dealing with violent conflicts.

What has been your role as a KI volunteer?

My main role is to document all the activities and events of Forum ZFD.  I am also tasked with monitoring and collating all the news reports and articles about the work of Forum ZFD, the conflict in Mindanao and the peace process. The role is very interesting as I have learned so much about what is going in development in Mindanao.  Recently I have been more of a participant in workshops and I was stunned when I worked alongside International consultants who were asking for my opinion!

What has been your biggest challenge as a volunteer?

Apart from it being the first time that I have been away far from home, my biggest challenge is that I am the only Muslim in the office.  There are lots of new situations for me to deal with, for example, my colleagues are all eating pork. However, they have made me feel very welcome, I do not feel like a volunteer but like a member of staff.

....And your most significant achievement so far in your placement?

I was able to assist in a project that is integrating peace education into teacher training courses. I was assigned to conduct research that was then used in formulating the manual used in the training.

What difference do you think you have made?

It was the first time for ZFD to have a KI volunteer. The staff had many questions about my culture and beliefs; I hope that I have enlightened them.  They have shown that they trusted my abilities to make inputs into their work.


Aug 6, 2012

Project Update August 2012

Working in the community
Working in the community

Dear friends and supporters,

Our 10 current volunteers are now halfway through their placements.  This is the story of one of them

Ms Rohania Bazar is 22 years old and comes from remote town of Magsaysay which has, over the years, suffered from many armed conflicts. Her placement is with BirthDev Inc. a Christian led NGO that offers psycho-social support to victims of conflict and disaster. This is what  Rohania  had to say about her first few months as a KI volunteers

“It was a big challenge for me working with the Christian community. When I first did my community visits and facilitation, I encountered that most of the participants were not paying attention to me because they saw that I am wearing veil. Due to our cultural differences and concepts, they thought that I was there for a mission to promote Muslim Secessionism. They did not listen to me when I facilitated them. But being a volunteer, it needs deeper understanding, sense of humour and diligence towards individual works. Be more patient and be dedicated to one’s works are qualities that volunteers should have.  Over time, a common understanding and respecting one another were being shown during the activities. After several visits and conducting several activities in the respective communities, it became more fruitful and had productive results. People in the communities find me good and nice; and that, one of my participants shared what were their impressions on me on my first day of visits to them. I was surprised when someone said that “being amiable and approachable” is one of my characteristics that I had. I was full of contentment and satisfaction when you see on their faces how they were happy upon being with them and when you are untiringly and willingly supporting them. And that, I can say how lucky I am to be part of their lives  - to touch their lives for a positive change.’


Thank you for helping to support young people like Rohania

With Co-workers and community children
With Co-workers and community children
May 17, 2012

10 new KI volunteers

New Volunteers with family at Launch Ceremony
New Volunteers with family at Launch Ceremony

Dear Friends and Supporters,

Thanks to you

With your help, KI has been able to recruit 10 young Muslim volunteers who are now busy working in the community with their respective Host Partner organizations. The volunteers, consisting of 7 Women and 3 Men, were selected from over 70 applicants in January this year. They then underwent 5 weeks of intensive training during February and March. To mark the beginning of their volunteering experience, a launching ceremony was held in Iligan City on March 14. The event was attended by family members of the volunteers, KI alumni volunteers, Host Partner organizations, KI Board of Trustees, and distinguished guests. The guests of honor were Ms Ria Go-Tian,  Project Officer, SGIDU program of the Australian Embassy, Manila  and Ms Laura Engel, Civil Peace Service Adviser, GIZ (German Development Service)

What is happening now?

Our volunteers are now sharing their skills and helping deprived communities across Mindanao. The areas of work include:  Psycho-Social help for victims of Typhoon “Sendong’ and armed conflict; managing a Sustainable Livelihood program; improving Muslim-Christian relations through reconciliation; Micro-finance and organizing communities in conflict affected areas.

You can find more about our volunteers on our website. We will profile the volunteers and their achievements in our reports over the coming months.

Volunteer training
Volunteer training
Volunteer training
Volunteer training
Giving Psycho-Social Support to Typhoon Victims
Giving Psycho-Social Support to Typhoon Victims
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