LGBT Voice of Tanzania

The mission of LGBT VOICE Tanzania is to promote, support, defend and protect the interests and the general well-being of Gay, Lesbians, bisexual and Transgender people in Tanzania.
Mar 11, 2014


We are thrilled with all the support you are giving to this project, LGBT VOICE Tanzania is still waiting to raise enough funds so to conduct the survey.

It is very importnt that we conduct this survey to understand the needs and challenges facing LGBT individuals in Tanzania so that we can get evidences of incidences of human rights violation based on sex orientation and gender identity, the documentation of these incidences will help LGBT VOICE Tanzania to advocate for changes in Laws and policies that contribute to the increase of Homophobia in Tanzania.

The fact remains that without facts about the incidences of human rights violation in Tanzania, LGBT VOICE Tanzania will still find it difficult  advocating  for equality and Justice.

We therefore apeal to you all, to continue supporting this project so that we can be able to conduct this survey that will open a way  and the fure for LGBT Tanzanians.

Thanks for your continued support,


Bertha Nyanda

Mar 10, 2014

Progress Report

James holding a poster
James holding a poster

LGBT VOICE is very gratefull for all the support the support you gave us in the last nine Months, through your support we were able to raise $38,000 which was spent on setting up the first LGBT Clinic in Dar es salaam and also training 20 pear educators who wil be volunteering at the clinic.

The work was completed in January but the Clinic has not started working because we still need to raise funds to hire a qualified Medical Doctor before the ministry of Health can give us a permit to oparate the clinic. According to the Ministry of Health and social welfare we must hire a Doctor who is qualified and regired to qualify for acradation and permission to run a Clinic.

We are still negotiating with a few Doctors and also building a good relationship with African Medical Research foundation so that they can provide us with hosipital suplies,but also still need to raise more funds so that we can be able to pay the doctor and other staff.

This project had not ended but has just begun because we need to run the Clinic 12 hours a day forever, you are therefore highly requested to continue supporting us so that we can have money to run the clinic forever.

Thanks very much 

Jan 23, 2014

Update from Tanzania

Ally aged 13 a Gay youth
Ally aged 13 a Gay youth

LGBT -identified Youth in Tanzania routinely experience direct and structural discrimination, persecution and violence due to lack of awareness of LGBT issues and extensive social stigma, at all levels of government and in society. They experience reduced access to healthcare, rights violations by police (often taking the form of extortion and physical and sexual violence),extensive discrimination in employment, education,and are stigmatized in most other areas of social life

The number of LGBT youth who are expelled from school is increasing, LGBT VOICE Tanzania has already identified 75 youth who are out of school just because they are LGBT. 

Currently we are working on partnering with Children Education Society so that all the LGBT youth who are located in Dar es salaam should attend classes at CHESO.

So far we have raised $440 which is enough to sponsor one LGBT youth to attend training and obtain skills, we are therefore going to sponsor Ally a gay youth to attend training for six months.

There is still a great need for funding for us to sponsor 53 LGBT youth who are in need of training so that they can obtain requisite skills as entrepreneurs to be self employed, employ others and be marketable wherever they find themselves.

Please keep supporting this special project  which will build the well-being and future of more than 52 LGBT Youth in Tanzania.

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