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Jul 14, 2010

Increased Press Coverage for Campaign

Opening of the new facility
Opening of the new facility

The campaign achieved several milestones over the past several months that demonstrate the level of success achieved.

In late April, a press conference was held in the city of Tuxtla Gutierrez on the “Campaign for the Integrated Management of Fire.” The press conference was well attended by news outlets such as Televisa, Cable 7, Channel 5, and the Journal of Chiapas. The event lasted about 45 minutes and dealt mostly with the goals of the campaign, the dangers of burning forest, and the methodology employed by Rare. Afterward, news of the press conference spread to other newspapers, local radio, TV stations, and the official website of CONANP. Overall, the press conference was just the sort of thing needed to raise the message and visibility of the campaign.

A new facility at the Center for Conservation of Culture was opened in early June to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the establishment of the reserve. The facility uses pictures to give a historical narrative outlining the many successes of the reserve. To celebrate the occasion, government and local leaders were greeted by Tito the Tapir and received a tour of the facilities. Attendees were also treated to a presentation on the Pride campaign currently at work. The combination of the new facility and presentation served to expand awareness of the plight of the forest.

While many goals have been reached, we still need your help to ensure the continued protection of the forest reserve.

Jul 14, 2010

The Beauty of Lamandau: video

Here you will find the link to a video made by Jason Houston that gives a great idea of what is being conserved. There are excellent shots of the villages where the campaign is working, newly planted gardens, and, of course, orangutans.


May 23, 2009

Full Speed Ahead on the Road to Conservation in Indonesia

Eddy and partners collaborate to produce community surveys.
Eddy and partners collaborate to produce community surveys.

Back in the field and ready for action – local conservation leader Eddy Santoso leads the Rare Pride campaign in Lamandau Wildlife Reserve, which aims to reach out to the communities in and around the reserve to protect the orangutan.

In February 2009, Rare Pride Campaign Manager Eddy Santoso returned to the field from his university training to plan and determine the goals of his Pride Campaign. This training gives Eddy the essential skills to deploy various community outreach strategies tailored to his community’s current culture regarding conservation. Some of the tools Eddy uses to disseminate the importance of protecting the reserve include a charismatic campaign mascot, radio songs about conservation, conservation messaged posters, community meetings, etc. These tools are designed to modify core values, lower behavioral barriers, and address the most urgent environmental issues in efforts to save the orangutan and the orangutan habitat.

Eddy’s employer, Yayorin, along with the Orangutan Foundation, are Rare’s local partners for this new Pride campaign. Lamandau Wildlife Reserve and its surrounding corridors are the primary focus of Eddy’s campaign. Comprised of 77,000 hectares of peat swamp and lowland tropical forest, Lamandau is home to some of Borneo’s most extraordinary wildlife. Proboscis monkeys, Rhinoceros hornbills, crocodiles, sun bears, orchids, hundreds of bird species, and the iconic orangutan. Threats to Lamandau’s biodiversity include land clearing for subsistence agriculture, illegal logging, and unsustainable or illegal hunting, fishing, and fuelwood collection. Larger threats on the horizon include proposals for industrial-scale oil palm plantations, which would mean clearing a significant majority of the buffer zone since global demand for palm oil has skyrocketed as worldwide hunger for biofuels has grown.

This year Rare and its partner organizations will build on these local agencies’ existing skills and experience in education and community outreach to launch a Rare Pride Campaign in Lamandau Wildlife Reserve. Lamandau’s forest still stands in large enough pieces to provide habitat for the orangutans. The Pride campaign is aiming to protect the remaining forest by engaging surrounding communities to protect and rehabilitate areas adjacent to the reserve, and empowering local communities to become beneficiaries of their own good stewardship of the forests on which they rely. Rare and local partners believe that enough forest can be preserved and maintained to support the needs of both people of the forest and orangutans.

Thanks to campaign supporters, Eddy is making great progress so far. He has identified threats and created a concept model that illustrates how threats affect wildlife, and has developed relevant conservation survey questions for the Lamandau’s surrounding communities. Together with Yayorin staff, Eddy is conducting surveys in a dozen surrounding communities and comparing results to those of six control communities around the Lamandau Wildlife Reserve. This process informs Eddy and his partners where current attitudes and behaviors stand with regard to Lamandau’s resources, providing a baseline from which the Pride campaign can determine metrics for future success.

Eddy and local partners have been reaching out to craftsmen and village leaders, activists and farmers, oil palm workers, rubber tree tappers and others harvesting from the forest to learn about their behaviors and to engage them in conserving orangutan habitat. Eddy’s campaign will also inspire another receptive audience-- children. Eddy has been visiting schools and using tools like stories and coloring books to inform children in a fun and interesting way about preserving Lamandau’s natural resources. This kind of outreach is just one of several tools Eddy will continue to use over the duration of his Pride campaign, which is scheduled to conclude in July 2010.

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