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Working with local grassroots charities and NGOs in 20 countries across the globe, the Global Vision International (GVI) Charitable Trust manages and fund-raises for numerous long-term programs. These further the works of of our local partners and aim to alleviate poverty, illiteracy, environmental degradation and climate change through: education; nutrition; conservation and capacity building. Our work focuses upon 3 key objectives, Awareness of global issues, Direct impact upon those issues on a local and global basis, and Empowerment of our alumni, be them our community members, staff, volunteers, fundraisers or donors, to continue impacting on key global issues independently
Apr 22, 2014

Returning to Ngoyaki

Dear Supporter,  

In February 2014 GVI returned to work with Ngoyaki to complete the work from 2013 and begin looking at alternative livelihood projects for the community members. Livestock herding places large pressures on the land in this area with soil erosion and pollution of the creek having adverse effects on the habitat. We worked to complete the construction of a cattle trough whereby herdsman could take their livestock to water them thus protecting the creek and the valuable water source downstream.

However GVI undertook another project while working in Kasokoni. There is great potential for eco-tourism in the area with great biodiversity particularly among bird species. The CBO Ngoyaki also has long term aims of establishing an eco-tourism site with guided walks encompassing views of Kilimanjaro and a visit to the adjacent Crater Lake. Already possessing a rich Taveta culture and extensive knowledge on local plant and animal species Ngoyaki could become a great eco-tourism spot. Areas that we mapped during our time with Ngoyaki are the Northern range of their territory, a short walk from our campsite to the nearest road and a possible tourism trail visiting Lake Chala through an abandoned hotel.

While being guided by the group we were also taking note of all animal species that were sighted and identified along the way to add to our ongoing species list for the area, another way of encouraging tourism. Mapping the area was a great help to Ngoyaki because it utilises resources GVI has access to that the group would not be able to fund themselves. GVI has used Google Earth to create a KML file showing satellite images of the territory that Ngoyaki owns and the routes they guided us on. This will be a valuable resource for eco-tourism as it gives them a tangible document they can present to possible visitors and is something they can include in any tourist brochures they produce.

Looking to the future Ngoyaki are aiming to build a catchment area and pump to fill the completed cattle trough and expand their knowledge of ecotourism and develop a tourism centre. GVI, in partnership with Tsavo Pride and Ngoyaki are optimistic about the continuing partnership and goals with the community and land management focusing on anti poaching, alternative livelihood and wildlife conservation collaboratively to protect the habitat around Kasakoni. 

Many thanks for your continuing support

GVI Kenya


Apr 21, 2014

The 'Conversation Club'

Dear Supporter,

For nearly 2 years now GVI Nepal has run 'Conversation Club'. It is a club run Monday through to Thursday for an hour after school in a local cafe. Conversation Club or CC as we call it, aims to improve the English conversational abilities of children and adults in Pokhara. We provide fun and exciting activities such as role play flights around the world so our children can learn about different countries and cultures, we also do story and letter writing as well as learning through arts and crafts.

A few months ago, CC became a little bit out of control! There was a two month long school holiday and our children had quite a lot of excess energy which they were bringing with them to CC. This led to the project not running as well as it could. As this is such an important and worthwhile project, we really wanted to turn the club around and get it back on track to achieve our long term goals in helping the children.

That's when things got fun!

First of all, we wanted to split the children in groups defined by their abilities so that the ones who needed a little bit more help weren't lost in the crowd. Our goal is that as a child's English improves, they can move up to the next group and therefore continuing to advance their ability.

We even gave the resources a good clean and tidy, all the pencils were sharpened, new coloured pencils were delivered and each child got a brand new copy book with a picture of their group name in it.

Since we made these changes, our group of students has dramatically increased and we are now at capacity.These children are taught in classrooms of 35 + students (many of them at the government schools where English is rarely heard) and it's so beneficial for them to have the time in the evenings for teaching on a more one to one basis.

Our most recent addition is a brand new group called the Crocodiles! This group is made up of children with extremely poor English who are going back to basics with one to one teaching to help them get the necessary English language abilities to join in with the main group activities. They are really coming out of their shells and hopefully soon they will be promoted to the Rhinos. Conversation Club has got its structure and focus back and volunteers are fighting to help run the show. Every day we have a full house of children (many of them turning up a good 30 minutes early!) who are very eager to learn and converse with our staff and volunteers; such a fantastic achievement and something we, as a team, are extremely proud of.

Many thanks for continuing to support this project.

All the best

GVI Nepal


Apr 21, 2014

Coco's Cat Rescue Annual Fundraising Event

Dear Supporter, 

This month we have been working tirelessly to aid our partners Coco’s Cat Rescue in preparing for their 5th anniversary fundraising event. Coco’s, which runs entirely on donations, provides valuable services to the cats and dogs within the community here in Playa. Their annual fundraising event is a large source of revenue for the team in Las Flores, without which they would struggle to remain in operation. It equally presents them with the rare opportunity to raise awareness on their activities and potentially increase support.

Coco’s is run by a small and dedicated team whom we assist in the essential service they provide in Playa. However this team has neither the time nor resources to execute a large awareness campaign and gain sponsorship from the community. This is where we took up the mantle of fundraisers and official procurers of sponsors for the event. With clipboards in hand and our red GVI shirts gleaming in the sun, we took the streets of Playa to tell the world (well, the people of Playa) about Coco’s and why we needed their help.


We managed to gain a large number of exciting and valuable items for both the online and the live auctions which would take place at the event itself. These included donations of art work, jewellery, dinners for two at local restaurants, tickets for tours such as The Jungle Maya tour (worth $2,250 pesos), entrances to the legendary Coco Bongo, diving equipment and instruction, tattoo vouchers, gym membership, yoga lessons and many, many more.

The fundraising not only served to gain donations and prizes for the event but also enabled us to raise awareness of Coco’s mission, GVI’s commitment to community development in Playa and advocate responsible care of animals. As representatives of GVI on behalf of Coco’s we were active and highly visible within the community and fulfilling GVI’s community outreach objectives.

All our work culminated in the online auction, which took place the week preceding the event and raised $3798 USD, and the actual fundraising event, tickets were $200 pesos in advance or $250 on the night which took place on Sunday 9th March. At this event the remaining items were displayed for auction. Coco’s t-shirts were also on sale. And of course we were there in force supporting our partners Coco’s and enjoying their contributions coming to fruition.  

Coco’s were extremely grateful for our assistance in this venture as they lack the resources and manpower to achieve this level of sponsorship. We do not yet know the final amount raised but we hope that the generosity of the public and businesses of Playa will be reflected in a large total which reflects the work, dedication and worthiness of this cause. We hope that the fundraising, sponsorship and event will enable Coco’s to continue and expand (they have some advocacy campaigns and mobile clinic ventures in the pipeline) here in Playa and the wider Quinta Roo region. 

Thank you for supporting this project.

All the best

GVI Mexico 


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