Carego International

Our mission is to improve the health status of underserved populations by advancing healthcare delivery through innovative modular facilities and cloud-based IT solutions as well as fund the extended education of the girls of Kayole Rehabilitation Centre for Girls.
Apr 28, 2014

Vietnam Tech for EDU #1

we began our time in Vietnam installing software for medical clinics. While there our CEO Steve Landman was able to check in on his own kids school progress at home in the USA via software provided loggins.

This sparked an idea for Steve and has nourished his love for VIetnam ten fold.

We have landed contracts with the MOE in VIetnam to build and install our own custom software program to streamline parent, teacher and student invovment from grammer school to college.

We are currently in pre-release with only a couple of the functions turned on for a specific school.

Jun 13, 2013

1000 Kenyans Status Update

Since the last report we have changed the focus of the GlobalGiving Campaign.

The nuts and bolts (structure) of the platform have remained the same as the area in which we are now focusing on has always been a lesser part of our orginal stategies.

In addition to the 5 clinics running in Kenya we have added the goal of raising money to send the girls from the orphanage, that has always been a large part of Carego, to continuation school after they come of age.

Since out last report we have found out that for a mere $300 US, one girl from the orphanage (age 18+) can go to a trade college for 2 years room and board included. Otherwise the girls are left to their own devices for survival as newer children are coming into the orphange everyday.

To help with this cause, I have attended 3 Global Giving webinars in realtion to making a social media presence. I have increased out Facebook members from 0-175 and continue to promote our project. 

Slowly we have seen progress.

In addition we continue to raise funds to provide medical assistance for the provinces of Kayole (and 4 more) through our established medical clinics

Mar 20, 2013

Revamped Project

Since my last report, I have taken over as the sole admin for the project. In addition, I took the online seminar on the platform (awesome) and the one on maximising exposure (equally as awesome)

We also added a set of goals to our existing project.

In addition to providing the much needed healthcare to rural Kenya, we have partnered with a street kid orphanage that my wife worked at while we were in Kayole. This orphanage has been affiliated with our clinics since day one and we have always provided healthcare to them. 

We found out that after the kids are 18 years old they have to leave the orphanage but are given the opportunity to go to continuation school that will teach them a trade. The program is only $300 US for room, board and education.

We have made this a target for our philanthropic endeavors.

I am also the social networking admin for our company and have achieved modest success with the exposure of our global giving campaign.

I am currently exploring additional ways to enlighten people as to how easy it is to give the children of Kenya a fighting chance that will last and provide for their whole lives.

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