Carego International

Our mission is to improve the health status of underserved populations by advancing healthcare delivery through innovative modular facilities and cloud-based IT solutions as well as fund the extended education of the girls of Kayole Rehabilitation Centre for Girls.
Nov 11, 2010

First LiveWell Cards Rollout At Kayole Clinic Kenya

LiveWell Clinics is very excited to be underway with our Global Giving Project.  We have two updates on the project.

First update is our planned rollout of LiveWell Cards at our Kayole Clinic in Kenya during Thanksgiving week.

We are projecting to have $500 worth of contributions which will provide 50 Mothers and Children with much needed healthcare.

We are in the process of planning a local fundraiser to coincide with World Aids Day on December first.  This will be our first fundraiser.

We are communicating holiday gift giving through our project page during the next 6 weeks to generate donations.

Our Team members Holly and Zi are hitting the phones to generate interest in our project as we focus on our goal of delivering healthcare. 

Thank you for your support and look for our next update in mid December.