Global Vision International Charitable Trust

Working with local grassroots charities and NGOs in 20 countries across the globe, the Global Vision International (GVI) Charitable Trust manages and fund-raises for numerous long-term programs. These further the works of of our local partners and aim to alleviate poverty, illiteracy, environmental degradation and climate change through: education; nutrition; conservation and capacity building. Our work focuses upon 3 key objectives, Awareness of global issues, Direct impact upon those issues on a local and global basis, and Empowerment of our alumni, be them our community members, staff, volunteers, fundraisers or donors, to continue impacting on key global issues independently
Apr 26, 2012

Eco Boys Club

The Ramatau Eco Club has about 30 members, and the Maahlamele Eco Club has around 50 members. We meet weekly after school to discuss different subjects; we already talked about all of the big 5 animals.

The children wrote about the most magical moment in their lives, here is a magical moment that I personally really liked by Khomotso: ‘One day I was walking in the street and I saw a very sick dog. I took the dog to the hospital and later the dog was fine. The owner of the dog thanked me and I felt really good because I helped an animal’.

They also wrote down the goals and objectives for their eco-club in groups of four. One of the groups came up with the following: ‘We want to be famous about what we are doing, to be seen on TV; to go to the USA to represent our country and club’.

Last week it was extremely exciting, we held elections for the positions of the club president, chairperson and treasurer. The candidates had to give a speech, and they were very serious about it, convincing the others to vote for them. They are learning so much more than they even imagine.

We also planted trees at the school with the children. They now know why trees are so important to us, they provide us with oxygen. After planting the trees in the hard and dry soil, they had to get some water, because they know that trees need water to grow. The club is responsible for the trees, they are taking care of them, and they feel so important because of it.

Because of this project these kids don't only get more education, guidance and learn more about life skills, they gain so much more self confidence and feel valued. They have the feeling that someone cares, and that is the most important thing.

Apr 24, 2012

From Strength to Strength

The GVI Charitable Trust has been going from strength to strength in recent years, recording 84% growth in donations last year and on target for 100 % growth in this financial year. This success has fed directly into the amount of impact we have been able to create upon the ground, at the projects we run. The success is even more remarkable given the economic client we have been operating within. A large amount of the credit goes to our incredibly motivated volunteers and the alumni from our own programs. The programs we support have staff in place and we require constant updates regarding the work of the project ad its progress which we are able to feedback to donors and fundraisers on a period basis, allowing them to see where their money has gone and how it has been used to create impact on the ground. Over the course of the coming year we have several new initiatives that we are already working upon to allow us to increase our reach and marketing power to a much greater audience, in the hope of increasing our donations and the impact of our projects accordingly. A huge thank you to all of our supporters who have helped achieve this. Thank you.

Apr 24, 2012

Moving forward

The GVI National Scholarship Program has started to grow in scale in recent months. We have secured additional funding and agreements to allow us to expand our capacity for building programmes, which will this year see us introduce the new projects in Fiji and Nepal, plus some exciting new initiatives in Australia, the UK and the US. The objectives are 3 fold, to allow young adults opportunities to make become more aware regarding global issues, facilitate an opportunity for them to help make direct impact on those issues locally and empower them to continue making an impact once their scholarship is finished, either within their own communities or through the development of a career in their chosen focus within sustainable development. As we continue to grow this important aspect of our work we hope to be able to announce new initiatives through the course of the year. For more information or to donate please see the following link:

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