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Little Kids Rock restores and revitalizes public school music education. We inspire children to express themselves through music, building the creativity, confidence, and self-esteem that are critical to success in school and beyond. We accomplish this by: pioneering innovative teaching methods, preparing teachers to utilize our methods and materials, providing musical instruments and instruction.
May 19, 2011

Can You See the Real Me?

Kids with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) are often required to forego music class in favor of additional time with academic subjects – or to have music programs that are courses in “guided listening” or “hand percussion activities”.  Not Jose.

Jose’s teachers decided to try "mainstreaming" him into a Little Kids Rock (LKR) class with other middle school students.  Jose felt intimidated and scared, because whenever he came into contact with other kids in art class and in phys. ed., he could see that looked at him differently and might even tease him.  He was really nervous, but he really wanted to play guitar.

When Jose entered his first Little Kids Rock class, the LKR teacher immediately put a guitar in his hands and showed him how to play a chord. Since it was a class ensemble and everyone played guitar together at the same time, he blended in!  That was all he needed to get started.  Over a period of about a month, Jose went from being shy and quiet to being one of the standout guitarists in the room.  When Jose played, he played to rock the house!

By the end of his second month with Little Kids Rock, Jose became known around school as "The Rocker."  Kids who had been unable to see past Jose’s challenges now were focused on his ability to play, and they wanted to be his friend.  For the first time in his life, Jose was esteemed among his peers.  Jose’s newfound confidence and the change in how he was perceived at school made his family become huge fans of Little Kids Rock.  

The amazing thing was…nobody did anything special for Jose.  The LKR teacher simply gave Jose the same tools and attention as he gave the other Little Kids Rock students – the opportunity to start something new together as equals.  

Little Kids Rock helps break down the barriers that isolate children by providing them with free instruments, free music lessons, and a support system of teachers and friends who can appreciate them for who they are.

Please visit us at and click “Donate Now” to donate securely with a credit card, or return your donation in the enclosed envelope. Thank you for helping build a better learning environment for our children.

Mar 3, 2011

Songs out of Egypt

Little Kids Rock class
Little Kids Rock class

Music can transform a child’s life and the ambiance of an entire school. Consider the impact you can make with a donation of $50, which puts an instrument into a child’s hands.

12-year-old Nailah found her confidence in a Jersey City Little Kids Rock classroom 5,600 miles away from her native Egypt. Her school principal observed her struggling to communicate and relying heavily on her translator.

Days later, he stopped into a Little Kids Rock teacher’s classroom and witnessed something that brought a tear to his eye. The teacher asked the group who would like to audition for a solo in Mariah Carey’s song, All I Want For Christmas Is You, and Nailah was the first person to stand up and sing the song to a group of 60 kids in the packed classroom.  Students passing by the room ducked in to see who was singing.

Music has the power to create an atmosphere of cooperation and support. 

“Students were captivated by her confidence and were non-judgmental of her pronunciation issues with the English text,” her teacher said.  The principal goes on to address bullying, a troubling issue in schools today.  “If we want to stop bullying, I think we should get Little Kids Rock into more schools,” the principal said.

So you see how your generous contribution helps break down the barriers that isolate children by providing them with free instruments, free music lessons, and a support system of teachers and peers who appreciate them for who they are.

Thank you for helping Little Kids Rock build a better environment for our children, and please give as generously as you can.


Dec 16, 2010

A Blizzard of Thanks for More Kids Making Music

LKR student with the new guitar he won.
LKR student with the new guitar he won.

Dear Rockin' Supporters

Little Kids Rock’s strength is in viewing music education in a new way -- LKR is engaging kids who are not motivated by traditional music programs, like 12-year-old Quentin Richardson, who, after three years in Little Kids Rock has remarkable skills  that won him a Jackson® Randy RhoadsTM guitar.  Thanks to your help, Little Kids Rock is now reaching nearly 63,000 children nationwide with music education that that uses the music kids know and love to give them a learning experience that resonates (pun intended!)

Music has the power to change children's lives – shy kids become bolder, angry and aggressive kids mellow out.  Playing music together helps children learn about teamwork and can motivate them to overcome the challenges in their lives.  Our challenge, as adults, is that more children than ever before have returned to silent classrooms this year, because budget cuts eliminated their school music programs. 

Please take advantage of the last few days of 2010 to send a message to kids like Quentin – let them know they have advocates who appreciate what they are learning and know that MUSIC MATTERS in a child’s education.  

Visit our project – Give 3,000 students access to music education (#1464) – and please give as generously as you can, so that more kids can receive the lifelong gift of music through LKR's free instruments and innovative lessons that focus on teaching kids to perform, improvise and compose the music they love.  

You have the power to help a child be positive, focused, and creative – attributes that will help them throughout their lives. 

Keep on Rockin'

Little Kids Rock

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