Petersburg Parents

Petersburg Parents is a social group which unites people indifferent to the fate of children who were left without their parents' care and who live in the state orphanages of Saint Petersburg city and its region. Our main goals: give assistance in improving the quality of life of the children living in hospitals and orphanages; give assistance in creating favourable opinion to adoption issues; help to protect children's rights;change/improve the systems of organizing children's' lifestyle
Sep 21, 2011

The 3rd phase of the Project has been launched!

Dear friends!

We are happy to announce that the third phase of the project  Help to provide vital massage for orphaned babies!has started in the begining of September.

In its frame all the children from the psycho-neurological orphanage who need massage (more than 60 children) will undergo the third course by the end of this year – 15 procedures of manual therapy each.

The second phase of the project started in February 2011 and finished only in August – because of the chickenpox quarantine in May and June we were not able to work with maximum performance.

As before, three very experienced professional masseuses participate in the project, they help our children with serious disorders grow better and make progress, become stronger and healthier.

We are thankful to all donors who support this project!

Would you please also pay your attention to one of our projects which also highly needs your support: Nursing care for orphan children in hospitals - in frame of this project we help orphan children happened to be in a hospital without any parental care.

This project has been visited by Clint Misamore the Field Program Officer for GlobalGiving. You may see his report here GlobalGiving Visit With Petersburg Parents

Thank you!

 Lena Lashkova | International Communication Coordinator | Petersburg Parents

on behalf of

Svatlana Piorova | Project Manager | Petersburg Parents

Aug 24, 2011

GlobalGiving Visit With Petersburg Parents

Hospital Art Work
Hospital Art Work

My name is Clinton Misamore.  I am a Field Program Officer for GlobalGiving.  Over the past three months I have been visiting GlobalGiving projects throughout Russia.  On June 15th, 2011, I had the unique opportunity to visit with Petersburg Parents in St. Petersburg, Russia.  I was toured around by Lena Lashkova (International Communications Coordinator.)  Lena provided a tremendously thorough overview of the project and programmatic areas of Petersburg Parents.  In addition to this discussion, I had the opportunity to visit the "nursing project" directly.  It was located in one of the nine state medical institutions that Petersburg Parents is operating in.  

The nurses provide care to the orphan children--all of whom were sleeping when I arrived.  After looking at the small children, the nurses smiled and kindly informed me that it was nap time.  

Adequate nursing coverage can be problematic in Russia as it is in many countries around the world.  Petersburg Parents is trying to narrow that gap by providing these orphan children with more in depth treatment and care.  There are approximately 35-50 children receiving daily treatment from over 10 qualified nurses.  In addition to the nursing program Petersburg Parents also works in other programmatic areas that are worth mentioning.  These areas include but are not limited to:

-customized medical assistance

-voluntary services and volunteer placements

-adoption portal

-material contributions

-painting art in childrens wards

-social adaptation programs

It was an amazing personal experience to find out more about the operations of Petersburg Parents as well as to interact with their team.  The organization has established a strong network of hundreds of volunteers that beleive in this movement.  I think that is a testimonial in and of itself.  In fact, no other organiztion I interacted with in Russia had as much support from a voluntary level as did Petersburg Parents.

I would like to kindly recognize and sincerely thank Lena  and everyone else who made this visit possible.  GlobalGiving is proud to be in collaboration with such a top notch organization and we look forward to working with you in the years to come.

Hospital Art Work
Hospital Art Work
Jun 17, 2011

Thank you for your support on Bonus Day!

Dear Supporters!

We are pleased to report to you that due to your efforts and continued support of Petersburg Parents' work for the benefit of the Orphans we have reached the following:

Nursing Care For Orphan Children received $900 ($692 in your donations and $208 in matched funds)

Help To Provide Vital Massage for Orphaned Babies received $91 ($70 in your donation and $21 in matched funds)

The money will go towards the dedicated and professional nurses and masseuses' salaries and supplies for the children. We are thankful and humbled by your attention and donations! Please know you made a huge difference!


Anna Shaterkin