Global Vision International Charitable Trust

Working with local grassroots charities and NGOs in 20 countries across the globe, the Global Vision International (GVI) Charitable Trust manages and fund-raises for numerous long-term programs. These further the works of of our local partners and aim to alleviate poverty, illiteracy, environmental degradation and climate change through: education; nutrition; conservation and capacity building. Our work focuses upon 3 key objectives, Awareness of global issues, Direct impact upon those issues on a local and global basis, and Empowerment of our alumni, be them our community members, staff, volunteers, fundraisers or donors, to continue impacting on key global issues independently
Jul 30, 2012

New Faces!

A big welcome to our latest group of volunteers. They joined us 2 weeks ago from a variety of nations and we look forward to a successful phase 123. Since their arrival life has been as fast and furious as ever and here are just a few things that have happened in this short space of time:

-Poachers were apprehended by park rangers only a mile or so north of base and a live green turtle and 86 eggs were recovered in the process. Our continued presence on the beach acts as an extra pair of eyes for the authorities and we continually inform them of any illegal activity we observe.
-A jaguar was seen feeding on a green turtle, killed the previous night, only 300 meters from the entrance of base.
-A bird eating snake was found sleeping in one of the dorms reaffirming the fact that we really are at one with nature.
-Base renovations have been in full swing and new roofs have been built on some of our buildings, complete with skylights!!
-Green turtle nesting season really has begun and this morning, 280 new nests were recorded on our 3 mile stretch of beach… all from last night!
Jul 30, 2012

Sightings & Monitoring!

This week we have an update straight from the project, from one of our volunteers, Ben:

Another week has flown by! It is hard to believe that the 4 week volunteers are almost finishing their time here at Pez Maya.

We have witnessed a great deal of diversity in the area this week. Incidentals sightings have included a baby Hawksbill  Turtle, a Loggerhead Turtle, Spotted Eagle Rays, an Electric Ray and more crocodiles. We also excavated a turtle nest and counted a whopping 118 hatched eggs!!! Also, 3 Least Tern Chicks were spotted during our daily bird watches. Following a lecture on shark species and behaviours this week, we are all keeping our eyes open for the first shark sighting of the phase.

It was another beautiful week at Pez May! With the exception of a quick thunderstorm on Wednesday, our daily schedule has been packed full of dives giving volunteers ample time to study the reef. The volunteers continued their Emergency First Responder training by reviewing the skills we learned last week. We're all nervously awaiting the spontaneous practical session that the stuff speak of.

Jul 26, 2012

Living in Paradise!

This week on Cap Ternay has seen a lot of adventure and excitement. Three of our group embarked on a challenging trek from Bel Ombre to our base on Cap Ternay, resulting in 9 hours of ‘Macheteing’ their way through the jungle on a reasonably unused track, which along with amazing scenery and views, left them stranded on “secret beach” resulting in a 40 minute swim round the corner back to base then back again with surfboards and dry bags to pick up their gear. Seybrews were well earned that Saturday night.

A snorkel session with the younger kids from the Presidents Village was a joyous occasion for all involved with the majority of the group ditching their snorkel’s in favor of tows around Port Launay on boogie boards, floaty tubes and animals. Those that chose to snorkel were delighted in finding numerous “damsel fish” and“Indian red fin butterfly fish” Making the most of yet another beautiful sunny Seychelles day. An exhausting yet rewarding afternoon for us GVI volunteers.
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