Vision:- 'BLOSSOMING OF POWER IN EVERY INDIVIDUAL' TO REINFORCE COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT' MISSION :- " To facilitate a process where marginalised groups, particularly Women and Children have improved quality of life by working in partnership with other development factors, with a rights perspective in the areas of Art, Culture and Human Development"
Nov 29, 2013

Blossom's World AIDs Day 2013 Public Awareness Campaign in Virudhunagar station!

Blossom's performing Educlowns

For World AIDS Day 2013, we need your donations to run a powerful Educlowns campaign in Virudhunagar district, Tamil Nadu. We are Blossom Trust, a grassroots NGO committed to improving the welfare of society’s most marginalised groups. We have extensive experience supporting individuals living with HIV/AIDS and/or TB, such as our Dayspring Home orphanage providing care for affected and infected children, forums for those experiencing discrimination in hospitals, and numerous Community Based Organisations and Women’s Self Help Groups. Our projects empower disadvantaged people, who are stigmatised in society. On the 1st December 2013, we want to further our positive impact in Virudhunagar.

Here at Blossom, we prioritise community participation. Our AIDS awareness campaign, right in the centre of Virudhunagar in the railway station, will involve our educational street theatre group ‘Educlowns’. Their red noses, which signal fury at unacceptable societal situations, will be difficult to ignore. Employing clowning, folk dance, and songs, our talented actors will engage passersby in discussions of HIV/AIDS, encouraging them to ask questions to dispel common myths and misconceptions surrounding the disease. Blossom strives to change the negative attitudes towards HIV/AIDS sufferers, and increase the rate of HIV testing.  Addressing the prevention, treatment and socio-cultural attitudes of HIV/AIDS in an accessible way, the performances will provoke thought and stimulate behavioural change. For example, a previous Educlowns TB campaign at Mariamman temple festival in Irukkangudi village resulted in a 20% increase of visitors to Sattur Government hospital’s TB centre.

Whilst our actors will be interacting with the public across the station, Blossom staff will be based at the information booth, ready to provide free condoms, counselling, and further information on HIV/AIDS. This will run on a first come first serve basis, but with donations, we can provide a great number of staff to ensure that everybody seeking help receives it! Working in partnership with the Railway Government hospital, a walkable distance from Virudhunagar station, we will direct the public to their services and facilities.

We request your kind donations to help us run this unique and impactful public campaign for World AIDS Day 2013, and be one step closer to universal access to HIV prevention, treatment, care and support.

Best wishes,

Blossom Trust

Educlowns performing at a TB campaign
Educlowns performing at a TB campaign
Oct 31, 2013

Blossom Dayspring Home on the good path

Everything is going its way and progressing well at Blossom Dayspring Home.

New vegetable seeds have recently been planted in the farming area. In a few months’ time, the children’s diet should be enriched with pumpkin, beetroot and papaya.

We also bought new hens and chickens and repaired the hen-house to provide eggs for the home on a daily basis and to sell some young chickens at the market.

The biogas system has been filled with more than 1 m³ of cow dung that we bought from the neighbouring farms. The system is now functioning well with fresh cow dung added every day, providing enough gas to cook for the children every morning and every evening.

We also bought cement and started building a square stone wall to enclose the garbage area and educate the children in terms of waste management.

A new supply of hygiene items (toothbrushes, soap) also needed to be bought lately, and two bedrooms are currently being repainted.

In addition to the Dayspring Home activities, Blossom also buys eggs and milk other children of the local community.

Your support is very useful and well spent by our staff!

Warm greetings from Dayspring Home!

Jul 29, 2013

Happiness,pleasure and needs.

A lot of action happen in Dayspring Home in the last 3 months. We are still hosting volunteers on a regular basis so it give to the kids the opportunity to experiment a culture exchange with them and sometimes to do some activities. 

In May, the kids have been to the swimming pool with the volunteers. Dayspring Home is in a country side and it is not happenning really often for them to go swimming. They really enjoyed this experience.

The most important for us is to fill the basics needs for the kids so they could grow up healthier. Dayspring Home is located on a 6 acres of land. We are growing our own vegetables and fruits. Lately the productions was not enough to give to the kids all the nutriments that they needed, so we have to buy some vegetables for the kids.

We bought new toys and games for the kids as well. Its really important for us to give leasure to the kids so they could increase their play and intellectuals skills. We bought new balls, a volley ball net,...

The kids are wearing a uniform at school but they need cloths for their free time at home. So, we bought some new cloths for them. 

Some kids didnt have all their materiel for school. So we bought school books and now all the kids have books for school.

In the future, we would like to change the matress of the kids and to update our medicine bags.

Thank you very much to support Dayspring Home.

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