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The GOD'S CHILD Project mission is "to break the bitter chains of poverty through education and formation." While GOD'S CHILD is rooted in education, we aim to support the communities we serve at every level of development. Through our wide range of programs, we help children and families living in extreme poverty to meet their basic needs and find a restored sense of hope, self-worth and human dignity.
Mar 3, 2014

A boy in El Salvador

He is 22 years old and comes from a very humble home made of old pieces of tin with a dirt floor, two rooms one where the family cooks and the other where the family sleeps. Each day his family fights to better their quality of life. He entered our program in El Salvador in 2007 because he hoped to continue his middle school education, but he was at the time unable to pay the costs to keep studying.


Before learning about The God’s Child Project, he studied at night and in the mornings he went out with his father to collect and recycle trash.  By doing this he hoped to make a living for himself. He did this every day to have a small income and pay for his education, they also used the money they earned to pay for medicine for his mother who needs special medicine on a monthly basis.


When he began the program at The God’s Child Project, he also began to receive financial help each month and to receive food donations (rice and beans) so that he was able to make a better living in his home, not just for him but also for their mother who, when they did not have money to pay for medicine, would receive an additional donation from the Project to buy it.


After much hard work, in 2010 he was able to finish this middle school education. When he finished he had the opportunity to work as a local gas station and decided at this time not to continue his studies, but rather to work and earn an income. However, he plans in the future, when he finds further economic stability to continue his studies, possibly even at the university level.


Now he and his family are incredibly thankful for the support they have received as it has allowed them to significantly improve their living conditions.   We hope that you will help us so we can continue to help more people to improve their lives through education.

Feb 28, 2014

Story of Medeline

Story of Madeline


Rosa , originally from the department of Escuintla is 28 years old and been dealing with the difficulty of raising her two children, 14 year old Rosa and Madeline who is 1 year and 9 months old. Rosa was never able to receive education due to the lack of economic resources in her family growing up. Partlyduetolack of education, Rosa becamepregnant at theage of 14. Because of her pregnancy, Rosa’s parents disowned her and threw her out of their home without leaving her any resources. Rosa then went to live with the father of her child, Rene.


After living together for a time and despite the economic difficulties that they faced as a couple, Rosa became pregnant with Madelin. During this time, their family lived on Rene´s salary. Rene was working every day as a fisherman. He did not make much, but what he did make was enough to feed his family. One day in late 2012, Rene got ready to go to work and said goodbye to his family, not knowing it would be the last time he would see his wife and daughter. That day, Rene did not realize that his fishing boat was in poor conditions, and as he was working alone on his boat, the motor had mechanical problems and he remained stranded in the ocean, with no one around to help him. No one is sure exactly what happened, but Rene drowned that day.


Because of this terrible loss, Rosa was unable to deal with her grief and became depressed, lost interest in taking care of the child she was pregnant with, stopped eating or taking vitamins. When Madelin was born, she weighed only 5 pounds, and was breast-fed for the first 6 months of her life, and would not drink any other type of formula. Not knowing what to do, Rosa returned home to her parents who decided to open their home to her again.


Rosa did not realize how sick Madelin had become and that she had become malnourished, but when she became sick with diarrhea and came down with pneumonia, at which time Rosa decided to take her to the local health center. When she saw that Madelin’s systems persisted, Rosa took Madelin to the National Hospital of Escuintla, where they diagnosed her with pneumonia and severe malnutrition.


Once Madelin was discharged from the hospital, her mother thought she could take Madelin home. However, the hospital social worker referred Madelin to Casa Jackson Nutrition Center with a court order for nutritional rehabilitation.

At intake at Casa Jackson, Madelin was in a very delicate state, very unanimated, she made hardly any movements. She was unable to sit up, much less stand up, and she did not tolerate our formulas or baby food. She continued this way for 3 months.


After this time, Madelin was injected with three shots to improve her immune system, and this together with the nutrition that she was receiving finally started to show results. Shortly after, Madeline began to crawl and walk, and engage in activities appropriate for her age. Her mother received support through donations of food and clothes for herself and her other daughter. Right now, Madelin has reached a stable weight and a better diagnostic appearance than when she was admitted to Casa Jackson.


Despite the difficulties that Rosa faced, she never gave up taking care of her daughter in Casa Jackson and she hopes to return to her home and find work again in the fishing industry and continue to see her smiling daughter which gives her hope to live each new day and hope of a better quality of life.

Nov 14, 2013

The Story of Melvin Rene Campos

Melvin is a twelve year old boy. He has been part of The God´s Child Project. Melvin has improved his life style since the first moment he received our support. His mother Blanca has had to work hard to support her two children because her husband died when Melvin was five years old.

The mother gets up every day very early to work in a construction factory and finishes very late at night. She does this for the children so that they have food to eat every day. When her mother was working, Melvin went to school and after classes he would go home to do the housework and take care of his little brother. However, the money his mother earned was not enough to pay for all the expenses at home and that is why she decided that Melvin couldn´t go to school anymore.

When Patrick Atkinson saw this situation, he decided to take Melvin into the Project, so he wouldn´t quit school. When Melvin entered The God´s Child Project, he received help to cover all the expenses at school and the necessary supplies. This helped his mother to support Melvin and give him the chance to become someone in life.

At the present moment the mother isn´t working at the construction factory anymore, because she was fired. The money she got from the factory, she used it to buy a stove and start a business selling tortillas. This has given her the chance to get a special income and doesn´t have to leave her children alone for too long. Melvin has received a scholarship every month including an amount of money and food for him and his family. Melvin also has sponsors and receives a kit with health products whenever it is necessary.

Doña is very grateful to the God´s Child Project because without this support, Melvin wouldn´t have continued school and he would have had to work like many other children have to in order to eat.

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