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Fostering cultural awareness through educational and entrepreneurship projects.
Dec 26, 2012

Change A Life

Thanks to your support we are getting closer to our first tool kit shipment.  So far we have $3,141 donated and once we have reached $10,000 we will secure a small workspace to collect and sort tool kits.  At that time we will then begin to recruit volunteers to help prepare the kits for shipment. Our current plan is to work through training centers in Nicaragua and provide tool kits as requested for their needy graduates.

Many young people have managed to acquire skills from local training centers but have no way of using those skills because they cannot afford to buy tools.  We at ASAP believe providing a simple but quality tool kit will change the lives of an entire family..  Usually one person is the provider for a family. That tool kit enables a son or daughter to generate income using those skills.  The family will then have money for food, clothing and schooling for the youngsters. 

Oct 25, 2012

It's Crunch Time

It’s getting close to the end of October. That means Harvest festivals and Halloween here in the US.  In Zimbabwe it is the onset of the rains, time to plow, prepare for planting – and prepare for final exams!  Exams are written in late November and December.  They determine whether or not students continue on to the next grade.  For Grade 7 children, their exams at this last year of Primary School will determine which Secondary School they are qualified to attend.

Being able to attend school, something we take for granted here in the US, is a life changing opportunity for a young girl in Africa.  Studies show that girls that attend Secondary School have a greatly reduced risk of contracting HIV-AIDS and are often able to stay out of abusive situations.  The more you contribute, the more girls ASAP will be able to help in the coming year.  The money you generously donated will have a huge impact on the life of a child in Zimbabwe.  

At the end of December, ASAP will select the new girls to be funded for all three terms of the 2013 school year.  The need is great.  The number of students ASAP can assist depends on your donations.  We will select the most deserving girls and look forward to sharing information about each of these fortunate children in January.  Please continue to give generously!  Thank you again.

Sep 19, 2012

BeeHive School Finishes The Term with Triumph

Students race to the finish line
Students race to the finish line
I can't believe it's already time for our next update!  BeeHive School is doing great - the yearly "Sports Day" was a smashing success and the students did just as well in their Cambridge International Exams.
Sports Day is an end-of-term tradition for the school.  The school is broken into four “houses” or teams that compete for the House Cup - a giant trophy!  BeeHive’s Lions, Tigers, Cheetahs and Leopards strive to outperform their peers in this good-natured competition through sporting events, mental math matches, spelling competitions, acts of kindness, good manners and class participation.  During the last week of term, the houses competed in Sports Day.  Events in jump rope, soccer, netball, three legged, potato sack and running races allowed the students (and teachers!) to each points for their houses.  The Lions beat out the others, for the third straight year.

Another highlight of the last week of school was the end of term assembly where the new class captains were announced, Academic Achievement presents were awarded, and the House Cup was presented to the Lions.

The students may have left the school in early July, but the excitement did not end.  The results for the Standard 7 class came a few weeks later.  Standard 7, the most advanced grade at the school (and also the smallest) took the University of Cambridge International Exam.  The exam covers science (biology, chemistry, physics, and scientific enquiry), math (geometry and measure, handling data, and number) and English (reading, usage and writing).  Each section is based on a score of 0-6, with 6 being excellent, 3 good, and 0 poor.

Students, parents and teachers were all thrilled with the results.  The class got an average score of 4.1 for science, 4.8 for English, and 3 for math.  It’s nice to see the hard work of everyone pay off in a quantifiable way.

The school is looking forward to another great term ahead!  We'll be in touch with more exciting updates!
Next Term
Next Term's Team Captains
The last day of school - end of term assembly
The last day of school - end of term assembly
End of Term Assembly
End of Term Assembly
Three legged race at sports day
Three legged race at sports day
Teachers Race on Sports Day
Teachers Race on Sports Day
The Tigers cheering on their teammates
The Tigers cheering on their teammates
Congratulations Standard 7 Exam Class!
Congratulations Standard 7 Exam Class!

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