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Working with local grassroots charities and NGOs in 20 countries across the globe, the Global Vision International (GVI) Charitable Trust manages and fund-raises for numerous long-term programs. These further the works of of our local partners and aim to alleviate poverty, illiteracy, environmental degradation and climate change through: education; nutrition; conservation and capacity building. Our work focuses upon 3 key objectives, Awareness of global issues, Direct impact upon those issues on a local and global basis, and Empowerment of our alumni, be them our community members, staff, volunteers, fundraisers or donors, to continue impacting on key global issues independently
Oct 28, 2014

Example of success in Australia

Dear Supporter,

Whilst we are still waiting for funds to come in and the possibility of developing partnerships, I wanted to share with you a success story for our Youth Scholarship Program in Australia.

Two $3,000 (AUD) scholarships are being offered to 18-20 year olds by the East Gippsland Shire Council (Victoria), in partnership with Young People Without Borders, to support young East Gippsland residents wanting to participate in an incredible Asia Pacific volunteer placement in 2015.

The scholarships are an investment by the community, for the community, which give otherwise inaccessible opportunities to local young people to engage in our Asian region.

Mayor Cr Mark Reeves, who is a huge supporter of young people expanding their horizons through travel, said the East Gippsland Shire Council is proud to support and engage young people from the community to access these immersive YPWB placements in Asia. "Enriching experiences in our region will support the development of the type of global citizens and intercultural leadership and understanding our community will need in the future and I encourage all young people to apply,” Cr Reeves said.

We really hope to be able to offer similar to the youths of the UK very shortly. In the meantime though, thank you for continuing to support this project. Your donations means that once we have everything finalised, we will be able to offer more participants the chance to change their futures.

All the best

GVI Charitable Trust


Oct 28, 2014

More Fundraising for President's Village Home

Dear Supporter,

It has been another busy quarter for the GVI Seychelles Chritable Trust. At Cap Ternay, volunteers completed an Underwater scavenger hunt. Hidden underwater were (ocean-friendly) clues for the teams to find; some buddy teams planned routes based on their knowledge and familiarity of our home reefs while others plunged in with fingers crossed and eyes wide open.

All teams came up victorious, though of course some more than others! Each clue provided the team with a task valued between 10 and 100 points, giving them another day and a half to pull together to complete the challenge and make it to the finish line by 5:00 pm on Thursday. Tasks ranged from a handstand on L'Islette to a marathon snorkel from Cap Ternay beach to Anse Souillac, while others sent the group down to the very south of the island to Police Bay or required a dancing rendition of the Thriller on another beach (on film). Not all tasks were completed, but the following evening we all gathered at Anse Royale for a meal and point tally along with a laugh at the various videos and photos that had been accumulated during the day. A prize for the individual who had raised the most and for the team with the most points was a little bonus, but the real perk of the day had been an excuse to celebrate raising over £300 for the President's Village.

The challenges continue to be a source of fun, a great opportunity for team building and help us improve community awareness regarding the work of the President’s Village Children’s Home. The donations from family and friends of volunteers and staff, have been amazing and we would like to thank you all for your continued support. Please keep an eye out for our next Charitable Trust event in a few months as we aim to continue supporting the great work of our chosen organisations and fundraise even more than before! 

All the best

GVI Seychelles


Oct 27, 2014

Progress of National Scholarship Program in Jalova

Dear Supporter,

In the GVI Jalova hub, our first scholar, Walter, has been living with us now for 6 months. He has already been showing many advances, learning English, survey protocols and obtaining his Emergency First Response. He is now starting the Internship Program, which will bring him lifelong skills and experience to fulfill his plans for his future career.

Empowering is one of the key objectives of GVI. With the National Scholarship Program, GVI hopes to give the local community knowledge and power to work towards key global and local issues, including sustainable development and conservation.

Walter, from Nicaragua, has been living in Tortuguero for many years. He has many plans for his future and GVI is playing an important role in it. With this experience, he hopes to be more prepared to continue his studies on an undergraduate level, majoring in biology and conservation.

Our scholar has already developed his skills in many ways. When he first arrived, his knowledge of English language was basic. Now, after 6 months, we can already see an advance in his learning process. The daily living with English speaking volunteers has been pushing him forwards. Besides, staff’s efforts to organize English classes are showing results, as he builds up confidence everyday to speak in a non-native language. Volunteers are also always engaged in this activity: every month we have volunteers to help staff members with his English classes or even just having a conversation in English.

During the last 6 months, Walter has been learning the methods we use for our surveys and also teaching us what he knows. Being raised in Tortuguero, he has a keen eye to spot our local animals, which makes him an invaluable asset in the field. His previous experience working with turtles with Sea Turtle Conservancy also makes him extremely helpful on turtle season. Besides, the cultural exchange he promotes with volunteers is priceless. His Tico rice recipe has already gained reputation on camp and he is always happy to practice and teaching some Spanish. We are happy to see the accomplishment of one of the goals of our National Scholarship Program: the exchange of knowledge between the local community and our staff and volunteers.

On June, Walter achieved another victory. He took the EFR course with the new volunteers. After 3 days of intensive training, theoretical and practical tests, he has learned how to act in emergency situations. Now, after 6 months of initial training and practicing English, he is officially ready to start our Internship Program. Together with other 3 other interns, he will be trained on taxonomy identification, leadership skills, scientific writing and presentations and data analysis. We are excited to take this further step, as this will bring him more experience and knowledge.

It has been many challenges for him: cultural and language barriers, but also a lot of learning. However, Walter has demonstrated enthusiasm and willingness to learn and develop every week. Hopefully this is only the start of a program that will become established for many years to come. This week, we are receiving Luis, Walter’s friend. He has showed interest on our National Scholar Program and wanted to visit us for a week during his holidays. We are already keeping an eye for our next lucky national scholar!

Thank you for supporting this project and we look forward to bringing you more news!

All the best

Marcelle Muniz Barreto, Field Staff


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